Ten years have passed since the release of the last Harry Potter book and, nevertheless, the fictional world invented by writer JK Rowling continues to be talked about. This is also and above all thanks to the 2016 film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , which followed up the magical world of the boy wizard and which in 2018 will churn out a new episode.

The fantastic plot is already full of little secrets . Furthermore, it was to be expected that the famous Hogwarts wizard would continue to be on everyone’s lips for a long time to come. As if to make this myth live forever, JK Rowling indulged in completely unexpected confessions about the characters of her invention of her.

The writer therefore seems willing to relentlessly reveal more details about the imaginary world she created, even if she herself admits that the challenge of satisfying the curiosity of her fans, many of whom will not find peace until they know names and surnames, will be increasingly difficult. of all of Harry’s ancestors.

Waiting for further revelations, here are the 9 secrets of the famous Harry Potter saga :

1) What does the future hold for…?

In the future, Hermione and Ron will get married and have two children. Hermione will hold an important position in the Justice Department and may even climb her positions further by obtaining a coveted position at the Ministry of Magic. Meanwhile Ginny will become a sports journalist and will have three children with Harry , even if the love story with the wizard will tend to reach a breaking point. Ron  will instead work at the Ministry of Magic with Harry and will also be in charge of running the small family business of pranks for pranksters wizards.

2) And what about the others?

Draco Malfoy will become more tolerant of Muggles and marry Astoria Greengrass ; both will raise their son Scorpius without making him believe that wizards are superior to other living beings. Neville Longbottom , who will marry the future owner of the Leaky Cauldron, Hannah Abbott, and Luna Lovegood will receive a position at the Ministry of Magic, although Neville will eventually return to botany and become a professor at Hogwarts.

3) Why isn’t Dumbledore having an affair?

Why does the wise Dumbledore, who has always believed in the power of love, have no relationship with women? Simply because, as JK Rowling revealed in an interview, he is homosexual . His greatest unrequited love was that of the fearsome wizard Gellert Grindenwald.

4) Can you learn Serpentese?

Seeing that in the last book Ron can speak this mysterious language, one would wonder if there is any way to learn it. Unfortunately, however, the answer is no ; few people speak Serpentese and there is no teacher who can transmit this knowledge. It is in fact a gift transmitted in the blood of the Slytherins. Why, then, does Ron say a word in Serpentese? JK Rowling explains: “It’s just one word. Talking to snakes is another matter entirely. Ron knew the mechanics of this language well and was smart enough to reproduce a word that was useful to him. ‘

5) Why was the Horcrux in Harry not destroyed by the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry was incredibly lucky to be helped by Fanny (or Fawkes) after the Basilisk’s fatal bite. In fact, he was cured before the infection became fatal or else the Horcrux would have been lost. The writer then made sure that Fanny was not nearby the second time a Horcrux was destroyed by Basilisk’s fang, so that the poison could take effect on her without a possible and immediate cure.

6) Will Hagrid get married?

No, Hagrid will never marry, will never have children. He does not have much hope from this point of view, as the giants kill each other and the number of living specimens is consequently very small. Only once did he have the opportunity to meet a possible candidate but… it went wrong!

7) There are no zombies in the saga. It’s true?

JK Rowling confirms: in the Harry Potter saga there are no zombies. Someone might think of the animated corpses that Voldemort gives life to, but in truth they are nothing but Inferi . Even the rumor that Severus Snape would become a vampire and fake.

8) Why are the Dursleys mad at Harry?

Vernon , the father of the family, is one who by nature detests anything that deviates from the norm. He is therefore far from rejoicing in the incredible gifts of his nephew. Also, Harry is just like his father , who was already hated by the whole family. For the same reason Professor Snape hates Harry.

9) Did Professor Umbridge really exist?

Yes, Dolores Umbridge’s character is inspired by real life ; she would in fact be a teacher of JK Rowling ! Of course it is to be hoped that in reality she was less sadistic, even if the things seen with the eyes of children leave plenty of room for imagination!