Welcome again to the corner dedicated to fashion and the designers who have made its history. In this new post by Fashionat we will discover the life of one of the most important French designers of all time, Christian Dior , who launched new fashion trends, which are still in vogue in the fashion system worldwide.

Designer Christian Dior: the beginnings

Considered a pioneer of a new way of understanding and making fashion, the designer Christian Dior was born in Granville, France, on January 21, 1905.

His career as a designer began in Paris, but in the French city he did not start from the world of fashion: convinced by his parents, in fact, the young Christian enrolled in the Institute of Political Sciences which he attended for five years without completing studies.

In fact, in this period, Dior decided to take the first step towards his future: open an art gallery in Paris where he then began working as a fashion illustrator, and later as an assistant, for both Lucien Lelong and Robert Piguet .

The 1940s: the beginning of his rise among the fashion greats

In the mid-40s, he decides to open his first atelier in Paris: to help him and Marcel Boussac.

Towards the end of those years, his first collection was launched in the United States, which bore the name of “New Look”: it was characterized above all by the sumptuous bell skirts and the emphasis given to the narrow waist in honor of the old French fashion of the decades previous.

Right from the start the difference with respect to the Chanel collections is evident: Christian Dior in fact wants to communicate, through his fashion, the concept of a romantic and deeply feminine woman, and to do so he introduces the use of a series of completely innovative new fabrics for the period (we are in the Second Post-War period). The female figure of Christian Dior has extremely sinuous and light shoulders.

In the same years his first boutique called “ Dior New York “ was also launched.

The Dior style

The Dior style is able to constantly evolve, introducing continuous innovations, including short sleeves, tube skirts, a more slender and slim waist, the shapes of the breasts highlighted, the short skirts, useful for highlighting the legs.

In a short time Dior became the symbol of a new fashion, always at the forefront and attentive to new trends.

Precisely this is the element that makes it famous all over the world and that makes it what it is today: an undisputed icon of style, luxury, elegance and modernity. Not to mention the importance given to accessories that never before him were so important and always used with enormous attention to the perfect match.

The death of Christian Dior and the French maison today

Christian Dior died in 1957 at the age of 52, in Italy, in the city of Montecatini, due to a collapse after a canasta challenge with some of his teammates.

After Dior, the maison was carried out according to the ideas of the French designer.

Today it is the stylist and fashion creator, Raf Simons, who carries on the name of the Dior house. He is mainly concerned with the creative aspect of women’s clothing.

Today, Dior boutiques are practically all over the world. In the Italian territory, Christian Dior stores are six, located in the main Italian cities.

A timeless icon for fashion from all over the world, a unique way of approaching style and the changes of the time, simply a world legend.