It is no mystery that Hollywood celebrities live in a world of fame and wealth , a world almost parallel to ours, ordinary people. Often, this privileged world leads them to desire to possess objects, or satisfy real vices, which go beyond the so-called normality .

All of us, in fact, have passions or real obsessions, but the VIPs do not spare themselves. Celebrities of international fame are willing to spend really crazy bucks on really extravagant purchases .

Celebrities, in fact, shell out six-figure figures just to grab what would make them happy even if often, according to fans, they would be trivial if not useless objects. Some VIPs, in fact, have surprised their fans with some really bizarre purchases , also considered excessive, really exceeding the limit .

But desires are always desires , even if they are considered out of the ordinary and so  luxurious and expensive as to make them unimaginable.

Let’s find out together the 7 most expensive and extravagant purchases of Hollywood celebrities :

1) Beyonce and the golden leggings

The well-known American singer spared no expense to surprise fans during one of her performances in 2007 . Beyonce, in fact, on the occasion of the Bet Awards showed off a pair of golden leggings , but really golden! Jay Z’s wife, in fact, would have spent about 100 thousand dollars to buy these leggings made literally of gold.

2) Kim Basinger and his city

Kim Basinger , back in 1989, would have decided to buy the city of Braselton, in the state of Georgia. The actress had plans to turn the entire area into an amusement park and set up film studios there. With 20 million dollars , Kim Basinger would have bought the city, but the project was never realized.

3) Mike Tyson and the Bengal Tigers

Mike Tyson is an animal lover, especially tigers. The former boxer, in fact, a few years ago, would have bought 3 white Bengal tigers for the modest sum of 70 thousand dollars each. Mike Tyson would treat them, according to rumors, like normal pets.

4) Bono and his hat

The U2 singer, it seems, would be very jealous of his personal items. Bono , returning from a vacation, would have realized that he had forgotten his beloved Di him hat . No fear! The singer would then have decided to make him return home safely by buying a first-class plane ticket on which to travel. For the modest sum of 1700 dollars , in fact, Bono Vox made sure that his hat was safe from any possible damage, resting on an armchair like any other passenger.

5) Ben Affleck and the bathroom rug

Ben Affleck was in Turkey shooting the movie Argo when he decided to make a very special purchase. The actor would have decided to give his wife, actress Jennifer Gardner, a carpet . Ben Affleck, according to rumors , would have bought a typical and precious Turkish-Persian carpet for about 2500 dollars to be allocated, however, to the bathroom at home!

6) Paris Hilton and the dog bed

The blonde heiress would have decided to let her 13 beloved dogs live in luxury too. Paris Hilton , in fact, wanted her puppies to have a kennel that was an exact replica of her Californian villa , including accessories and furniture. Of course, Paris Hilton wouldn’t have spared her expense as her maxi kennel would cost her $ 350,000 !


7) Lady Gaga and the ghost detector

Lady Gaga is famous for her extravagant purchases but with the latter she seems to have really outdone herself! The singer, in fact, would have decided to buy an electromagnetic frequency detector that would be used to verify the presence of spectra . Lady Gaga, in fact, allegedly claimed, in several interviews, to be haunted by a ghost named Ryan and therefore she would have spared no expense for her detector. This, in fact, would have cost her about $ 50,000 .