In Hollywood, you know, face is worth everything , when it comes to actors and movie stars. And for them the face is also a sort of signature that they put on a film. It often happens that a film ends up turning out to be a flop, and that “signature” risks being compromised forever .

It is not always easy to be at the top of the star system and it can happen to make a wrong choice , or to listen to advice that ends up damaging you. Often this choice is to act for a film which then turns out to be a complete flop at the box office . It has happened to many actors, from the timeless Eddie Murphy to the Hollywood icon Kevin Costner.

The problem, however, arises when, because of that film which has proved to be anything but a success, these actors are no longer able to obtain engagements for important films.

Let’s find out who are the  10 actors who have “ruined” their careers by participating in films that have turned out to be flops:

1) Hayden Christensen with Star Wars – Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

The Star Wars prequel series has made many fans turn up their noses , for a variety of reasons. Others, however, loved it. Same fate and touched to the interpretation of the young Anakin by Hayden Christensen. A little loved, a little hated, the critics did not spare him . Now it is almost impossible to find an Italian distribution for the films in which it appears, apart from Star Wars of course and other films which, however, seem not to have “broken through” at the box office.

From the video Darth Vader remembers Anakin Skywalker (flashback) from the Smasher channel

2) John Travolta with Battle for the land

It was unforgettable in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction , but there was a moment when it doesn’t seem to have been much appreciated by either the public or the critics. It all happened when he starred in the film Battle for the Earth , one of the worst films ever made in Hollywood history.

Jhon Travolta in a frame from the movie Battlefield Heart – Boardroom Scene from the DrZoo22 channel

3) Kevin Costner with Waterworld

Everyone knew him, everyone wanted him, he was at the height of 90s Hollywood . Then, in 1995, he co-produced, with friend Kevin Reynolds, and I play Waterworld . The project was mammoth, with the highest cost in the history of cinema until then. He made less than half of what it cost and was nominated in several categories of the Razzie Awards .

From the video “ Waterworld (1/10) Movie CLIP ” from the Movieclips channel

4) Halle Berry with Catwoman

In 2002 the Oscar for Monster’s ball , in 2004 the Razzie (the opposite of the Oscar) for Catwoman . Halle Berry ‘s career looked like it was about to stand out when Catwoman hit theaters. The film is, to date, one of the most hated cinecomics (like Superman returns , which we will talk about shortly!). She appears to have recently recovered.

From the official Catwoman trailer from the Moviclips Classic Trailers channel

5) Taylor Lautner with Abduction: Get your life back

In 2008 it was easy to find her very young face hanging in any teenager’s bedroom. He became famous, in fact, with the film series Twilight , in which he played Jacob Black. When Abduction: Take your life back from the public and critics it was clear that the lead role was not for him .

From the Abduction Official Trailer : Take your life back from the YouTube Movies channel

6) Eddie Murphy with Pluto Nash

Comic star of excellence in the 80s / 90s, today an unmissable Christmas appointment with Una armchair for two . Every project in which Eddie Murphy appeared was guaranteed success . At least until Pluto Nash , massacred by critics, forgotten by all, was the beginning of the decline . Since then, the actor hasn’t appeared in particularly relevant films.  

From the official Pluto Nush trailer from the Moviclips Classic Trailers channel

7) Chris O’Donnell with Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin go down in history for the wrong reasons. I keep the Batman brand in a dark oblivion for quite some time. Batman was played by George Clooney, who recovered very well from the film , although aware of the enormous failure. For Chris O’Donnell, fate was different , at the time a rising star, who played Robin. After this film, his career also remained relegated to “minor films” .

From the official “ Batman & Robin ” trailer from the Moviclips Classic Trailers channel

8) Alicia Vikander with Tomb Raider

In 2015 she was guaranteed an Oscar for The Danish Girl , then the decision to star in the new Tomb Raider . The public has not proved very satisfied and convinced, and not even the critics have expressed decidedly favorable judgments , not even Alicia Vikander’s career seems to have come out very well.

From the official Tomb Raider
trailer from the Warner Bros Italia channel

9) Brandon Routh with Superman returns

Many do not know it, others have not seen it, whoever did it has forgotten it. ” Superman Returns ” has received critical acclaim but is the least memorable Superman film of those released. The superhero was played by Brandon Routh , who appears not to have appeared in any other significant films for the 2 years following the film’s release.

From Superman Returns Airplane Rescue FULL HD video from Ingles channel S / A

10) Sylvester Stallone with Cop land

Unforgettable as he shouts ” Adriana ” with his face swollen from the ring in the role of Rocky Balboa . Or as he squeezes the knife between his teeth in John Rambo’s. Sylvester Stallone is one of the best known and most loved action icons ever. In 1997 came the engagement for Cop land , the part and that of the overweight and listless policeman. Probably, and the least remembered film of those in which he starred.