Among the many fashions that come and go, one has not yet passed, indeed every year it buys something more, which makes it more fun. We are talking about selfies , the self-timer in Italian. Who has never taken a selfie with their mobile phone or camera?

Just a fashion? Probably not. The self-timer makes us look more beautiful and gives us the opportunity to show our best side. Clicking on the “Snap” button, however, is not enough. There are some brilliant tricks (often used by celebrities and models) that can work real miracles!

The right inclination of the face, the lights, the poses are just some of the “secrets” that can make a selfie a masterpiece! After learning them easily, the results will show immediately! So here are the 7 tricks for an Oscar- worthy selfie for you.

7) The secret of the models

The first thing to do is obviously this: identify and show the part that stands out the most and makes us look beautiful. Do you have a nice French nose? Then put yourself three-quarters, so as to show it, if instead your defect is the double chin surely it will be better to put your head straight . The secret of the models? If you want your face and neck to be more exhausted, bring your head forward over your shoulders , you will feel ridiculous to be in this pose, but the difference will be noticeable.

6) The right trick

A little make-up doesn’t hurt, but be careful to choose the right colors; if you have a complexion with a yellowish undertone, choose the right foundation, ditto if your undertone is pink. Beware of lipstick , a color that is too strong, could turn off your brightness and make you lose your features. Same goes for the hair , choose hairstyles that enhance you, without necessarily following fashion.

5) The right pose

Some time ago there was a lot of talk about the famous ” duck face “, or literally the face of a duck, that curling of the lips that makes them look like a duck’s beak. That gesture became “ out ” and if you were to post a photo of that pose on Instagram, you’d probably just make your friends laugh. Instead, pretend to blow a kiss, or if you have nice teeth, a smilewill turn out best. It goes without saying that the position in which the phone must be to take the shot is slightly above your head and you will have to keep your head straight and look towards the lens with your eyes only. Here, too, use half measures, you don’t have to give the impression of having taken a picture of yourself from a satellite, the slightly raised arm will be more than perfect.

4) The app

Those who are accustomed to the use of smartphones and apps will surely know that there are several for photo editing. So you took a picture of yourself where you looked good, but the lights clash or your complexion just isn’t the best? Go with the filters. Sepia or black and white are the simplest, but by choosing the right app you can indulge yourself in making your shots a masterpiece.

3) Lights and flashes

Photographers know very well how crucial light can be in a photo. Surely the best one would always be the natural one. An outdoor shot will be able to capture colors that we wouldn’t normally see. So always prefer the latter. If you really can’t use natural light , know that the use of the flash is always not recommended , except in extreme cases. It makes the skin practically white, making it unnatural and above all it only illuminates the subject, making the outlines dark; in short, just to be avoided.

2) Photobombing

Maybe not everyone knows what it is. By photobombing , we mean when someone intentionally throws himself into your photo, to ruin the result. Obviously if you are at home and play taking selfies, this cannot happen, but you still have to pay attention to the objects behind you. If you photograph yourself in the bathroom, avoid capturing the toilet or toilet paper as well. Same thing for the room, beware of mirrors that could reflect unpleasant things, which your friends could make fun of.

1) Fotogenia

Who doesn’t have that friend who just needs a smile or a grimace and always seems to be perfect, indeed in the picture she is even more beautiful than she is in reality? This divine grace is called photogenic, unfortunately there are those who have it and those who do not. In reality, however, this is not the case. Do you look at all the shots you take and you look ugly? Do you look in the mirror, look like a flower, take a selfie and go out as a monster? It seems inexplicable, yet the only secret is to believe in it, relax and think of something beautiful and fun; being natural and feeling confident is the only way to always look beautiful.