The quality of life inside the home depends very much on the level of comfort and welcome that each room is able to convey to those who live in those same environments every day. It is often thought that a particular wallpaper or an original color effect on the walls of living rooms and bedrooms can alone be sufficient to offer a more or less marked sensation of peace and relaxation. This is not always the case, also because it is precisely by increasing the level of personalization of each environment that you can better live your daily routine. How to do? Using the canvas paintings printsundoubtedly very interesting results can be obtained, as long as you stop for a moment to correctly design the environments where you plan to place those same canvas prints . Yes, because each room is a universe in itself that opens and closes at the rhythm of day and night. Each object, accessory and piece of furniture must in fact communicate with others and above all with light, whether natural or artificial

The choice of the image and the arrangement in the context

The choice of the image is in first place in order of importance. If the context and the furniture are minimal and decidedly linear, it will be good to avoid shots overflowing with details and small writings that make the glance messy. It is also necessary to evaluate the atmosphere and the type of color and feeling that that same room conveys. The colors of the canvas prints will have to approach the tenor of the context and its shades. Harmonizing in this sense is really the key word to always obtain perfect results. In addition to the choice of the image and its colors, obviously many other aspects must be evaluated. For example you have to choose the arrangement, vertical or horizontalof the framework. You can also form a composition with several prints on canvas, perhaps to decorate the wall of a staircase or a study corner. 

Check that there is harmony and no disproportion

Identifying the exact point where you would like to place the printed image can also say a lot about other details, first of all the frame. Modern and without frills, or irregular and with original details: each room has its own style. The advice to understand which is the format and therefore the most suitable size to fill a space, is to cut out a cardboard of the presumed ideal size and move away to check that there is no disharmony or disproportion in the context (perhaps because there is a lot of wall white and not too pretty to look at). It will be easy to see if the print on canvas is more or less suitable to embellish the room, or if it is the position that is wrong and needs to be reviewed during the design phase. 

How to choose the colors of canvas prints

If a room itself is not very bright , perhaps because too much light does not enter through the windows, it will be useful to resort to a trick to play on the perception of volumes . Choose canvas prints in light tones (white, cream, gray, light blue) and pastel so you can reflect and make the most of both natural and artificial lighting when it gets dark. In case you choose very static prints you could consider the possibility of arranging more dynamic objects nearby (wall decorations for example and other trappings or small mirrors). For a print on canvas it is difficult to choose a trivial image, it will be thecelebration of a detail, an emotion or a journey . In short, shots not too tied to the routine, in order to ensure an immediate injection of well-being.