If you want to have a good time, you are in the right place. In order to make you smile, we are going to show you a list of the best children’s phrases that will make you laugh. They are very funny as you can tell.

But, first of all, I want to make it clear that you have to read them from a child’s point of view. This way you will like them more and you will be able to enjoy them a little more. We have found a good part of the phrases that we are going to show you in 1000bebes, specialists in childcare. Commenting on that detail, we begin to show you the phrases you are looking for, surely you will not be able to stop laughing.

List of children’s phrases that will make you laugh

  • “Dad, I don’t want you to die. Mom doesn’t know how to put the movies on for me.”
  • I told my son: “I love you with all my heart. He replied: “I love you with all my television.”
  • My son put on a Superman cape and jumped but didn’t fly and said, “This cape doesn’t work, the batteries are missing.”
  • The other day a lady asked my little son: “Do you have a girlfriend” and my son answered: “No, I have a mom”.
  • My daughter the other day asked me: What animal has more teeth? And she answered: “I don’t know”. To which she replies: “The mouse with the teeth”.
  • My son has always wanted to be an astronaut and I have always told him that to achieve it he had to study hard. But the other day he told me: “I’ll get my rocket driver’s license and that’s it”.
  • My daughter tells me: “Dad, buy me an ice cream, or else…” and I quickly reply: “Or else” and quickly replies: “Or else it will be for next time”.
  • The other day I took my niece to the museum, when the guide asks us where we are from. Quickly my niece answers: “Don’t start flirting with my uncle who has a girlfriend.”
  • “School hurts mom.”
  • “Look mom, I’m not afraid” and the mother replies: “That’s great! But sit down because the one who’s starting to be afraid is me.
  • My son asks me: “Mom, what is the most important thing, God, Jesus or the planet? I answer, that depends on what you believe. And he quickly tells me: “So the most important is Superman”.
  • How do you know you’re not going to bite yourself? Do not touch yourself! And my son replies: “You have to trust, mom.”
  • My son tells him tells me: “Don’t say ugly things to him, don’t you see that his soul suffers?
  • “Mom, are the love butterflies the same ones I felt when I had to tell Dad that he broke the neighbor’s glass?”
  • The other day with my son we saw an accident and he quickly said: “Mom, I didn’t break it.”
  • The other day my son bit a friend. And after rebuking him, he tells me: “Okay, the next time I bite you, I apologize.”
  • My pissed off daughter tells me the other day: “Well, next year when I turn five I’m going to go live with my grandmother.”
  • Intelligence chases me, but I’m too fast for it to catch me.
  • The other day my son told me: “The important thing is not to learn, but the important thing is to use the smartphone.”
  • The other day my son said: “Better late, because in the morning I sleep.”

These are some of the many funny phrases that we have found about children. Children can sometimes be really funny and therefore it is worth highlighting some of these phrases. I am sure that with some of them it will be much easier for you to laugh. It is important to remember them at any time, especially when our morale is low and we need a little boost of joy. If you have them in mind, they will be of great help to you to be a little happier. And if your son or daughter says a funny phrase, you can communicate it to us so that everyone can enjoy it.