Do you have a job interview and you cannot fail when it comes to getting the position? Our experts in talent management and human resources know very well how job interviews work and that is why in this article they tell you what are the words you should say in your next interview to get hired.


To succeed in an interview and get hired you must show yourself as a self-confident and successful person, you must tell everything that has gone well for you and reinforce your successes in your training stage if it is your first job or in other jobs if You are already in the job market. Now, at the same time, you must be modest and show a clear interest in your future job  , explaining that you would also like to achieve success performing these new roles in the position offered,  that you are interested in the job and that is why you want to make sure it is the right one for your profile.


On the other hand, it is important not to miss the opportunity that this position represents for you, and as the experts at explain, explain it to the manager efficiently. It is important to bear in mind that you also have to take care of your body language and facial expressions,  but if you are really interested in a position, it is essential to say it directly to the person who is interviewing you verbally: that you think it is an opportunity to be able to work together and that Would you like to start as soon as possible in the company?


On the other hand, it is important to explain to your interviewers that you have a basic plan prepared for your position that you have developed by researching the company. If you are really interested in a job and you want to get hired,  this will be an asset in your favor since it will show the interviewers everything you can offer them  and it will also allow you to position yourself very efficiently ahead of the rest of the job candidates. .


It is also essential to show flexibility in an interview  as this will help the interviewers to understand that working with you would be really easy and that you are capable of adapting to changes in the sector and in the market.

Thank you

One of the words that we tend to forget in interviews and that can open many doors for you is “thank you”. Showing gratitude is essential to face any selection process with positivity and gratitude.  Also, if you say it as a farewell, you will add a final positive touch to the interview. Experts recommend saying thank you by adding a couple of details that you have noticed from the recruiter, such as: “thank you for your time and for being so interested in my training”.


All companies have a mission so if you are going to an interview know it well and mention it successfully. To do this  you can do it directly or using keywords,  depending on the type of company in question and the strategy that you consider may be more effective.


It is not positive to be vain but to talk about results if they are good. If you are good at selling or have any other type of quality that you can explain with concrete examples of results, do not hesitate and do it. The concrete results and the numbers and data that support your stories will be the best asset to get you hired in any company.  Explain everything you have done but do not forget to include the results in a measurable and quantifiable way.


According to experts  , all human resources professionals and personnel recruiters are interested in entrepreneur profiles  because this is what their managers demand. It does not matter what the job is for, but it is essential to emphasize that you are a person with a lot of initiative because it is the most powerful skill that any employer wants to have in their business. It is an intangible value that is worth millions and therefore explaining that we have initiative and endorsing it with different projects will be essential for experts to understand that we are the best candidates for their company.


To get hired in your next interview you must show yourself as a born leader, even if your position is not managerial. Interviewers will be happy to hear that you ran a project at your previous company  or ran your own business. It does not matter for the job that you are doing the interview because if you show this side of yourself you will undoubtedly get several points and leave many candidates behind because not everyone knows how to lead teams.


Finally, it is important that you always explain your learning, your strengths, your qualities and your values ​​in a story to attract the attention of the recruiter. If you explain the different strengths of your profile in this way,  based on different stories but with concrete results,  you have a good chance of becoming the recruiters’ favorite candidate because anecdotes never fail.