Life is very long and in it you will find (or have already found) a wide variety of types of friends . Some are trustworthy, others will surprise you and others, however, will bring you very bitter moments that you would rather never remember.

The 15 types of friends and friendships that exist
First of all we must clarify that the following types of friends include both relationships between men and between women. Likewise, also between men and women. That is, the classification covers all the possible compositions that may arise from the friendship between any two people.
We warn that the majority of types of friends that we are going to comment on are not exclusive. The same friend can enter different classes.

1. Virtual friends
How could it be otherwise, we start with the first type of friends that is most booming in recent decades. These friends often met through online video games (although there are other ways, such as forums, chats and social networks) have suffered great stigmatization.
Until relatively recently they were not considered among the “real” types of friends. But as has been shown from the beginning, great relationships can emerge in the virtual world.

2. Friends with the right to…
Known in many places as “follamigos”, it is one of the most complex types of friends, because it contemplates several levels of “closeness”.

Some friends with benefits, for example, can go to bed and have sex from time to time. Others, however, are much more united and are close friends (another type of friend that we will see) in addition to having sexual relations.

3. False friends
We could call them “Jewish friends”. We have all had (and even, in the eyes of other people, we ourselves have been), some false friend. They are those friendships that, after (sometimes) a long time, it is shown that they were not real and the other person ends up sticking her poisoned knife in our back .

4. Shallow friends
It doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. We all have this type of friends and we are for most people.
Human beings do not have the ability to establish close friendships between all known people. For this reason, in most cases we settle for having this type of superficial friends , with whom we can talk and have pleasant moments, without going any further.

5. Childhood friends
It is difficult to maintain these types of friends. Most of the friendships forged in childhood end up moving away due to physical distance, time or differences in life habits.
However, when these types of friends are maintained over time because there really is a deeper connection, it is one of the most indestructible and sincere friendships that exist.

6. Best friends
It can arise as a result of the previous kind of friends. These are characterized by sharing (normally) a lot of time in common, hobbies and interests. In addition, it is usually a reciprocal relationship where each one labels the other as “best friend”.
It is also common for people to have a “best friend” and a “best friend” .

7. Party friends
They are usually in the superficial friends classification, but it is not necessary. They are those friends with whom you only meet to go out to party. They sign up for every possible party and give all their energy. They are ideal to enjoy and do something crazy.
If you have a party friend who belongs exclusively to this type of friendship, do not forget that it is just that. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse the ecstasy of the party with a deeper friendship than it really is .

8. Protective friends
When there is a group of friends, it is easy for these types of friends to take charge of protecting and asking others “how are you
Paradoxically, they are at the same time the ones that need the most attention and care.on many occasions, since they use care towards others as a way of interacting and feeling affection in the form of gratitude for the care they provide.
They are therefore very faithful friends but who deserve reciprocity; if not, in the long run, the relationship will lose strength.

9. Friends from a distance
These types of friends are very special. It is rare for a person to have (true) friends at a distance. However, almost all of us have had one. They are usually part of the other type of friends called “on-and-off friends,” although they don’t have to.
These friends usually arise from an intense emotional or intellectual connection that allows a relationship to be strongly nurtured that does not require a physical presence. Therefore,Trust levels and the quality of conversations often take center stage in the relationship.

10. Intermittent friends
Many times you relate to friends from a distance. Meetings with these types of friends are usually intense, very intense. But at the same time they tend to go away after a short time and reappear after a period of absence.

It doesn’t have to be bad or good, as long as both people feel comfortable with this way of proceeding.

11. Close
friends All best friends are close friends, but not all close friends are best friends.
Close friends are those types of friends with whom personal and emotional experiences are shared.very deep in a climate of understanding and care. It is easy for a close friend to emerge thanks to the fact that the other person previously belongs to the type of “protective friends”.

12. Toxic friends
Many people confuse false friends or “judas” with toxic friends. However, all false friends end up being toxic, but not all toxic ones have to be false.
In fact, among all types of friends, these are the most dangerous precisely because of that. A toxic friend may really love you, but his toxicity is not because he appreciates you or not, but because of the damage that being around him causes you.
To give an example, a friend who appreciates you very much can be toxic because they usually get into trouble, use drugs or make you feel bad without intending to. Also,As the person feels that the toxic friend does appreciate him, it makes it even more difficult for him to distance himself from her out of compassion.

13. Friends by convenience
We tend to associate “convenience” as something bad, but it doesn’t have to. Although it can be very harmful for one to think that they have a relationship of close friendship when in reality what the other has is a friend of convenience; It wouldn’t be a problem if both know where the relationship stands.

All human relationships arise out of “convenience” . Human beings should love and be loved, help and be helped, share and receive. The important thing is to know that he brings each other out and if he is comfortable with it.

14. Friends dependent on their partners
We could say that they are one of the types of friends that would be included in intermittent friends, since every time the dependent friends of their partners break up a relationship, they appear in the circle of friends.
On the contrary, when they find a new partner (they don’t usually take long, given their need to depend on someone) they disappear again.
They are usually friends who do not make big plans (such as trips), without their partners or without the agreement with them. They are not usually charismatic people, neither determined nor with a high self-esteem, in any case, this does not detract from their value as friends.
But we must be careful, these friends prioritize their partner above everything else, so if there are problems with your partner or at some point you have to choose between friendship and a love relationship, you can already imagine what will happen.

15. Narcissistic friends
Depending on the type of narcissism of the friend in question, this can become one of the most toxic types of friends that exist. Some narcissists brag about their triumphs and achievements. These are less harmful.

The most dangerous narcissistic friends are those who use contempt and disrepute from others as a tool to feel superior. Simple advice: stay away from them.
Remember, there are two types of narcissists: those who say that their iPhone is better than your cell phone, and those who directly say that your cell phone is shit (regardless of what they have).