2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone. The pandemic, forced coexistence during the lockdown, the economic and labor crisis. All these facts have put a strain on couples, so much so that many have decided to put an end to their relationship.

This 2020 has not spared even Vip couples , or rather, it has aggravated the already precarious life of relationships between celebrities. If fame does not help, the situation has also been quarantined to aggravate the situation, so much so that most of the stars who have returned single have left themselves in the spring or close to summer. Between broken relationships, divorces and suspected betrayals, 2020 leaves a trail of broken hearts both in Italy and overseas.

So let’s find out together the background and the reasons behind the outbreak of these 10 Vip couples:

1) Rihanna e Hassan Jameel

Among the loves that broke out in 2020, the first on the list is the one between Rihanna and Hassan Jameel. Around the middle of January the news is made known and, as often happens, an insider close to the couple reveals to the newspapers – in this case to People – the possible causes of this sudden and unexpected breakup. According to the source: “Their lives were too different and it was difficult to maintain a relationship.” Of course, the 2 are not undemanding people: she is a world-famous singer, he is vice president of the family empire who, among other things, deals with the distribution of Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia and other countries. The cause, however, is not convincing andthe real reasons that led to the separation of this couple are still being sought. Only 2 months before her crash , the singer had declared that her boyfriend made her very happy, she had introduced him to the family and there was even talk of marriage.


2) Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D’Alessio

The relationship between Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D’Alessio began in 2005. Made public in 2006, crowned with the birth of their son Andrea in 2010, the love story ends definitively (after a brief crisis in 2017) on March 3, 2020 in following the announcement via Instagram stories of the Neapolitan singer. During the summer a series of rumors followed about the possible new partners of one and the other, while the real reasons for the separation are still unknown. Only in September Gigi, a guest at the Rai1 transmission From us freewheeling , does he let himself go in declarations that would suggest something.“I consider myself a very generous individual and one who gives all of himself to others. Precisely for this reason I was betrayed ”. Although it seems that the reference was, in general, to her friendships, it is clear that many immediately thought of her ex-partner.

3) Megan Fox e Brian Austin Green

After 10 years of marriage, the story between the Transformers star and the interpreter of David Silver in Beverly Hills 90210 is also over . The news was confirmed by the person concerned Brian Austin Green who, during his podcast Context , spoke to his listeners about the end of the relationship. The actor focused in particular on the 3 children he had with Megan for whom he says: “We will always be a united front” . It seems that the couple has left because they are now distant and, perhaps, worn down by disagreements never resolved , regardless of the rumors of a possible flirtation of Megan and rapper Machine Gun Kell.Already in August 2015, Fox had filed for divorce , which was then dissolved, thanks to a reconciliation. On that occasion, the request for separation had matured in a particularly difficult period for Brian who, following a stroke-like syndrome, had been confined to bed for over 6 months. According to statements by an informant on Page Six , the American actress would have packed her bags for New York to go and shoot the movie Ninja Turtles as if nothing had happened. 

4) Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane

Nothing to do for the couple formed by Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane. After hurricane  Temptation Island , Peter’s apologies and tears were of little use. The showgirl, now a columnist at Big Brother Vip , seems not to have overcome the crisis and has put a point on the relationship with the actor. In fact, public opinion and the people of social media had been particularly shaken by the violent words and accusations that Pietro had made against Elia during the journey of feelings undertaken in the summer of 2020. The criticisms had not only touched the showgirl but, in a sense, a whole category of women. To date it seems that the story is definitively closed and that Antonella is still very tried and disappointed by what happened.

5) Cara Delavigne e Ashley Benson

After about 2 years, in April 2020 the relationship between Cara Delavigne and Ashley Benson also ended. To reveal it are not the direct interested parties but the People magazine and, later, also a friend of the ex couple. According to the source told People : “Their relationship has run its course and now it is exhausted.” Difficult to believe given the harmony that the two girls showed on social media. It is also true, however, that 2 facts would confirm the story. The first is that the British model went through the quarantine in the company of her friendsMargaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber and her sister Rainey, it seems, to feel less alone. The second is that both Cara and Ashley have always considered privacy “a fundamental value in any relationship”. It is probably for this reason that their relationship was disclosed after 1 year of dating. And this is why we will probably never know from those directly concerned what really happened.


6) Guglielmo Scilla and Luigi Di Lella

One of the most popular couples on the web broke up just before the quarantine began. Guglielmo Scilla – aka Willwoosh – separated from Luigi Di Lella after a relationship that lasted 2 years. The youtuber and Italian actor had come out in September 2017, posting a video on his channel and obtaining more than 1 million views, so much so that the news had bounced on all the pages of the main newspapers in the country. The love story with Luigi had become public domain and therefore, precisely for this reason, the announcement of the end of the relationship was made through a video, perhaps also following persistent questions from fans. The reasons have not been clarified but, from Scylla’s words, it is clear that there will be no second thoughts. “I never stopped loving and in a certain sense loving Luigi”. But she adds: “My love with Luigi lasted as long as it should have lasted”.

7) Miley Cyrus e Liam Hemsworth

The story between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ended at the beginning of 2020 but only in the summer does the confirmation appear from the ex-husband who, posting a photo of a sunset, writes: “Hello everyone. Just a quick note to say that Male and I have recently separated and I wish you only health and happiness ”. The former Disney star and the American actor met, very young, in 2009. In 2012 they start a relationship, then they leave and get back together in 2015. After almost 10 years of engagement, the wedding celebrated in the living room between friends and closest family members, did not exceed 8 months. People close to the couple told People that while it may seem like a bolt from the blue to fans,“This separation wasn’t shocking to the people who hang out with them every day.” In fact, it seems that the couple had several problems and that from the singer there had been a request, never accepted, to want to face a couple therapy.


8) Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino

The push and pull between Belen and Stefano continues. After the separation a few years ago, in 2019 the showgirl and the dancer had reunited and their relationship seemed to be back in the limelight. A few months ago, however, the two separated again and this time, although it seems that De Martino has talked about second thoughts in this regard, it seems that the doors of Rodriguez’s heart are closed. Belen gave a long interview to FQ magazine in which she declared herself very serene and happy to have tried again with Stefano. But she also adds that: “When things don’t go, you have to continue and move on, you have to keep dreaming”. It therefore seems that the couple has no plans for a new rapprochementthough, never say never.

9) Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet

The curtain has also closed on the very young couple Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet. In an interview with Vogue Uk from spring 2020 , the actor defined himself as “currently single” . The couple had been dating for over 1 year even though neither of them had ever officially admitted the relationship. However, they had walked the red carpets of numerous social occasions together, including last year ‘s Venice Film Festival . The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had met the young actor on the set of the film The King , in which they had played the role of the couple Henry V and his wife Catherine.

10) Johanna Maggy Hauksdottir and Fabio Volo

The love story between Fabio Volo and his wife Johanna was also heavily affected by the lockdown. The couple had already entered a crisis last winter but, after the quarantine, the weekly Chi had announced the end of the marriage between the writer and the Icelandic blogger and yoga teacher. The departure became evident during the summer. As evidenced by their social profiles, the two ex-spouses spent the holidays apart, each organizing different trips with the children born of their relationship: Sebastian and Gabriel. In the last period, however, it seems that something is changing and in Johanna’s stories the name of Fabio has appeared. Could this be the prelude to a rapprochement?