Every day there are more who join the fashion of wearing a beard. Although it does not take a lot of financial investment to get it fixed and you can do it yourself at home, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it looking its best and looking good .
Although it seems easy, in the market we can find a multitude of shavers, trimmers, creams, foams, oils and many more products. So it can get a bit overwhelming and confusing to get down to grooming your beard.
In addition, not all beards have to be polished the same, and depending on the length we will have to perform some steps or others .. From incipient to long-term, we have to be informed before touching it up and prevent things from going wrong.
For this reason we tell you, depending on the length of your beard , how you should fix it in a few simple steps .

1. Steps prior to trimming the beard
2. Long beards
3. Short
beards 4. Incipient beards
5. Care and maintenance of the beard

Steps prior to trimming the beard
Whatever the style and length of your beard, there are a series of steps that have to be carried out before you start trimming and fixing it . These simple previous preparation procedures are:

1. Wash the beard
It is important to wash our beard. For this we have to have a shampoo that moistens and does not dry the hair . It is increasingly common to find shampoo for beards in the supermarket, although the offer is scarce. It is recommended to go to specialized stores of barber products to acquire a suitable shampoo for each type of skin.

2. Dry your beard
Both to brush your beard and to trim it, it has to be completely dry. For this we can dry it with the towel and wait for it to finish drying if it is still wet . It is important to make sure that we have it completely dry to proceed with the following steps.

3. Brush your beard when it’s dry

We have to brush our beard when it’s dry. We will have to do the trimming when it is completely dry, so it is better to wait to brush it also when it is not wet.
To brush it we need a specific comb . We will brush it completely, combing in the opposite direction to the hairline. We cannot use a plastic comb and we have to make sure that the beard is dry, since if we brush it while it is wet, it will change the texture and distribute the oil differently.
How to fix long, short and incipient beards. | Sarah Cervantes.

beards Long beards give a lot of personality and with them we can create a unique and personal style. They are synonymous with strength, wisdom and virility. Nevertheless,It needs good maintenance and care to keep it neat . Before deciding if we want to leave it long we have to consider the shape of our face. If we leave it long, our face will be perceived as larger. So if the physiognomy of our face is long or wide, better avoid this type of beard.
To fix a long beard we will need :

  • Pair of scissors
  • Trimmer
  • barba penalty
  • beard oil

Below we detail the steps to follow to fix a long beard:

1. Mold and shape
To mold a long beard, scissors are your best ally . If it is the first time that you leave it long, you can choose to go to a barber to have it shaped for the first time. Once you have the cut done by a professional, it will be much easier to maintain control yourself. If we choose to mold it ourselves, using scissors we will cut it giving it the desired shape.

2. Cut loose hair
To maintain the shape that we have given it in the previous step, we have to cut it several times a week. To do this we will use a beard comb to smooth the hair, which will allow us to more easily see irregular hair, and scissors to remove any loose hair. This way we will preserve its general shape.

3. Trimming the neck and mustache
After trimming the beard to maintain its shape, we have to pass the trimmer to remove the excess hair from the neck . We also need to trim the mustache back so it’s just above the top edge.

4. Apply oil
Finally, we apply oil and massage it through the hair , down to the roots. We have to make sure that it penetrates to the skin under the beard, keeping it moist to avoid dry skin or dandruff.

Short beards
If we are letting our facial hair grow, as it grows it needs more care. It is important to choose the type of cut according to the shape of our face . Beards that are medium length or longer can greatly alter the shape of our face. For example, by shaving the cheeks quite a bit we manage to stylize rounder faces.
To fix a short beard we will need :

  • Trimmer
  • Pair of scissors
  • beard oil
  • Sadness

Here are the steps to take to groom a short beard:

1. Cut with the trimmer
Most trimmers can be set to a high enough setting to suit a medium length, which makes your trim easy. relatively easy. First of all, we need to trim the hair to the same length throughout the beard . We will then use shorter settings to trim the hair on the cheeks, neck, and sideburns.

2. Polish edges
Next we remove the protections and use the blades to polish the edges around the neck, above the upper lip and above the cheeks. It’s best not to use a razor for this part, as very straight lines and sharp graduations can look a bit out of place on longer beards.

3. Apply oil
Once we have trimmed the beard, apply oil to the fingers and pass it through the beard , down to the roots. We will use a comb to smooth the hair and then use the scissors to trim any unevenness.

Stubble Beards
Facial hair between the length of an unshaven stubble and medium length has been shown to make men appear most attractive. With that in mind, it’s no wonder it’s become such a popular beard style.. Even so, in order to always keep it in good condition, we have to make sure that we are trimming it perfectly.
To fix a short beard we will need :

  • Trimmer
  • Razor
  • Balm for after shave

Here are the steps to take to groom a stubble:

1. Grow
As soon as facial hair becomes longer than stubble, it tends to look a bit unkempt. However, in order to acquire a stubble effectively, it is necessary to get out of this period. It can look unsightly and itchy, but we can avoid this by trimming it to the shape we want from the start so it looks intentional and not like we stopped shaving.

2. Unify with the trimmer
Once the hair has grown, we will unify its length using a trimmer. The centimeters vary from one brand to another, but we have to trim about one centimeter. Once this is done, we set the trimmer to a slightly shorter setting and use it to trim down the sideburns and neck hair. We will also thin out any areas that look too thick.

3. Neck Shaving
Finally, we’ll use the razor and shaving gel to sculpt the neck. To do this we will start in the middle of the throat, just above the Adam’s apple, and then we will continue on each side until we reach the earlobe. If we tilt our head back and look at ourselves in the mirror, the part that we have shaved should form a smooth curved line from the lobe of one ear to the lobe of the other .

4. Apply Balm
When you’re done trimming and shaving your neck, you should apply aSpecific balm for after shaving , to hydrate and soothe the shaved area.
Tricks for the care and maintenance of the beard. | Christoff Engstrom.

Care and maintenance of the beard
Once we have groomed our beard, it is important to follow a few daily steps to keep it like the first day and always look great . These procedures have to be repeated throughout the week, and we have to introduce them into our weekly cleaning habit.
It is important to wash it regularly, at least 4 or 5 times a week. When we shower we have to get into the habit of applying quality beard shampoo, since we have to eliminate and clean the remains of food that may have remained between the hairs and dead skin that can cause itching and discomfort.
When it comes to drying our beard after a shower, we have to do it gently, tapping lightly with a towel and without pressing too much . This way we will avoid creating split ends.
Once washed and dried, we will apply a beard oil. Thanks to it, it will help us to soften the hair and keep it hydrated so that it does not dry out .