Patrick J. Adams will return to life as lawyer Mike Ross in the ninth and final season of ‘Suits’, and he will do so to face his mentor Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) in a case. The return of the award-winning actor opens the door to the return of Meghan Markle , but is it really a real possibility

The return of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) to ‘Suits’
The last season of ‘Suits’, the famous series of lawyers Netflix, continues to speak. The producer has just confirmed one of the possibilities that was open, the reappearance of the character of Mike Ross who, along with Harvey Specter, marked the beginning of the series. That means that Patrick J. Adams will return to acting in ‘suits’ .
In this way, the ninth season will close the series created by Aaron Korsh going back to the origins, to that first chapter in which Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) , a brilliant law student, uses his charisma to enter the firm of lawyers for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) despite not having finished his degree.
Now, the fake lawyer is back with everything to face a case that was his mentor, Harvey Specter, and Samantha Wheeler.
According to series creator Aaron Korsh, it is an inevitable return because ‘Suits’ was created on his character, and what has been tried is that this return be as natural as possible. Mike Ross will be reunited with his old gang, and the director and screenwriter has assured that there will be fun scenes and also very emotional ones .
Mike Ross’s character will return in season 9 of ‘Suits’. | Netflix.

The return of Meghan Markle is further and further
Along with the possibility of the return of Patrick J. Adams, another of the great unknowns was the reappearance of Meghan Markle in ‘Suits’. It must be remembered that her character in her fiction, Rachel Zane, had a relationship with Mike Ross, and the return of Patrick J. Adams could open the door to the expected return of the now Duchess of Sussex.
In the seventh season, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane leave the prestigious law firm and move to Seattle , and it seems that in this ninth and final batch of episodes we will find out how life has been for the couple over the years.
However, the real obligations and the recent motherhood of the actress, and especially the statements that Aaron Korsh made at the time ruling out the return of Rachel Zane , further away the possibility.
The eighth season ended with Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce)leaving the company, and Harvey and Donna finally giving free rein to their passion after so many years of unresolved sexual tension. In the new season, Harvey and Donna will try to reconcile their affair with their professional priority: saving the prestigious law firm.
We will see, then, who now lead it along with Harvey and Donna: Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Alex Williams (Dule Hill), Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) and Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl).
Meghan Markle, unlikely return of ‘Suits’. | Netflix.

When does season 9 of ‘Suits’ premiere?
The content website Entertainment Weekly announces that the return of Patrick J. Adams to ‘Suits’ will be in a chapter in the middle of season 9 whose 10 episodes will premiere on July 17 on Netflix.
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