Alessandro Borghi and Roberto Bolle

Let’s get our hands on: tastes are tastes. We understand that some of you prefer the dark ones and others the blondes , that the charisma can beat the breathtaking body or that the dark and deep eyes can fascinate more than the blue ones , but on the beauty of the VIPs we have chosen, we are sure to find you agreement with us.

Scrolling through the pages of the gallery that we offer you will therefore discover, gathered in a ranking, the 10 Italian men considered the most beautiful of 2019 .

Alongside some unmissable names , we have also included new entries that we hope will strike you as much as happened to us.

Footballers, actors, singers, dancers and models, in our ranking we have touched almost all the professions that have always been associated with beauty . For years now, however, there is another category that has rightfully become part of the representatives of italica beauty, read the whole article to find out what it is!

1) Alberto Angela

Handsome, intelligent, charismatic, cultured and so on and so forth, he represents the good boy that all mothers would like for their daughters and that their daughters would be happy to have by their side. Will it be the hair of a cherub or the simplicity with which he tells of ancient Rome, Alberto Angela kills hearts of all ages.

Alberto Angela – Source Instagram

2) Dani Osvaldo

Galeotto was Dancing with the Stars . During the program Dani Osvaldo , in fact, turned the heads of the viewers, and not only because of the dance. The charm of the former footballer did not leave the Italians indifferent, first of all Selvaggia Lucarelli . The judge of the talent of Rai Uno, in fact, on his social networks has repeatedly praised his talents and not just the artistic ones.

Dani Osvaldo – Facebook Source – Instagram

3) Ettore Bassi

Always the stage of Rai Uno also gives us the third position. The clear eyes of Ettore Bassi , in fact, returned to the small screen and made the hearts of the Saturday night viewers beat faster, who also rewarded him with second place in the race , after having challenged and beat her friend Manuela Arcuri in the semifinals. .

Ettore Bassi – Source Instagram

4) Mariano Di Vaio

Blogger with 10 million followers on various social networks, and one of the most famous Italian fashion bloggers in the world. The handsome Mariano Di Vaio was born as a model for important international brands and only later, thanks to the success of the blog, did he become a full-fledged digital entrepreneur.

Mariano Di Vaio – Source Instagram

5) Roberto Bolle

Fresh from On dance , the week of free events with which the etoile  has made all of Milan dance, Roberto Bolle enters the rankings by right thanks to a sculptural physique and a surprising smile . Impossible to resist the beauty of him seeing him twirl on the stages of the most important theaters in the world.

Roberto Bolle – Source Instagram

6) Luca Argentero

16 years after his first appearance at Big Brother , Luca Argentero has become, if possible, even more handsome. It will be the graying hair or the charm acquired thanks also to the big screen, the ex-gieffino continues to be among the most beautiful for the Italians, first of all his girlfriend Cristina Marino .

Luca Argentero – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

7) Alessandro Borghi

His climb to Cinecitta begins as a stuntman, but his skill as an actor and his Mediterranean beauty soon lead him to first cover roles as co-star in films and TV series and then to win the David di Donatello in 2018 with the film On my skin .  in which he plays the role of Stefano Cucchi .

Alessandro Borghi – Source Instagram

8) Famiglia Gassmann

From generation to generation, the Gassmann family continues to give us artistic talents and joys for the eyes: from the unforgettable Vittorio , passing through Alessandro , up to now Leonardo . The “little one” of the Gassmann family has decided to put all his talent at the disposal of singing, thanks also to the warm voice that seems to be a family inheritance, while his father Alessandro we recently saw him on the big screen in the film Croce and delight.

Alessandro and Leo Gassmann – Source Instagram

9) Raoul Bova

The 47-year-old Italian actor cannot miss in any ranking who has been dealing with Italian men and beauty for over 25 years. A lot has passed since his debut on the big screen, but time seems to have stopped for him, perhaps also thanks to the Spanish actress, showgirl and model Rocio Munoz Morales , with whom he has been married since 2015.

Raoul Bova – Instagram Source

10) Carlo Cracco

We started our ranking of the most beautiful Italian men with the classic “good boy” and we could only close it with the baddest chef on TV . Although Chef Rubio , Alessandro Borghese and Simone Rugiati have tried several times to steal the scepter, Carlo Cracco resists the attack of the new generation without being defeated.