Everything changes, fashion, trends and even the canons of beauty for men . Yes, because the beautiful, beautiful are no longer liked. Easy to fall in love with perfect features, but from today even the canons of beauty have changed, in short, there is hope for everyone, or almost!

Especially complicit in social phenomena, we have gone from the classic prince charming, blond hair and blue eyes, to land in the new trend that wants the most unkempt and virile man .

Giorgio Armani , who is one of the leading experts in style and fashion, has nicknamed “that certain I don’t know what” #powerwithin ; intended as a perfect mix of physical and mental strength. Luca Dotto, Vincent Cassel, Lorenzo Cherubini are just some of the “ugly” VIP men who, however, possess this innate charm .

It seems that fashion pushes us to look for the best even for those who do not have a sculpted physique and do not have manic body care. What matters seems to be the substance rather than the perfectly constructed appearance.

10) Adrien Brody

Both actor and director, Brody, born in New York in 1973 , pursued his dream from an early age. In fact, encouraged by his mother, he enrolled in art school to begin his studies. The definitive consecration in the Hollywood star system comes with the interpretation of him in the film The Pianist for which in 2003 he was awarded the Oscar as best leading actor.

9) Vincent Cassel

Vincent Crochon, real name, is a French film producer, born in Paris in 1966 . Vincent, who also plays some actor roles, often falls into tough and unscrupulous characters. In 1999 he married the beautiful Monica Bellucci , met on the set of the film The Apartment . After 14 years of marriage and two daughters Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci announced their separation. Sure, being Bellucci’s husband earned him a lot of points!

8) Luca Dotto

The swimmer Luca Dotto, born in 1990 , has been taking his first steps in fashion since 2012 by posing for several photo shoots and in the same year he takes part in the campaign of the Emporio Armani 7 line for the London Olympics. He is currently the new testimonial for Giorgio Armani ‘s Acqua di Gio perfume . In fact, according to the designer, he is the example of a man in perfect balance between physical strength and mental firmness.

7) Javier Bardem

The Spanish actor, Javier Angel Encinas Bardem , born in 1969, won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2008 with the film It is not a country for old men . Before embarking on a career as an actor, Bardem played rugby at 15 in the team of Liceo Frances in Madrid. In addition, he represents Spain at the level of national youth teams. In 2010 he married the sweet Penelope Cruz with whom he had two children.

6) Lorenzo Cherubini

Rap singer Lorenzo Cherubini, aka the well-known Jovanotti , launched by Cecchetto, became famous in the late eighties. With advancing age his social and political commitment increases and his lyrics also change towards a new style that reflects the new philosophies embraced by the singer. As an active pacifist he collaborated frequently with Emergency  and Amnesty International .

5) Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is a British actor, born in 1968 and famous for his portrayal of secret agent James Bond in the films: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Specter. As a young man he was a brilliant scholar and sportsman of rugby. In 2011, on his second marriage, he married actress Rachel Weisz . The ceremony took place in a very intimate way: only 4 guests, including his children with his first wife, the Scottish actress Fiona Loudon.

4) Luca Zingaretti

The Roman actor Luca Zingaretti achieved notoriety in 1999 thanks to the television series Il commissario Montalbano in which he plays the protagonist Salvo Montalbano . As a young man, Luca became involved in politics, militating in the Proletarian Unity Party for Communism. After having separated in 2004 from his first wife, the writer Margherita D’Amico, he remarries with the actress Luisa Ranieri in 2012.

3) Tim Roth

Another ugly VIP is the British actor and director born in London in 1961 . Timothy Simon Smith , his real name, as a young man preferred music to cinema. He has been married since 1993 to the fashion designer Nikki Butler with whom he has two children.

2) Colin Firth

The British actor, considered fascinating but not handsome, has played numerous roles and is married to the Italian producer and director Livia Giuggioli , with whom he has two children. Passions? Football . Colin Firth is a true Arsenal fan.

1) Vinicio Marchioni

Roman actor, born in 1975 , after making his debut in the theater in 1995, Vinicio Marchioni achieves popularity with the role of  Freddo , in the television series Romanzo criminale , inspired by the true story of the Banda della Magliana.