Victoria Beckham: from the Spice Girls to fashion

Victoria Beckham is not a woman, she is an ever-changing phenomenon . She is still young, and she has already passed through three generations, leaving her mark and memory in all of them. Not a little for a girl from Essex (England), born in Harlow on April 17, 1974 from a middle-class family.

Her parents, Anthony Adams and Jacqueline, left her and her brothers, Louise and Christian fully free, and little Victoria took her first steps in show business very early on . Like all girls, she started with the dream of a tutu and of becoming a ballerina. Except that she took that dream very seriously and she continued, with dancing and singing, even in high school and college. There she met Emma Bunton, her friend who would change her life

It all starts with Vicky Posh Spice

The great adventure of Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton begins from the passion for singing and dancing. Thus, in 1994, the Spice Girls were born,  when at an audition to form an all-female band (we are in the period of maximum expression of the concept of boy band with Take That and other musical groups that take off) they are chosen among hundreds of girls Geri Halliwell, Melanie C, Melanie B, Victoria Adams and Michelle Stephenson. They thus form a group called Touch,  but when Michelle Stephenson leaves the group, the group changes its name and 18-year-old Emma Bunton is added at the suggestion of Victoria. The Spice Girls are officially born, and over the years they have stocked up on sensational titles and successes such asWannabe , selling millions of copies. They also recently got back together (Victoria is missing, however), picking up where they left off in 2000.

Curiosity: the motto of the Spice Girls was “Power to women” : in fact it was one of the first bands composed only of girls.

Victoria Adams is just 20 years old but her determination immediately emerges. Among the typical nicknames of the members of the band, she deserves that of  “Posh Spice”, or “the elegant” because her style immediately imposes itself and makes it stand out on all of her.

Her beauty does not escape even a great champion of the moment, the England footballer David Beckham . Their love story is crowned with marriage on July 4, 1999. 

The very successful experience of the Spice Girls ends in 2000 but only to launch, individually, the girls in the world of entertainment. Victoria makes her way alone and in 2001 she already publishes her first solo album, followed by numerous singles and video clips that reap success among the public.


From music to fashion

Too good to be true, no one would have bet on the length of the marriage between Victoria Adams and David Beckham , but the couple has proven wrong. Together they make up a team and when he goes to play in the United States, in Los Angeles , she adapts to the new reality and actually takes advantage of it.

Leaving behind his musical career, he founded his own fashion brand VB ROCKS thanks to which he designs and creates his own line of clothes, faithful to the nickname “Posh”, the elegant. In ten years she alternated between pregnancies ( four children : Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper) and productions that were immediately successful in the USA, arriving back in Europe as well.

The style of Victoria Beckham designer

The fashion house VB Rocks lasted only a few years and in 2009 Victoria had already abandoned its reins.

His other brand, DVB Style , still offers brilliant ideas today. While not directly managing her fashion houses, Victoria has never abandoned design and fashion proposals for other houses. The peculiarity is that the lively, colorful, elegant style even in casual wear, Victoria often wears it in first person “doing” fashion directly. 

The originality in the use of fabrics, in the decorations, in the combination of colors are the trademark of his style which, however, is never vulgar, excessive or heavy .

Beckham fashion invites you to dress casual, sporty or elegant, without ever forgetting that touch of class that makes everything pleasant to wear.