It is important to wear good sports sunglasses to protect our eyes from the large amount of light and other external agents (wind, fog, cold water, suspended particles and insects), which can damage our eyesight when we do some exercises in the air. free.
As the expected care is not always taken with these delicate organs, we have compiled a list of the best brands of sports sunglasses that we can find on the market , ideal for some of the most popular outdoor sports.

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The 5 best brands of sports sunglasses
Are you a lover of outdoor physical activities Are
you interested in knowing that you can protect your eyes well if you use some of the best current brands of sunglasses that we present to you, each one specialized for different occasions.

5. Shimano
There cannot be a list of leading products in terms of design and technology without the due presence of a Japanese firm. The Japanese multinational has specialized in the world of competitive cycling.
For this reason, it is considered one of the best sunglasses brands in this sport, since Shimano has equipped professional cyclists with the best sunglasses for the toughest competitions. In addition, he has been present at the2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and is one of the main sponsors of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

4. Bolle

With more than 130 years of history, Bolle has perfected the design of its sunglasses and goggles , ideal for mountain and snow sports. However, this French brand is gradually increasing its field of action to also supply those who practice cycling, golf, tennis or water sports. Likewise, they also make a line of alternative sunglasses to use on a daily basis.
Due to its potential, we believe that Bolle can go even higher if it continues to expand its catalog of the best sunglasses, and includes sports beyond those that are practiced in the mountains.

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3. Rudy Project
We are in front of the leading company in Europe in the production of sunglasses of all kinds, due to an excellent combination of materials and pioneering technology in the optical sector, with frame and lens designs for all audiences.

The Rudy Project brand manufactures its glasses in Italy (specifically in Treviso, where it was founded), although it has not been an impediment for them to capture the US market and make it their number 1 customer.
Prescription or not, the sunglasses in their range RX are the best for outdoor sports such as beach volleyball, golf, shooting or driving; although they are also suitable for cycling, running or snow sports.

The firm that one day began manufacturing sports shoes has been expanding its product catalog to also become a pioneer in the design of some of the best sports sunglasses.
Light and comfortable in equal parts, without sacrificing good protection against UVA and UVB solar rays, as well as good visibility, thanks to their hydrophobic lenses; Adidas has also created a variety of frames in fluorescent colors , to make us visible if we go out to play sports during the hours of darkness. Likewise, its crystals are interchangeable with the frames, in case we want to change the model.
Adidas takes the silver as one of the best sports sunglasses brands that allows us to: play tennis or paddle tennis,practicing snow sports, hiking, cycling or playing golf, among other examples.

1. Oakley
Oakley is undoubtedly the best sports sunglasses brand currently on the market, thanks to the wide variety of models created for different types of outdoor sports.
Since it was founded in 1975 , Oakley has been climbing positions among its main competitors , establishing itself as a benchmark in the optical protection of athletes who choose its products. Their engineers have specialized in creating the most shock-resistant frames, which also repel water, oils or other fluids, thanks to an invisible film that covers the lenses of their lenses and prevents vision from fogging up.
Oakley also allows you to graduate your lenses and customize the design of the frame you want, which is why we give it the first place on the list, to which the wide variety of glasses created for different sports disciplines also contributes, among which the following stand out: bicycle mountain biking, golf, snow sports (snowboarding and skiing), hiking, paddle tennis, tennis, skateboarding, or triathlon.

Other 5 brands of sports sunglasses worth mentioning
Although less well known than the five that we have mentioned above, there are also some companies that manufacture this very good quality accessory for outdoor sports:

  • Spiuk : great Spanish brand typically focused on road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon.
  • Uvex : if your thing is snow sports, mountain sports, or you’re more into running, it’s a great option.
  • Nike: The great mastodon manufactures pairs of sports sunglasses of the highest quality, especially for golf.
  • Cebe – Another brand whose sunglasses work well for hiking, skiing, or snowboarding.
  • Speedo : well-known Australian eyewear brand specialized in water sports.
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