Here is the ranking of the five beautiful online games with which to challenge your friends. You will hardly find names you have never heard before: we can say, in fact, that we have talked about five giants of online gaming .

call of Duty

In fifth place we have Call of Duty , launched in 2003, which is a famous first person shooter.
The game provides a single player or multiplayer mode and the aim is to kill opponents or zombies to win the game and achieve the objectives set by the Activision Blizzard house.
Some studies that have monitored gamers have found that playing first-person shooter video games increases the adrenaline and consequently the need to play again.

World of Warcraft

In fourth place in the ranking we find  World of Warcraft , indicated by the acronym WoW , which is probably the most famous online multiplayer role-playing game in the world .
Playing World of Warcraft allows you to live in a fantasy world and allows anyone to become a different person for a few hours; probably this is what contributed to the success of this RPG and kept even the less avid gamers glued to PC screens.
WoW was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004 and released in the same year by Vivendi Universal for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

League of Legends

The third in the ranking is  League of Legends , also called LoL: this is a team action and strategy online video game set in a closed map where the main objective is to collaborate with your teammates to destroy the Nexus of the enemies.

You start by choosing a champion from a list of 144 characters. To reach the enemy Nexus you will have to destroy the towers that surround it and kill the opponents you meet along the way. It is possible to play in single or co-op mode.

League of Legends was developed and published by Riot Games in 2009 for Microsoft Windows and macOS.


Second-ranked video game and Grand Theft Auto , launched in 1997 , known by all as GTA , is a series of video games in the adventure and action genre. The strengths of the various chapters of the series are certainly the likely reconstruction of the city, inhabitants and enemies; the high number of usable weapons and means of transport and the player’s high freedom of action. As of 2018, the series has seven main chapters and five spin-offs.

GTA V has sold around 110 million copies since 2013!

GTA is a violent game where you play as criminals who commit murders and steal cars.


At the top of our ranking is Fortnite.
Defining Fortnite as a famous game would be an understatement as it has become a real viral phenomenon.
The video game was developed by the companies  Epic Games and People Can Fly  in 2017 , who have been far-sighted in ensuring a long life for their best title.
Its strong point is the “innocent” graphics: all the settings are reminiscent of a cartoon and moreover there is no bloodshed despite the fact that the game consists in surviving in a map made up of 100 players. The game is not pay to win, so any purchase made in the game store does not benefit the performance of any gamer. Furthermore, any progress made is reset at the end of each season to bring all players back to the same level and this seems to give the impression that Fortnite never ends, thus giving a real addiction to anyone who plays it.