There are so many VIPs who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol . Sometimes the signs of abuse were more than evident, thus ending up on the pages of all the newspapers.

Many famous people were even surprised and filmed while using it. Some managed to settle down after a detox recovery , others disappeared from the scene or even died.

Stars with addictions have had alcohol and drug problems caused, in most cases, by the mismanagement of their own success . In fact, many of them became famous very young and this did not allow them to grow peacefully.

They are beautiful , rich and famous and yet this has not stopped them from crumbling a part of their existence with their own hands without thinking about the consequences.

9) Macaulay Culkin

Impossible to forget Mom’s super nasty baby I missed the plane! How many laughs made watching that young prodigy act like an old actor. Too bad that, after the world success and record takings, Macaulay Culkin did not go very well. After starting acting at the age of 8, the actor started taking drugs as he reached his teens. In this long dark period he has a moment of serenity when, at the age of 18 , he marries Rachel Miner . Their union does not last long and after only 4 years the divorce arrives . Macaulay falls back into the drug tunnel and in 2008 also loses his sisterin a car accident, while walking drunk on the street. This episode empowers the actor to detoxify for fear of the same end.

8) Mischa Barton

Do you remember the sweet character of Marissa in the OC series ? Thanks to this interpretation, Mischa Barton has achieved stardom. But soon after, the London actress, she develops an addiction to alcohol and in 2007 she is also arrested for driving under the influence and with an expired license. In a later checkup, doses of cocaine and other drugs are found in Mischa’s car. In 2009, after having threatened to commit suicide and having lost all her money , the actress entered the clinic to detoxify .. She after declaring that she is better and that she has recovered, she at the beginning of 2017 she was again hospitalized for a nervous breakdown .

7) Justin Bieber

Young singer Justin Bieber also falls into this ranking of the famous and the damned. In fact, the Canadian singer achieved success when he was only 15 years old and after a quiet teenage period, addictions and problems caused by drug use began for him too. Justin was caught smoking some joints and after the search took place in his home, doses of cocaine were found . Furthermore, the young VIP has been arrested more than once for vandalism and assault. During all stops and testing positive for drug use .

6) Kurt Cobain

The story of Kurt Cobain, leader of Nirvana, never had a moment of high and his life, marked by heroin, ended in a tragedy. Kurt was found dead in his bedroom in 1994 at just 27 years old. His body was discovered a few days after the alleged suicide . The autopsy revealed that the death was caused by a shotgun shot to the head. However, the traces of heroin in the blood were so high that some suggest that Kurt would not be able to shoot himself. Courtney Love , the singer’s widow, also hired a private investigator but to date the most accredited hypothesis remains that it was he who took his own life.

5) Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is among the drug addicted singers . The slim girl, with a unique voice in the world, achieved worldwide success in no time. In 2007 the di lei albun Di lei Black to Black will lead her to enter the history of music. Unfortunately, despite a brilliant career, Amy was increasingly depressed. Her addictions to drugs and her alcohol lead her to not even be able to sing in public. In fact, during a performance she got off the stage because she was too drunk. A few months after this episode, Amy was filmed in a video smoking crack . Her depression and drug abuse led her to pass away at just 27 years oldin his London residence in 2011 .

4) Britney Spears

Instead, Britney Spears is an example of a VIP who, for now, seems to have managed to get away from the tunnel of addiction. The singer, after her immediate worldwide success, began to get lost in drugs and alcohol. In this period of drugs, alcohol and depression , the singer also lost the custody of her children . Her family and her family has always been close to her until convincing her to detoxify . To date, Britney shows herself to the public in perfect shape and often photographs herself in the company of her children as a good mother.

3) Whitney Houston

The late Whitney Houston is another example of a famous singer who died of her addictions. The singer, with a splendid career, in her private life, however, had had to overcome several painful episodes including an abusive husband. At the age of 48 , in 2012 , Whitney passed away in a Beverly Hills hotel room. The long drug abuse caused the singer’s heart to have a heart attack . The ex-husband later decided to publish a book in which he tells some intimate details about the singer.

2) Naomi Campbell

After being addicted to drugs in the 1990s , Naomi Campbell admitted she was overwhelmed with success and used cocaine to keep up with the tension . The former supermodel then decided to change her life and detoxify . She now she tells her experience of her and how this has completely changed her.

1) Kate Moss

Kate Moss ‘s career starts very early. She is only 14 years old she is discovered by a photographer and she quickly transforms into the supermodel we all know. Unfortunately, she also succumbs to drugs and alcohol. Her whole life, made up of parties , drugs and sex , has been collected in a biographical book .