XIV century, France. Michel de Notre-Dame, the son of a notary and better known as Nostradamus , begins to launch predictions about the future and the end of the world. His ideas were controversial in those days, but centuries later, from all corners of the world, his catastrophic claims are beginning to be taken into account.
“The dead will rise from the graves, and the Earth will face changes among the nations,” the Frenchman wrote.
By the year 2017 , he predicted that China would become the new world superpower . This is something completely logical for someone contemporary, but complete madness for someone of his time. Could it be that Nostradamus was not so far off track?
In any case, this doctor and astrologer also had his bad days, and that is, for example,I affirm that in 2017 there would be a nuclear holocaustand thankfully that hasn’t happened (North Korea notwithstanding).

The 5 great predictions of Nostradamus
These are the five great catastrophes that the prophet visualized centuries ago. Some are still possible, while others have been dismantled by science.

1. Solar radiation will kill our planet
Although this summer has been too hot, the star around which we orbit has shown no signs that it will kill us. Although it is true that in 2017 NASA detected the largest solar flare on record, everything indicates that sudden jets from the Sun are common throughout history.
Image of the powerful solar flare. | Image from: NASA.

2. The great eruption of Vesuvius
The last major eruption of the great mountain facing the Bay of Naples was in AD 79, a tragedy of epic proportions that wiped out surrounding civilizations and the city of Pompeii . There are sufficient mechanisms to know if the volcano is about to erupt, but we must not forget that more than 3 million people live around it today. If Nostradamus was correct, the losses would be enormous.

3. Donald Trump
Those who affirm that the prophet predicted the arrival of the most controversial president of the United States have been branded as conspiracy theorists, but the truth is that the French’s description of the arrival of the “false trumpet”it largely fits Trump’s personality. Always grandiloquent and unfiltered on Twitter, the POTUS (President of the United States) has stirred world politics without caring too much about who gets ahead.
The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. | Image Credit: Gage Skidmore.
In Nostradamus’s notebook 40, where this “false trumpet” appears, it is ensured that it has arrived ready to change the laws of Byzantium (which in this case would refer to the American empire). This will trigger the third world war and, consequently, the end of our days.

4. The collapse of the global economy
For many, the economy has long since collapsed, and there we can enter into a debate about the viability of radical capitalism in the modern era, but Nostradamus spoke of a total collapse, of a complete reset of the system.

A report prepared by ESADE assures that demographic pressures (the 7,200 million inhabitants of our planet who need resources and food) will end up exposing the weak points of our economy. On the other hand, powers like China, which base their economy not so much on exports but on domestic consumption, question the entire system.
Despite this, the report also points to the development of new renewable energies and the discovery of new materials such as graphene and rare earths that open new horizons. In summary, it is true that we are going to sink, economically, although all is not lost.

5. The prediction 112 or the last Pope on earth
According to Nostradamus, Francisco will be the last maximum representative of the Catholic Church . It could be a minor issue considering that 2018 is also the year of the final apocalypse. There is also the prophecy of St. Malachy, which states that the 112th Pope since Celestine II (that is, Pope Francis) will be the “same of the end of days.” “The city of the seven hills will be destroyed,” says the Jesuit leader.
Pope Francis with Vladimir Putin. | Image from: kremlin.ru

The Mayans, the other great prophets
The most famous of the Mayan prophecies is the one that assured that in the year 2012 the end of the world would happen . If I write this it is because this theory has been clearly disproved. It responded more to a question of long-term vision, and that is that the Mayan calendar did not contemplate an existence beyond this year.
Perhaps what the Mayans were referring to was a change of consciousness in humanity, the end of the world as we know it today . Could Nostradamus be talking about the same