Each season the new trends of the year are launched and now that autumn has arrived it’s time to see what the autumn trends will be.

Fantasy is certainly back on the catwalk and among the many autumn trends that we find the influence of the past returns to be felt . Unlike other years, but this year fashion has decided to let itself be influenced by the 80s and no longer by the 70s. The way therefore to technical fabrics including leather, surrounded by sequins, glitter, stones and studs to be then accompanied by colored patterns and textures.

The photographic and artistic printing on jerseys and dresses created ad hoc is making a sensation again. Among the stylists who choose this trend we find Valentino, Prada and Nina Ricci.

We find the asymmetrical cut of the dresses again this year and to choose it already in the past have been several VIPs including Belen Rodriguez, Rihanna and Selena Gomez. But not only because coats and bombers will also take an asymmetrical cut like never seen before.

The slogans that were born for fun on the shirts of many of us become a must have, the green light comes from the catwalks that saw the Versace fashion show that creates basic and crew neck t-shirts with motivational and emotional phrases and words such as “Courage”.

We know well that white never leaves the catwalks of any designer and this autumn we are re-proposed the total White, confident that it will have another huge incredible success.

As anticipated above, leather will be the favorite fabric, it abandons its classic dress and is used to create any type of clothing including bomber jackets!

The weaves that we have enjoyed creating in past seasons with our scarves instead become an integral part of the dresses made of jersey, completely wrapping the neck and shoulders.

The technical and therefore breathable fabrics, usually used for sports suits, become instead fabrics to be used on each garment to be able to use them at any time of the day and on any occasion.

Swarovskys become an integral part of our dresses, including sweaters and sparkling dresses. we will always be accompanied by every woman’s favorite accessory.

The capes are again proposed in a long version as we had already seen them last year in the Dolce & Gabbana collection.

Strictly ECO feathers and furs return to the catwalk, we will find them in many versions from classic colors to the most gaudy ones or even contrasting shades.

Could the autumn print par excellence be missing? Certainly not and therefore the tartan is re-proposed in all possible and imaginable colors but the gray version that has paraded on the catwalks of all the designers will surely win.

If you can’t miss the tartan, you can’t miss the polka dot print that returns again this year between classic versions and more square versions.

Last but not least, the return of the shoulder pads , a classic accessory reminiscent of the 80s! We will find them on dresses, jackets and shirts.

Not to be overlooked to complete the look of this autumn 2017, the care of the hairstyle . It is inevitable to take care of your hair in every detail. Once again we can take the beautiful Belen Rodriguez as a starting point. The bloggers of Specialeweekend.com write us in detail about her hairstyle and her secrets to obtain a Belen Rodriguez look.