Famous indeed very famous, what could Hollywood stars be afraid of ? The truth is that they too suffer from some phobias , some of which are known and shared with many ordinary people .

Phobia is irrational and continuous fear of certain objects, animals or situations. In the most serious cases, this state of anxiety can severely limit the life of those who suffer from it and lead to character disorders such as hypochondria .

Phobia is therefore an irrational state of mind that manifests itself disproportionately against situations, animals or otherwise, which in reality are not a real threat and that other individuals face without too many problems and thoughts.

Even if the people who suffer from it are perfectly aware of the irrationality of their fear, they are unable to face it and often remain motionless without being able to react.

If you still think that phobia can only affect ordinary people, you are wrong because it is a big problem even for many well-known and beloved VIPs . Let’s find out together the phobias of 10 famous people …

22) Winona Ryder

Many individuals are afraid of liquids , especially water . Also known as thalassophobia it can be linked to the fear of diving in water and is also interpreted as a fear of swimming . The triggering causes of this phobia are not known precisely, especially if it concerns children. However, psychology believes that this disorder is the consequence of a water-related trauma , as in the case of the famous actress Winona Ryder. In fact, Ryder became famous in the 90s with numerous films to her credit, after having risked drowningat the age of 12 she developed a real phobia against water.

21) Carmen Electra

Another famous Hollywood woman has also developed a phobia of water : the beautiful Carmen Electra and hydrophobic . Unlike Winona Ryder, the Electra is afraid of the great water outdoors . In psychology this type of water-related phobia would be related to the idea of ​​a completely new environment to be discovered, where the fear of not being able to manage the situation that arises is triggered. Like all phobias, this too can be completely defeated without using a drastic method, for example through relaxation techniques.

20) Kim Basinger

Sex symbol actress of the 1980s, Kim Basinger suffers from agoraphobia . Initially in psychology and psychiatry, this term identified the fear of open and crowded spaces. In reality, patients with this fear fear situations in which it is difficult to escape or receive help and therefore tend to systematically stop going to places where it would be difficult to help them.

19) Uma Thurman

Unlike her colleague, Kill Bill ‘s heroine , Uma Thurman suffers from claustrophobia . In general, this phobia is linked to the terror of not finding a way out and subjects suffering from this disorder can develop an intense panic attack even just at the idea of ​​facing the situation they fear so much.

18) Quentin Tarantino

According to the psychological interpretation, the fear of rats is caused by a protective mechanism of the unconscious that was activated during a previous , even repressed, traumatic experience with mice. Suffering from musophobia and director Quentin Tarantino . This fear can also be triggered by seeing a photo or image on television.

17) Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson ‘s phobia is really particular if you think about her profession. In fact, the most famous lifeguard of the nineties would suffer from cataprophobia . This irrational fear is linked to the fear of looking in the mirror and according to the actress’s statements, she would not even be able to see her image on the screen again.

16) Johnny Depp

For many spiders are small harmless creatures but many are afraid of them. One of them is actor Johnny Depp . In addition to being afraid of clowns, the most famous pirate in the Caribbean suffers from arachnophobia . This uncontrollable obsession, in the most serious cases, can lead to real anxiety attacks.

15) Adele

The talented singer Adele has real nervous breakdowns if she sees a seagull flying in the sky . Ornithophobia is a more specific phobia than zoophobia, the fear of animals . People with this fear manifest anxiety about finding or being attacked by birds, beyond the fact that they may realize that their fears are irrational. Ornithophobia can originate from some childhood traumatic episode with birds, or be caused by the fact that one of the parents being phobic has transmitted fear of her.

14) Christina Ricci

Hollywood actress Christina Ricci is afraid of plants . Botanophobia occurs for indoor and outdoor plants, flowers and trees and generates very high levels of stress among the people who suffer from it. The cause of this phobia can start from a bad experience with plants in early childhood, this may have generated an unconscious association between the plants and a state of malaise . Some individuals with this type of phobia fear that plants may consume too much oxygen .

13) Woody Allen

Director Woody Allen , also known for his nervous tics and his aversion to children, is terrified of too bright and bright colors . This phobia would cause him real panic attacks. The fear of colors, known as chromatophobia, is triggered by the unconscious association of a color with a traumatic event , the consequence of which is phobia as a defense mechanism. People can have phobic attacks of different levels and they can also fear all colors or one in particular.

12) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus , who became famous thanks to her role as Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana , fears the fireworks . Liguirophobia is the fear of loud and sudden noises and is a very common form of fear. Additionally, liguirophobics may fear a specific sound , such as the sudden explosion of a balloon.

11) Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is afraid of clowns . Clown phobia, known as coulrophobia , is very common among children , but in some cases it persists into adolescence and adulthood. People who accuse this phobia recognize that what scares them most is excessive makeup, a deep red nose and strange hair.

10) Orlando Bloom

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom is an actor known to the public initially thanks to his interpretations in the trilogies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit . Despite being a great champion in all of his films, the handsome British actor in reality is literally terrified of pigs .

9) Jennifer Aniston

Despite being one of the safest means of transport in the world, many are afraid to take a plane. Suffering from the phobia of flying , better known as aerophobia , is also the actress Jennifer Aniston .

8) Keanu Reeves

Fear of the dark is not a phobia that occurs only in childhood, it can also affect adults. To suffer from this fear, called acluophobia , and also the actor Keanu Reeves .

7) Madonna

Mrs. Ciccone, aka Madonna , is afraid of thunderstorms, better known as ceraunophobia . Phobias such as brontophobia and astrophobia are the fear of thunder and the fear of lightning, respectively.

6) Taylor Swift

Songwriter Taylor Swift is afraid of sea urchins . Perhaps she will be linked to a traumatic childhood experience, because getting stung with a hedgehog is truly painful and truly remains an indelible memory in the memory of those who have tried it.

5) Matthew McConaughey

Actor Matthew McConaughey has a phobia of revolving doors . In fact, he would be afraid of getting stuck in it and could have a real panic crisis if he were to enter a luxury hotel through a revolving door.

4) Megan Fox

Megan Fox is afraid of paper when it ‘s dry . For this reason she expects every page of her script to be laminated or to have a bowl of water on hand to moisten the edge and to be able to turn the page easily.

3) Nicole Kidman

For many people, butterflies are beautiful beings, endowed with grace and elegance, but not for the beautiful Nicole Kidman who is literally terrified of them .

2) Ellen Page

Canadian actress Ellen Page , who became famous after playing the lead in the movie Juno , has a phobia for tennis balls .

1) Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas ‘s phobia is truly unbelievable . In fact, the actor has the nightmare of unshaved female armpits .