When a marriage ends , it happens very often that one of the two asks for a rich maintenance allowance . For many ex-spouses it has been a real drain for years but perhaps things are about to change thanks to a change that has occurred recently.

On May 10, 2017, the first civil section of the Court of Cassation revolutionized the divorce law. So for those who have paid really exaggerated figures so far, perhaps, there is hope on the horizon.

In fact, if previously the divorce allowance was based on the standard of living enjoyed by the ex-spouse before the separation, now the determining principles are completely different.

From this moment on, the sentence that establishes the retention amount of the former will be based on the criterion of economic independence . Probably, after this upheaval, many will be requesting a review on the maintenance allowance, including Italian VIPs . Let’s find out together the 14 most expensive divorces ever:

1) Gigi D’Alessio and Carmela Barbato

According to the magazine Oggi , Gigi D’Alessio ‘s divorce cost a lot. In fact, the neo-melodic singer-songwriter should pay the former spouse a good 15,000 euros per month for maintenance. Gigi and Carmela Barbato got married in 1986 and their marriage lasted until 2006. In addition to the amount requested by his wife, she and her children will be entitled to the holidays paid for life. Furthermore, the splendid villa with a view of Posillipo has also been assigned to Barbato , in one of the most fascinating and characteristic areas of Naples.

photo: Gigi D’Alessio’s Instagram

2) Rosanna Schiaffino and Giorgio Falck

2001 is the year of the divorce between the beautiful actress I play alongside Toto , Rosanna Schiaffino and Giorgio Falck . The Court of Milan established that the Milanese entrepreneur would have to pay the former 20 million lire a month to his ex. From an Ansa news it turns out that, after the death of Rosanna and Giorgio a few years ago, the heirs decided to sell the splendid family villa . The house for sale, fully furnished, is over 800 square meters and the negotiation is strictly confidential.

3) Barbara D’Urso and Michele Carfora

The Court of Rome, in the first instance, had established that the ex-wife, Barbara D’Urso , would be to pay the maintenance allowance towards her ex-husband, Michele Carfora . But according to the Tvzap website , the presenter would have been exempted from this obligation thanks to the ruling of 2 May 2017 by the Court of Appeal of Rome. In fact, since Carfora has formed a new family , the post-marital solidarity obligation is to be considered null and void. Therefore, D’Urso should be definitively exempted from paying the maintenance allowance to the former spouse.


4) Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario

Silvio Berlusconi ‘s divorce still remains one of the most expensive on the Italian scene. According to the news reported in the Huffington Post , the Court of Monza would have established that the Cavaliere should pay his ex-wife, Veronica Lario , 1.4 million euros per month for the maintenance allowance. Veronica, aka Miriam Bartolini, had asked the former head of the government for more than 3 million euros, but Berlusconi, in the process of divorce, managed to obtain a reduction in the figure of more than half.


5) Cecchi Gori and Rita Rusic

Another divorce from true millionaires was that between Vittorio Cecchi Gori and Rita Rusic . The entrepreneur and the glamorous actress got married in 1983 but in 2000 their relationship came to an end. With the divorce, Rusic obtained a check for 4 and a half billion and , according to La Repubblica , also the villa in Sabaudia .


6) Pippo Baudo and Katia Ricciarelli

After 18 years of marriage, one of the most famous hosts of Italian television Pippo Baudo and Katia Ricciarelli are separated definitively. According to the magazine Corriere della Sera , divorce to the star of the small screen costs 12 thousand euros a month. This is the figure that the popular soprano requested and obtained at the Court of Spoleto.

In addition to the most expensive Italian divorces ever, are you also curious to discover the most expensive famous divorces in the rest of the world? Let’s find out which and how much the VIPs had to shell out to get rid of the former sweet destination:


7) Madonna

Let’s start this expensive roundup with Lady Ciccone . Although her love affairs often lasted very little, her marriage to ex-husband Guy Ritchie lasted for eight years. At the end of 1998 Madonna met the director Guy, through her mutual friend Sting . Rocco John was born from their union in 2000. On 22 December of the same year, Madonna marries Ritchie in a castle in Scotland. In 2008 the marriage comes to an end and the divorce is estimated at between 76 and 92 million dollars .


8) Harrison Ford

The crush of the charming actor during his marriage cost him dearly. In 2004 Harrison Ford , born in 1942, married since 1983 to Melissa Mathison , traded her with Calista Flockhart . The actress who, you will remember for the television series Ally McBeal , and the current wife of Ford. The divorce from his second wife cost Ford $ 85 million .


9) Mel Gibson

As we said before, even the longest-lived VIP couples can break out! After 26 years of marriage and 7 children, actor Mel Gibson has separated from his first wife. The serenity ends in 2006 and Gibson pays his mother of his children, Robyn Moore, a record $ 425 million .


10) Michael Jordan

Even among sports VIPs we can find good examples. After 17 years of marriage and no prenup, Michael Jordan is forced to pay a record amount. In 2016, the judge established that the ex-wife Juanita Vanoy be paid 168 million dollars . Figure calculated on the turnover and assets of the former NBA basketball player.


11) Tiger Woods

Another sportsman suffering from a record divorce. This time it’s the golfer Tiger Woods . The marriage with the blonde former model Elin Nordegren began to shake in late 2009, due to the sex scandal that concerned Woods. In August 2010 the definitive break . His wife was owed 100 million dollars and the marital home.

12) Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have only been separated for a few months, but there are already precise estimates on the amount that the actor will have to pay to his ex-wife. Considering that the custody of their three children will be borne by Jennifer, the sum would be around 145 million euros .

13) Roman Abramovich

“Only” 300 million dollars for the severance pay of Irina , ex wife of the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich . Considering that the tycoon’s total assets , it seems, amount to more than 12 billion dollars , the amount received by the ex-wife is a really stingy one.


14) Bernie Ecclestone

Married for 24 long years , but separated in less than the blink of an eye! Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone paid former model Slavica Radic $ 1.5 billion . Really amazing!