There are those who have chosen a puppy or who has been surprised by an unexpected gift … there are those who, thanks to the celebrity, can adopt many. VIP dogs have also gained unexpected fame on social media , thanks to dedicated profiles and photos taken for fans.

There is no distinction of race or size and many famous people have chosen to save their friends from the kennel , to take them home and create an environment suitable for their growth, made up of a thousand attentions and immense care.

Below, you will find those who, like Ariana Grande, surrounded themselves with so many animals that they lost count while two local VIPs unexpectedly exchanged a gift

Whether you decide to adopt a dog alone or as a couple, the photos of the VIPs’ dogs seem a little closer to ours than the glossy ones we are used to seeing.

Let’s see together which are the four-legged friends of VIPs all over the world.¬†

Michelle Hunziker

Vip much loved in our part of Italy and sparkling presenter and author, Michelle Hunziker shares with fans a photo with her little Leone , son of Lilly, Michelle’s first dog, the miniature poodle who has conquered fans also through the stories of Instagram. The little dog is so loved, that even the next known face on the list is in love with it …

Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez ‘s love for miniature poodles involved Michelle Hunziker’s activity on social media, so much so that the Swiss-born showgirl also gave Belen a puppy as a gift . Since last year, the soubrette also owns one, to the great joy of the son and the whole family.

Justin Timberlake e Jessica Biel

You can meet this beloved couple, in the hills of Los Angeles, while walking quietly with the dogs. A reason to keep fit, but also to disperse the energy of their four-legged friends. Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel with Buckley and Brennan, Biel also adopted a super sweet brown pit bull named Tina.

Mariah Carey

The world-famous singer loves dogs, especially those who can pose with her. This little guy is just one of her jack russells who not only get spa-worthy treatments, but also fly airplanes with reserved seats for around $ 2,000 each. It also seems that diva Mariah also spends a lot on the annual grooming of her eight dogs … if that’s not love! VIP version, of course.

Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama has shared much of his family dynamic with the media. Definitely unusual behavior for a President. In the family photos taken on several occasions, the two Obamas’ dogs, Bo and Sunny , also appear, who have also won a Wikipedia page each. The Portuguese water dog is a breed suitable for retrieving and known to accompany fishermen.

Ariana Grande

To say that Ariana Grande loves dogs is definitely an understatement. Of all the celebrity dogs on this list, her dogs are the most heterogeneous in terms of breed and are all part of the singer’s big fan family. Pitbull, chihuahua, yorkshire or poodle , Ariana Grande owns 9 dogs (up to now) and she doesn’t want to stop saving as many as possible‚Ķ good!

Chiara Ferragni (and Matilda Ferragni)

The most famous influencer of the moment on the list could not be missing, precisely because Matilda, Chiara Ferragni ‘s French bulldog is truly a star. Her profile on her social networks has almost 200,000 followers and in December the dog has a new friend : Pablo, a puppy donated by her sister Valentina to the Ferragni-Fedez couple.

Donatella Versace

Among the VIP dogs, this is certainly the most fashionable. Donatella Versace ‘s jack russell is called Audrey (perhaps a small tribute to a style model we all know?) And from her social profile you can understand how much she is able to match the colors of her always bright outfits. Obviously, a touch of gold and animalier cannot be missing , which the designer’s dog can only adore.

Lady Gaga, vip among vip dogs

However, no four-legged friend can compete with the success of Miss Asia Kinney , Lady Gaga’s dog. In fact, it seems that the singer’s French bulldog won an advertising campaign for a well-known bag brand in 2015, shot by none other than Steven Meisel , the great fashion photographer. In lieu of the fee, Lady Gaga asked for a donation to be made to the Chicago French Bulldog Protection Association. How can you not love it?