Some couples are hesitant to use sex toys. What advantages do they have
? Will we have a better time?
The truth is that it depends on many things, but in this article we want to mention some advantages and some disadvantages of having sex with sex toys like those of Diversual. Some like the ones you can find on their fun website are really beneficial for connecting with your partner.

Advantages of using sex toys

  1. Increases trust with the partner. Without a doubt, it means going one step further in your relationship, and this implies gaining trust. It is a difficult step for some couples but once they have tried it they do not want to change.
  2. Helps stimulate sexual intercourse. Sometimes, especially in couples that have been together for a long time, sexual relations end up being very monotonous and without anything that brings them something new they become boring. Sex toys stimulate relationships, and help achieve orgasms more easily.
  3. Reconnect with the couple. Without a doubt, sex is a way to connect with your partner, to alleviate bad vibes. In addition, after sex, the couple’s self-esteem increases. And sex toys contribute to this as they help to have more fulfilling relationships.
  4. They help break the monotony to be creative and try new things. It is your partner and nothing should cut you off. If you like to try new things, sex toys will help you a lot.
  5. They help you experience new sensations. Did you think you had tried everything
    ? Well, you’re wrong, sex toys will help you feel things you’ve never felt before.

Disadvantages of using sex toys
Although the advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages, there are also some barriers or inconveniences that arise and that need to be mentioned:

  1. Fear of using them. Many couples are afraid to use them or are just embarrassed. If there is not enough trust, sex with toys will not be practiced in a relaxed way. Therefore, it is better to leave it for when the couple feels ready for it.
  2. Dependency . Many think that the use of sex toys ends up creating dependency, since in some cases it is easier to reach orgasm. The frequency with which you use it is up to you, it is good to exchange.
  3. Disconnection. We have said that they help you connect with your partner, but for some people they are also synonymous with disconnection, since they feel that there is something out of fear. But this is a mental taboo, which must be broken.

As you can see , the advantages of trying it outweigh the disadvantages . The best thing is for each couple to try it and decide for themselves if they liked it or not or if they want to try new things. In addition, there are many types of sex toys , and not all of them may be the most suitable for you. The best thing is to keep trying, changing. And of course, to enjoy it you have to have a healthy relationship with a person with whom you feel confident and at ease. And the most important thing is to talk to her.