Croatia is an impressive country that, those who have visited it, do not hesitate to return because they know that it is a peaceful place, of great beauty and that it surprises, since not everyone knows the wonders it offers. If you are one of those people who has discovered Croatia and would like to visit it in the coming months or even weeks, we advise you to learn this list with the best  phrases in Croatian for travel , since they will help you get out of more than one squeeze when you can’t communicate with the other person.

There are many reasons you can have to go to Croatia, starting with a fantastic environment with great beaches and coves, as well as unbeatable green areas where you can go hiking and disconnect from the city. On the other hand, if you love human treatment, learning Croatian, as Ekorna tells us, is essential to be able to communicate with them, since some of them know English or even other languages, it will be easier to have the information you need in Croatian and with the  essential phrases in Croatian for your trip  you will control the situation, whether you feel lost, or if you simply want to start a conversation with someone.

Croatians are very friendly, not serious at all and if you are going to spend several days in this country you will surely return with a good taste in your mouth, since everything is magnificent, from the cities themselves, which are very different from others that you can visit in Europe, keeping much of its culture and tradition, with a unique gastronomy based on fishing that will delight you.

Phrases for traveling in Croatian

  • Good morning, nice to meet you. – Dobro jutro, drago mi je.
  • Could you tell me where the museum is located? – Mozete li mi reci gdje je muzej?
  • What is the best restaurant in the area? – Koji je najbolji restoran na tom podrucju?
  • I’m lost, can you tell me where it is…? – Izgubio sam se, mozes li mi reci gdje je…?
  • Where is the nearest bus stop? – Gdje je najblize autobusno stajaliste?
  • I’m sick, where is the hospital? – Bolestan sam, gdje je bolnica?
  • Can you bring me the letter, please? – Mozete li mi donijeti pismo, molim vas?
  • I have booked a room for two under the name of… – Rezervirao sam sobu za dvoje u ime…
  • How much is it…? – Koliko kosta …?
  • Could you tell me how to get to the street…? – Mozete li mi reci kako doci na ulicu…?

Essential phrases in Croatian for your trip

  • What time do the shops in the center close? – Koliko se zatvaraju trgovine u centru grada?
  • Where could I go for a drink? – Gdje bih mogao popiti pice?
  • I have been robbed, where is the police station? – Pljackao sam, gdje je policijska stanica?
  • I don’t understand you, could you speak more slowly? – Ne razumijem, bih li mogao govoriti sporije?
  • What typical Croatian dish do you recommend? – Koje tipicno hrvatsko jelo preporucujete?
  • The check, please. The food was excellent. – Racun molim. Hrana je bila izvrsna.
  • Where is the men’s room located? – Gdje je gospodska sluzba?
  • What weather will it be tomorrow? – Kakvo ce vrijeme biti sutra?
  • Thank you very much for your help, very kind. – Puno vam hvala na pomoci, vrlo ljubazno.
  • I would like to go to the airport. – Htio bih ici do aerodrome.

Croatian phrases for your trip

  • Can you repeat what you said? – Mozete li ponoviti ono sto ste rekli?
  • Does this hotel have room service? – Ima li ovaj hotel posluga u sobu?
  • I would like to have the menu of the day. – Htio bih uzeti jelovnik dana.
  • Could you tell me where there is a nightclub? – Mozete li mi reci gdje postoji diskoteka?
  • I only speak Spanish, do you speak my language? – Ja govorim samo spanjolski, govorite li moj jezik?