The new series produced by Atresmedia and which will be broadcast on Antena 3 next season promises strong emotions. Ira about some parents who cross the pond to get into the lion’s den, to a Colombian prison, to find out what happened to her daughter, who disappeared when she was five years old . Atresmedia has now provided the first images of the series, which began filming in April.

What will ‘Lost’, the new Antena 3 series, be like

? What are some parents willing to do to find out what has happened to their daughter on the other side of the ocean? We will find out very soon in a new series produced by Atresmedia for Antena 3, ‘ Lost’, whose first images promise strong emotions with a plot around drug trafficking.
The script for ‘Perdida’, by Natxo Lopez, Almudena Ocana, Aurora Gracia, Carlos de Pando and Mikel Baron, narrates in a double timeline the agonizing journey of parents who will do whatever it takes to find out what happened with your daughter.
In the line of the present, Antonio is a Spaniard who is arrested at the airport when he is about to travel after swallowing a few balls of cocaine. Thirteen years earlier, Antonio himself is a happy family man who enjoys a day at the beach, in Valencia, with his wife and his little daughter, until she disappears without a trace .
What is the relationship between one scene and the other?
‘Perdida’ is a psychological thriller full of tension that moves between Spain and Colombia, the place where Soledad’s parents will travel and where Antonio will enter the dangerous foreign prison La Modelo, in Bogota , to find out the whereabouts of his daughter .

A wide cast led by Daniel Grao
The series ‘Perdida’, which will be broadcast on Antena 3, is a Spanish fiction series with an international scope produced by Atresmedia with the collaboration of Big Bang Media . Created by Natxo Lopez , based on the original idea of ​​Ruth Garcia and David Oliva , it will have 50-minute episodes as usual in Atresmedia series.
The recordings began last April in Valencia and are carried out in natural exteriors and interiors, with more than 120 different locations . Filming has now moved to Colombia, where it will remain until the end of summer. Its premiere is scheduled for the next season in the prime time slot.
As for the cast, it is a production with more than 100 actors whose leading role falls on Daniel Grao , a face known for works on the small screen such as ‘Sin Identity’, ‘The Cathedral of the Sea’ and ‘Paquita Salas’, and in the cinema in ‘Julia’s eyes’ and ‘La mula’.
He will act alongside the Colombian actress who gave life to ‘Ugly Betty’, Ana Maria Orozco , and the Colombian actorFernando Solorzano . Also together with the Spanish Carolina Lapausa (‘Toc, Toc’) and Melanie Olivares , better known as Paz in the series ‘Aida’.
A still from the ‘Perdida’ series provided by Atresmedia | Atresmedia

One more of the new Atresmedia offer
Atresmedia is betting heavily on fiction series, and this 2019 has incorporated the most interesting titles to which this new emotional thriller will be added. Last year he already presented very successful series such as ‘Farina’ , about drug traffickers on the Galician coast, and ‘Presumed Guilty’ , another thriller about the disappearance of the girlfriend of a prestigious biologist.
So far this year, Atresmedia has presented ‘Matadero’, which premiered in January with 3,336,000 viewers (a 21.6% share) and ’45 revolutions’, which, on the other hand, has turned out to be a real flop. The bet for the summer is called ‘Toy Boy’, a thriller with a lot of eroticism , and for the new season everything is at stake with two very powerful productions: the thriller ‘Perdida’ and a dystopian series, ‘La fence’.
In addition, Atresmedia sold two of its revelation series at the time(the prison thriller ‘Vis a vis’ and the great robbery of ‘La casa de papel’) to Fox and Netflix, and assumed a new strategy with which it reduced its fictions to 50-minute episodes, thus managing to compensate for the loss of income in advertising with sales, by adapting to the international standard.
It also began last year to produce series for third parties from Atresmedia Studios , as is the case of ‘El pier’, for Movistar, and ‘Pequenas coincidences’, for Amazon Prime Video.

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