Filed the New Year will again be full of birthdays to celebrate with friends and family.

Of course, our beloved celebrities will do the same too. After all, they age like us mere mortals even if, at times, it does not seem that age passes for them too. And who knows what super party they will organize to celebrate at their best.

The beautiful women of Italian TV such as the presenters Barbara D’Urso and Michelle Hunziker, the actress Ambra Angiolini, the footballer Luca Toni, the comedian Checco Zalone and the charming Massimo Ciavarro are just some of the Italian VIPs whose dates we will reveal of birth and their zodiac sign .

Are you curious to know who will turn 40, 50 and 60 in 2017? Impossible to collect all the stars who will celebrate their birthday but for everyone we wish a new year full of happiness and gossip!

12) Manuela Arcuri

The beautiful actress Manuela Arcuri has recently celebrated her birthday in a big way! Of the sign of Capricorn, Manuela blew out 40 candles on January 8th . The actress who was born in 1977 celebrated her birthday in Rome and didn’t give up on any of her friends. In fact, the beautiful Gabriel Garko , her longtime friend Valeria Marini and her current partner Giovanni di Gianfrancesco also participated in her super party .

Manuela Arcuri

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11) Michelle Hunziker

The beautiful presenter and show girl Michelle Hunziker , born January 24, 1977 of the sign of Aquarius , will turn 40 this year. She was born in Switzerland but naturalized in Italy and currently married to Tommaso Trussardi . Michelle and mother of the young Aurora Ramazzotti she had from her previous spouse Eros Ramazzotti and the little ones Sole Trussardi and Celeste Trussardi.

Michelle Hunziker

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10) Ambra Angiolini

The beautiful and talented Ambra Angiolini , also known only as Ambra, is a much loved actress and TV presenter among Italian celebrities. 40 candles will be blown out for her too . In fact, Amber was born in 1977 and her birthday is April 22nd . Of the zodiac sign of Taurus , one of the most passionate of the zodiac, she is currently separated from Francesco Renga from whom she had two children: Jolanda and Leonardo Renga.

Ambra Angiolini

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9) Flavia Vento

Born to an Italian father and a Dutch mother, the former Italian model Flavia Vento is also approaching an important birthday. In fact, born in 1977 under the sign of Taurus , on May 17 she will celebrate her birthday by reaching 40 years of age . In her curriculum she also put a short political career, initially declaring her sympathy for the political group of the Margherita, but later she returned to tread the television scenes.

Flavia Vento

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8) Luca Toni

The handsome Italian footballer Luca Toni was born in Pavullo nel Frignano, in the province of Modena on May 26, 1977 . Round figure for the Gemini sportsman who turns 40 in 2017. After a long career in overseas teams and returned to Italy in 2010. In 2014 with the Verona shirt he scored his 300th goal.

Luca Toni


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7) Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann , entrepreneur and manager, should put his head right this year! The founder and largest shareholder of Italia Independent Group this year will blow out 40 candles on his birthday cake . Also from 1977 and of the zodiac sign of Libra and was born in New York on October 7th .

Lapo Elkann

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6) Checco Zalone

Checco Zalone stage name of Luca Pasquale Medici, and an Italian actor, comedian, stand-up comedian and songwriter. In the new year, the doors of the doors will open for him too. Indeed, the famous comedian will celebrate 40 years round round. Also born in 1977, he will celebrate his fortieth birthday in 2017. The actor was born in Bari on June 3 and is of the sign of Gemini .

Checco Zalone

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5) Paola Barale

The Piedmontese showgirl Paola Barale was born in Fossano in 1967 and is of the sign of Taurus . The blonde Italian TV presenter will celebrate her 50th birthday on April 28 . For her too, the new year marks the entry into a really important age, but the beautiful Paola is always very young and loved by the public. In fact, she is back on TV again as a host in a game show.

Paola Barale

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4) Valeria Marini

Valeria Marini, born in reality is Valeria Virginia Laura Marini and is an Italian actress, showgirl, stylist and film producer. She was born in Rome on May 14, 1967 and of the breast of the Bull , in 2017 she will celebrate 50 years . After the challenge as a competitor to Big Brother Vip, we will see what Marini has in store for this new year.

Valeria Marini

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3) Fabio De Luigi

Fabio De Luigi who many will remember with the interpretation of Olmo , and an Italian comedian, TV presenter and director. Born in Santarcangelo di Romagna, like Valeria Marini this actor will also celebrate his first 50 years of age in 2017. Born on 11 October 1967 and of the zodiacal sign of Libra .

Fabio DeLuigi

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2) Massimo Ciavarro

The beautiful also age but retain their charm. The testimony is in the handsome Italian actor Massimo Ciavarro . In this new year, the Roman actor will blow out 60 candles on his birthday cake . Ciavarro who is of the sign of Scorpio was born on November 7, 1957 in our beautiful Italian capital.

Massimo Ciavarro

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1) Barbara D’Urso

The very famous Mediaset host Barbara D’Urso was born in Naples in 1957 . Del Taurus will celebrate   her first 60 years on 7 May . Really amazing: beautiful and incredibly fit!