It is the summer of strong and radiant colors, of pastel, light and delicate shades. It’s the summer of fluffy lines, floral dresses and babydolls, stiletto heels like a true femme fatale, sneakers, the most popular trainers of the moment and decollete. It is the season of the great return of models that have become iconic like the wedge sneakers that made the famous and beautiful Spice Girls fall in love in the 90s.

Never like this year, summer fashion wants to be surprising and unusual, a real mix of colors and styles that come together, creating an original and different look.

Summer must have: the most popular shoe models of the moment

One of the trends of this summer are undoubtedly shoes, a real must-have for women . Shoes have always been the favorite accessory of ladies: from the ankle boot to the sandal, passing through the pumps and the metal effect sock or Texan ankle boots. We have seen them show off on all the catwalks, at the feet of the most popular stars of the moment, they are the protagonists of this summer as well as companions of a thousand adventures.
Here is a list of the most beautiful and most loved shoe models by women:
  • Chunky sneakers , the coolest trainers of the moment. Comfortable and practical, perfect for your daily outfit , sneakers, those with thick and resistant soles and are today the street style trend par excellence. With a rigorously showy design, 90s style, the chunky sneakers are among the most popular shoe models of the moment;
  • Sock ankle boots , glamorous and chic, these have become a trend that in recent months has reached exorbitant figures. Made with stretch fabric, these ankle boots are to be combined with any type of summer outfit: they are worn under a dress, a pair of shorts or a pair of palazzo style trousers;
  • Platform sandals:  high, low, very high and super flat, comfortable and colorful, platform sandals are one of the favorite models for women for summer 2018 fashion, especially to gain a few centimeters in height without destroying your feet. Perfect for a sporty chic day , to always be comfortable and be fashionable at all times;
  • Jewel sandals:  precious shoes, those to show off on gala occasions, those that give an incredibly magical touch to your look. The jewel sandal is the most chic model of summer fashion . From the classic Capri style low models, perfect for a daily outfit to the very elegant and refined jewel sandals to wear for a special evening.

Spring summer fashion dresses

Long, short, floral, showy, with flounces or babydolls, the spring summer 2018 fashion dresses are all fabulous models, perfect for a summer outfit . They give elegance, freshness and in the wardrobe they cannot be missing, the dresses together with the shoes are one of the musthaves of summer 2018 fashion.
The latest fashion trends summer 2018 tell us that the best-selling models are:
  • Babydoll dress or lingerie dress , glamorous and decidedly provocative, without seam at the waist, the babydoll dress is definitely the trend of the moment. We could say a return to the past, given that we have already seen it in summer 2017 fashion but that this year too it is confirmed as a must have in summer fashion;
  • Dress with flounces and ruffles , a chic and romantic trend that takes us back in time, giving us the idea of ​​a light and delicate fashion, delightfully decorated with pastel shades. From  Valentino  who flaunts his oversized ruffles, focusing on pastel colors, to  Alexander McQueen  who designed long mid-calf dresses, passing through the  Rodarte sisters,  who choose dresses embroidered with pearls and delicate metallic leaves, up to  Simona Rocha,  who shows off with flounces that recall a surrealist bride;

Summer trend colors: what are the summer fashion trend colors?

Spring summer 2018 fashion focuses on the one hand on a palette of strong and radiant colors, on the other hand on a lighter and more delicate palette, which includes all shades ranging from lavender to pink.
Therefore, bright and positive shades, hyper-feminine pastel shades and slightly retro 60s shades, will accompany us throughout the summer.
Here is a list of the trendiest colors of the moment:
  • Cherry Tomato Red , enveloping, sensual and dazzling;
  • Neon Yellow Lime Punch , intense and hot, perfect for tanned complexions;
  • Milky white , hypernatural and exotic;
  • Light blue , purely fresh and delicate;
  • Lilac Pink Lavender , elegant and refined;
  • Pink Peach Blooming Dahlia , hyper-feminine and with a vintage charm;
  • Arcadia green , strong, rigorous, radiant and energetic;
  • Viola Ultraviolet , glamorous and transgressive;

Summer: discover the coolest summer looks of the moment

If you are looking for the perfect inspiration for your next summer outfit you are in the right place. This year summer fashion is a perfect play of colors and styles: it goes from elegance to street style, passing through sensuality and passion. This year the season’s outfit focuses on a hyper-feminine look, intriguing but not vulgar, elegant but also very easy. There is something for everyone! From the classic long skirt to the pleated one, so loved by women, passing through the high-waisted jeans models, to the slightly more ethnic skirts, with flounces, with slits on the sides or with ruffles, the famous curls that set the trend .