When frustration manages to dominate you completely and blocks your ability to react to face the challenges of day to day, the best self-improvement books are a very valuable support as a source of inspiration and motivation . In them you will find keys to solve your problems with different perspectives that broaden your vision of life and problems.

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1. Books of personal improvement.
2. Books of improvement in love.
3. Books of economic improvement.
4. Books of spiritual improvement.

The best self-improvement books
How to improve your communication with others and your social life
How to eliminate the things you don’t like about yourself
How to overcome frustrations and disappointments
How to get out of a depression
Pay attention.

1. How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)
This book has the virtue of being one of the first self-help books. Published in 1936 and written by businessman Dale Carnegie, it is also one of the references among self-improvement books, as it has managed to sell more than 15 million copies worldwide. His key is in the combination of factors.
Because Dale Carnegie aims to help the reader make friends, increase his popularity, strengthen his ability to influence and raise his prestige through an interesting symbiosis between psychology, theories of human behavior and marketing . In the midst of a fever of capitalist development, the concept of leadership occupies a central place.
Although it may seem out of date, Carnegie’s book has since been revised and updated, and provides a very useful schematic picture for everyday life. It includes, for example, nine rules to be a leader and seven steps to achieve happiness at home .

2. Your erroneous zones (Wayne W. Dyer)
Without a doubt, one of the most influential books on self-improvement of all time is this one written by psychologist Wayne W. Dyer under the epigraph Guide to combat the causes of unhappiness. The guilt and insecurity complexes and the feeling of blockage and frustration are the starting point to start a personal development plan.
Step by step, the author shows the way to overcome the feeling of unhappiness.through some strategies: take control of one’s own emotions, grow in self-esteem, advance in independence from others, break with the limitations of the past, reject useless emotions such as guilt.
These and some more, which you will have to discover for yourself in this work, are part of what the author calls erroneous zones that must be fought to reach happiness .

3. The power of now (Eckhart Tolle)
The self-help book business has multiplied titles on bookstore shelves, but few books have the ability to change your lifeas does The Power of Now, the writer considered to be the most popular spiritual author in the United States. If you want to discover the power of it, you have to read this book.
The value of this book is that it is written from the author’s own existence, which tells us about the sudden enlightenment that he received in the midst of a personal crisis and depression. It has a point of Zen Buddhism, as Eckhart Tolle explains how he accidentally discovered in himself a transcendental essence that surpassed his body and his mind.
When getting into Eastern philosophies is too obtuse, reading The Power of Now will accompany you in an agile and enjoyable way to evolve towards a new knowledge of yourself that will lift you above everyday problems..

4. Good luck (Fernando Trias de Bes and Alex Rovira)
One of the self-improvement books you have to read to find the keys to prosperity in your personal life and at work is Good luck, by the famous Spanish economist Fernando Trias de Bes and the writer Alex Rovira. The book has a practical application in the professional field , but it goes much further.
Through the wonderful fable of Sid and Nott, two gentlemen determined to find prosperity, the authors propose a philosophical reflection on two types of luck : chance, fortuitous and capricious, and Good Luck, that which appears when they are created. the necessary conditions for opportunities to arise.

More than three million people around the world have already enjoyed this agile and enjoyable reading through which, in a very didactic way, motivation and determination are injected.

5. The subtle art of not giving a shit about everything (Mark Manson)
If you are looking for a more agile, closer and refreshing reading, your book is The subtle art of giving a shit about everything, a best-seller that It has been the sensation of this 2018. This book written by the blogger Mark Manson is one of the most recommended books because it completely renounces the scientific claim and raises what few dare.
A book that can be criticized for many things, but not for lack of honesty and sincerity. Mark Manson’s ability to transform emotions, feelings and thoughts into words are confused with a surprising closeness, as if an inner voice or a friend were speaking to you, rather than a therapist .
In this way he manages to connect much more directly with a reader who finds, as the subtitle of the book says, a groundbreaking approach to achieving happiness and success.

6. Where is the limit (Josef Ajram)
This Barcelona stockbroker became a great influencer overnight thanks to his powerful message of self-improvement, which he turned into something achievable thanks to his example :His determination and security earn him a lot of money every day in the stock market, and he spends his free time pushing his body to the limit as a runner.
Josef Ajram has managed to convey the image of that successful man (beyond money) that we all would like to be, but he turns envy into something positive: with a direct and youthful style he knows how to convey through words the secrets to overcome one’s own limitations. His books have devastated, and Where is the limit, which summarizes his philosophy, already has 10 editions.
In his own words: “I decided to participate in the toughest tests in the world to try to find out where the limit of the human body was , in the same way that the stockbroker sniffs, gropes and takes risks.”

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Self-improvement books of love and heartbreak
For people who spend days lying on the windowsill with a melancholy gaze petrified on the horizon and absorbed in hurtful thoughts, the best way to get out of a love crisis is to read these books.

7. Manual for not dying of love (Walter Riso)
The best way to overcome heartbreak is the affective strike, a powerful concept that invites mental and spiritual strength to avoid falling into emotional disasters. Walter Riso, doctor of psychology and writer of several self-help books, managed to condense in this manual ten principles of affective survival .
Well, by now you will have sensed that the book is written for extreme situations, desperate people who find themselves unable to put their emotional world in order. Through an exercise in introspection into the complexity of love relationships and their impact on the human psyche, this author invites us to break with the traditional idea of ​​love.
If love relationships are crossed by anguish and pain, one of the most intelligent reactions is the construction of self-love as a defensive system . Find out in this suggestive, inspiring, revealing book.

8. If it hurts, it is not love (Silvia Congost)

The reasonable consideration that pain is not part of lovebut of obsession and other dysfunctionalities related to the erroneous metabolization of love is the starting point of an inspiring work whose author is a guarantee seal: the famous emotional therapist Silvia Congost. If it hurts, it’s not love is one of the best books you can have in your hands.
From her personal experience as a therapist, the author has learned that identifying a toxic relationship is the hardest thing to do, and she devotes much of the book to helping us spot the symptoms of an obsessive relationship . From here, reading is very suggestive and helps to establish new ways of relating to ourselves.

This is the guarantee of a more mature and adult relationship with others, also in love, because we have gotten rid of those acquired vices.

9. It’s so hard for me to forget you (Mariela Michelena)
The value of It’s so hard for me to forget you is that it springs from the real concerns of ordinary people. As a result of her success with Mujeres malqueridas, Mariela Michelena received an avalanche of letters in which her readers expressed their love concerns about her. The writer discovered that they all shared something in common: the inability to break up with a sick love.
But added to that, Mariela Marchena discovered in all of them the firm will to overcome this situation, and with that purpose she wrote It costs me so much to forget you, an honest, direct and endearing book for the wounded soul of her readers. In his reading you will not find inexorable laws for overcoming love, but something much more valuable and profound .
In this heartbreak manual you will find a sincere and constructive emotional guide for the evolution towards a stronger personality .

10. Eat, pray, love (Elizabeth Gilbert)
Some will recognize this story from the movie starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, and although watching the movie you can have a good time and reflect a little on some things,Without a doubt, the book is much more recommendable , a true guide to achieve fulfillment in life and in love.
The courage and bravery of its author, Elizabeth Gilbert, in baring her soul in an autobiographical novel about rebuilding a life broken by divorce and emotional failure , fully impacts the reader, who finds in sincerity that springs from the experience a unique source of truth and learning. A lesson in life.

But the most important thing is that the author does not stop at the pain , but in a natural way she shares with the readers her personal journey to rediscover herself.

economics self improvement books
Among the best books are also those that link happiness to the conquest of professional success and economic gains. In the consumer society and individualistic capitalism, the books to be a successful man and have money succeed more than ever. These are some of the most interesting.

11. The Four-Hour Workweek (Timothy Ferriss)
For a decade now, The Four-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss has been the spiritual motivational reference book in the economic and labor sphere. And it is because it focuses on the question of money from another perspective: the happiness that money offers is not in the quantity , but in what that money can provide you.
Timothy Ferriss addresses the structural problem of the consumerist society: confusing happiness with having a lot of money. To do this, you need to consume your life at work, so that in the end you usually have a lot of money and little time to enjoy it . Therefore, the author helps us to understand something substantial to be happy and have money.
The key to the books is as follows: it is not necessary to kill ourselves to work to have a high income , nor have exorbitant earnings to have the life we ​​want.

12. Who Moved My Cheese
(Spencer Johnson)

In this book that has been so successful among the books of improvement and motivation, its author Spencer Johnson uses the effective strategy of the parable to get his message across. And faith that he succeeds: with a story that reads in a very enjoyable way, he manages to give very important advice for changes in life and at work .
Through the fable of two mice and two Lilliputians looking for their cheese, Spencer Johnson describes the natural reactions when facing sudden changes: resisting the fear of something worse happening, learning to adapt to achieve something better, preventing before Change and act quickly .
One of those fun reads that also invite us to reflect and change our attitudes to change to get the best in our favor .

13. Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
Many consider it the best personal self-help book in the professional and economic field. Written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, Think and Grow Rich is also a pioneering book, whose interest has not stopped growing and has managed to inspire generations of dreamers. With 70 million copies sold, it is considered a reference .
This is a practical manual for success in business, which in later editions has been enriched by personal testimonials from famous people. However, it was not exempt from criticism: since its appearance, many considered it an empty combination of superficiality and voluntarism .
However, many of the books of this style that have been written since are indebted, in part, to this pioneering book that paved the way for self-help in business .

14. You sell or you don’t sell (Grant Cardone)
Grant Cardone is one of the most popular business sharks in the sales world, the classic self-made American success man with a clear motivational talent. If what you need is a book to build a successful man within you in your work, you should enter Grant Cardone’s logic of savage capitalism .
This North American multimillionaire seduces by his biography, a nobody who became the owner of four companies and a reality show thanks to his talent and effort, and by his way of transmitting the achievable idea of ​​success without limits. His book You Sell or You Don’t Sell has become the salesperson’s Bible and a guide to the art of persuasion .
Grant Cardone teaches you in the pages of the book several techniques to convince the client and end up selling your product, but that is not the most important thing, but the spirit of aggressiveness and intensity that runs through each of his ideas.

15. Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)
One of the best-selling self-improvement books is also one of the most controversial. Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been criticized both for its approach, clearly situated in the exorbitant ambition for money , and its methodological approach, with little practical advice and a lot of instructive pretension.
But there is no doubt that the concept of financial freedom that Robert Kiyosaki effectively conveys in this book,Through his father’s practical teachings on saving and security as a method of growth, he has influenced millions of people around the world, who embrace Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy as an enlightenment.
His thesis: Wealth is the number of days your income from your assets can sustain you, and financial freedom comes when your monthly income exceeds your expenses.

Books on spiritual self-improvement
In recent years, the use of Eastern theories has become very fashionable, especially to reduce stress and anxiety and move towards wholeness. These are the best personal self help books for spiritual growth.

16. The Nine Revelations (James Redfield)
Written in the form of a novel, The Nine Revelations is considered one of the best spiritual books, without a doubt one of those books that changes your perspective on things. Written in 1993 by James Redfield, the book was so successful that the author wrote two more books, and a movie was made.
The story begins with the discovery of a parchment in which there are nine spiritual revelations, and the author explains one by one these revelations as laws of human existence, at the same time that the Church tries to prevent them from seeing the light. . The joint message of the nine revelations is presented as an illumination.
Enjoying a masterfully narrated story, the reader discovers the confluence of individual energiesin a collective power and a common destiny full of hope.

17. The monk who sold his Ferrari (Robin Sharma)

Through the spiritual fable about a rich lawyer who, in the midst of an existential crisis caused by a heart condition, decides to sell all his belongings and go to India, the writer and motivator Robin Sharma tells us offers the old but renewed reflection on the division between the material world and the spiritual world.
Already in the monastery, in the middle of the Himalayas, the successful man is diluted in the community of Buddhist monks to learn important lessons about happiness, courage, balance and inner peace.. In this case, the teachings of Eastern philosophy are put at the service of learning to improve one’s own existence.
For those who are looking for a spiritual answer to the problems of existence , this is one of the most inspiring books of the moment: published in 2010, it has already sold more than five million books.

18. The 7 spiritual laws of success (Deepak Chopra)
The famous Indian physician and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra transmits us The 7 spiritual laws of success, a main message that stems from the conceptual root of Zen Buddhism: success is a path, not a destination . To reach him, we have to sow within us the seeds of divinity.
This is specified in seven laws that include, among other ideas, that giving and receiving are part of the same energy in the universe, that our actions generate a force that returns to ourselves (concept of karma), and that by studying nature we can use the law of minimum effort based on acceptance, responsibility and Being Non-Defensive.
The ultimate goal of this book is to build a new perspective on ourselves, on our mission in the world and our way of acting . A real lighting.

19. The Way of Zen (Alan Watts)
One of the best scholars of Zen Buddhism in the West, Alan Watts, captured his ideas in a book that continues to be the great source of inspiration for many to get into this subject. The path of Zen reveals, among other things, the essence of the same philosophy: that the duality between the object and the subject is as relative as any other.
To understand this is to accept that the reflection of the moon in the water is the moon itself in the water, and therefore we must learn to look at things from another perspective: reverse common sense. With this and many other stimulating teachings, Alan Watts guides the reader through the complex concepts of Zen , which end up being internalized as something familiar.
When work stress, personal dissatisfaction, and life or love frustration lead you to a dead end, it’s time to read The Way of Zen.

20. The Magic of Order (Marie Kondo)
One of the many manifestations of The Eastern philosophy that is coming with force to stressed Western societies is Feng-Shui, a philosophy that relates personal well-being and physical, mental and spiritual balance with order, decoration and distribution in the home . Marie Kondo focuses on this principle to write The Magic of Order.
With more than 235,000 copies sold worldwide, this expert in Japanese spirituality has created her own method, the KonMari, which she develops throughout this book so thatlearn to maintain order in your home or in your workplace. With a surprisingly simple method, this book will change your home and your life.
With the careful reading of one of the motivational books like this one, you will discover that for many years you have lived surrounded by things that you do not need .

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