We bring you an extensive list with anniversary phrases of different types so that you can choose the perfect congratulations to send to your destination.
As you can see, we have classified these anniversary phrases into different categories. With all these quotes you can wish a happy anniversary but to different types of people . Whether they are a friend, a friend or a couple of boyfriends.

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Anniversary phrases for friends
We start with the anniversary phrases for friends. As we will see later, some of the phrases for friends are also used to congratulate friends, and vice versa. Choose freely between them.

1. Today your social networks will be filled with beautiful and precious messages to congratulate you, wishing you a happy day and a nice year. This message will probably be one more of them, but instead I will show you in person how much I love you. Congratulations
A phrase to congratulate the anniversary that takes into account the influence of new technologies .

2. What would the world be without you, without your happiness, without your beauty and your kindness
Without you there would be no world, no destiny, no nothing. No one imagines the world without its source of vitality. Many congratulations

Surely your friend has many virtues, but with this anniversary phrase you will emphasize some of the most outstanding.

3. I want to congratulate you with something more than a simple happy birthday phrase. Today I want to wish you a beautiful day, that each new day is more beautiful than the previous one. Happy Birthday
A beautiful dedication ideal to congratulate your friend on her anniversary .

4. Happy birthday dear friend, don’t stop fighting for your dreams. I want to see you achieve your goals because I know that this new year you will get everything you deserve
One of our favorite anniversary phrases. Ideal to motivate and help our friend to continue fighting.

5. Is there another day that makes me so happy?
It’s impossible, since that person I love so much has a birthday, so I can’t have a better day than this. Congratulations!

Because shared happiness, double happiness is .

6. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 100 years old, youth is in your heart. Congratulations on this special day, I wish you to be very happy and that happiness will last until your next birthday
. Chronological age has nothing to do with mental age and how our friend feels. Let her see it with this anniversary phrase for her.

7. Not every day a special date like this is celebrated. If you didn’t exist, my life wouldn’t be the same, that’s why I feel so happy to celebrate another year of your existence. Happy Birthday!
An anniversary phrase for friends that is not only pretty, but also rhymes. Beauty and sonority, all in one.

8. Never change or stop being that wonderful person you are. Happy birthday, may all your wishes come true!

A simple anniversary phrase for a friend who deserves it. Good things should never change.

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