Everyone likes to wake up with a good vibe, and there is nothing better than a phrase from Mr. Wonderful to lift your spirits. It is true that a phrase in a cup will not fix your life, but perhaps it will give you that smile that you have not started for a long time or make you look at your problems from another perspective. We collect a selection of the best quotes from Mr. Wonderful for friends.
Oh, and enjoy the rest of the day .

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Who is Mr. Wonderful
Many people wonder who is Mr. Wonderful. If you imagined a gentleman with a good-natured face who writes positive phrases nonstop, we are sorry to disappoint you. The brand comes from the minds of two designers from Barcelona (who are also a couple) who began to create a line of products with phrases to lift your spirits. They were so well received that today the company distributes internationally.

The 50 best phrases of Mr. Wonderful
These phrases have gone around the world not only for their content, but also for the design of the products that include them. We review those that we have found more fun and original, to share with your friends and friends(the real ones), or with that special person.

1. By your side there is no drama that has no solution.
One of the most beautiful phrases of Mr. Wonderful to dedicate to the person who always puts up with your dramas .

2. Ours is from another planet.
Another of the brand’s famous quotes that accompanies the drawing of two majestic astronauts.

3. In this family we give each other lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles.
A gift to show your family how much you love them.

4. Life is much better with friends like you around.
A wonderful phrase for friends or friends who will never let you down .

5. Long hair in the wind and live in the moment.
Well, that, to live that are two days.

6. Let me kiss you, and we’ll get up with the bed made a thirteen.
There is nothing more good vibes than a good portion of morning love .

7. Real friends are hard to find but impossible to lose.
To show someone how much you appreciate them.

8. Tia, you are the queen of the mambo.
For that friend who always brings out your craziest side.

9. A coffee with milk with twice the joy and good vibes in the morning.
Mr. Wonderful phrases are also designed to give us good vibes in the morning .

10. Who has a friend like you… she doesn’t need gold, darling!
Phrase for true friends, those who will never leave your side.

11. My cupid needs a GPS.
It is better to take love failures with humor. Cupid, watch where you aim!

12. Good things happen to those who wait for them.
Good energies attract good energies.

13. Everything will be fine, because you are the milk.
Another great phrase from Mr. Wonderful that we can find on many products.

14. Dreamers sleep little.
And it is that they spend most of their time dreaming awake .

15. If you don’t take too long, I’ll wait for you all my life.
A precious phrase for a very special person.

16. Live each day as if it were Friday.
And it is that on Fridays everyone is in a better mood.

17. You need to restart because I have been touched.
A very funny phrase if pronounced by a fiber optic router . 18. May your dreams be bigger than your fears.
And, of course, don’t be afraid to dream . 19. I come to brighten up your day with a shot of energy
In the image there is a nice plug, ready to recharge our batteries. 20. You are the olive of my vermouth.
This is one of the most ingenious phrases we have found, without a doubt. 21. Trace the goal, today is your day to achieve it.
Any day is perfect to start chasing your dreams.

22. Let the brunette get closer to you. Well, and the blonde, the redhead…
It refers to the brown of the skin , in case you were thinking wrong.

23. Fall in love with your ideas.
And defend them tooth and nail.

24. You can be a Frappuccino in a world of lattes.
This Mr. Wonderful phrase is the perfect gift to give to someone who needs a self-esteem boost.

25. Everything is possible with desire and coffee.
Indeed. Coffee is the energy that moves the world (and love afterwards).

26. This panda is going on a spree!
If it’s Friday night, you have the perfect phrase to encourage friends.

27. Do what you really want, but that makes you happy.
As long as you don’t put anyone else’s happiness at risk.

28. Even your dark circles “mapachionan”.
A play on words to dedicate to someone you love , despite their flaws.

29. Mosquitoes are like family, they all have my blood.
An ingenious gift to make in summer , when the mosquitoes are on the prowl.

30. 365 days to get to where you want to be
A tremendously positive phrase.

31. The best things happen to those who go for them.
Opportunities pass over our heads, and you have to spend your life jumping.

32. When a door closes, a friend’s chat room opens.
There is always someone willing to help you.

33. If you were an emoticon, you would be my flamenco.
Mr. Wonderful phrases always have that special touch that makes us feel good .

34. Today I am so happy that even my toes smile.
When you’re cool, you’re unstoppable.

35. Life is made for adventures.
As the Azucar Moreno used to say, “ you only live once ”.

36. Never throw in the towel if it’s not on the beach.
A towel with this message is an excellent gift for the summer.

37. If you call me “party”, we give everything.
There are friends and friends and they activate you with a single word.

38. Better majete dragon, than prince chump.
Because the blue princes allocate.

39. Whoever has a friend with a pool or beach nearby, has a treasure.
That yes, it is not necessary to abuse either.

40. To love you (and to order pizza) I have plenty of reasons
Another of the things that put us in a good mood , like a chocolate dessert or a good nap.

41. Friends who study for “la sele” together, stay together.
For those who do not know, “la sele” is an exam in Spain to access university.

42. Losing the north is not bad, new directions are discovered.
The right path is not always the one followed by everyone.

43. The only skinny jeans that look good on you are in your closet.
Of the many phrases they have in Mr. Wonderfulto say goodbye to complexes .

44. Fridays take longer to arrive than YouTube’s “skip ad.”
The good is always waiting.

45. When I get lost, I always find you.
An appointment to remind your loved ones how important they are.

46. ​​There is no depression that lasts 100 years, nor drama that a mother does not cure.
No one knows us better than a mother, that’s why it’s okay to surprise them with a gift .

47. May the force (and a good coffee) be with you.
If good old Darth Vader had known…

48. Ours was at first, second and third sight.
Love is much more than physical attraction.

49. You will never feel like scratching more than right after you finish painting your nails.
A universal truth.

50. Sounds great