Orlando is a simply wonderful city with endless possibilities. Despite having “only” more than 180,000 inhabitants and a metropolitan area of ​​1,600,000, it is characterized by the large number and variety of activities that you can do.
You can find water parks, natural parks, monuments of all kinds, museums, shopping centers, and shows throughout the year.
With so much on offer, it’s hard to choose what to do, that’s why we’ve made a list of the best things to do in Orlando, for all tastes and ages. In addition, we must bear in mind that the amusement and theme parks in this city have all kinds of services so that everyone can enjoy their stay..

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8 activities and places in Orlando
As we will see below, among all that we can do in Orlando, without a doubt, the most outstanding are its theme parks. Hundreds of thousands of people go every month to enjoy them due to their enormous amount of content and variety of activities.
However, we have added other things to do in Orlando for people with other interests.

8. The Escape Game Orlando
We know that many will be thinking, among all the things to do in Orlando, am I going to go to an Escape Room
Well, we know that you can find Escape Rooms in practically any big city in the world, but this one in particular is one of the most exciting you can find.Its users classify it as the elite of the Escape Rooms. Not suitable for newbies.

7. Lake Eola Park
If you are looking for things to do in Orlando related to nature and landscapes, this is yours. Eola Park has a beautiful lake and is full of vegetation giving it a unique beauty.
In the background you can see the tall buildings of Orlando. An ideal combination of nature and peace with avant-garde urbanism.
Among the things you can do in this Orlando park, we advise you to enjoy a sunset strolling through this beautiful park. Also, if you don’t like getting lost, one thing you can do is hire a tour guide who will show you around the area for a reduced price.

6. Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
Also known as the Dr. Phillips Center, it is a perfect place if you are interested in arts-related activities in Orlando.
Among all the things you can do in Orlando, enjoy an opera, a ballet, an orchestra or any activity within this imposing center , it will be an event you will never forget.
The place is divided into several zones: The Walt Disney Theater, Steinmetz Hall (entrance), DeVos Family Room (ideal for families) and the Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater.

5. Discovery Cove
This water park belongs to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.
One of the most important characteristics of this place is not only that it is a magnificent aquatic park, but also thatThey allow you to interact with a wide variety of marine animals, including dolphins .
If you like animals and have not yet had the opportunity to come into contact with marine species, this is undoubtedly a place you should visit in Orlando, yes or yes.

4. SeaWorld Orlando
If before we talked about a water park that had more aquarium characteristics, SeaWorld Orlando has real attractions and a large number of shows.
While Discovery Cove is more focused on interaction with animals, SeaWorld is more aimed at lovers of music, choreography and performances with large-scale marine animals.

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