Matthew Vaughn (‘X-Men: First Class’, ‘Kick-Ass: Ready to Crush’, ‘Layer Cake’) will carry out the definitive closing of the saga of the most refined and demanding secret service in the United Kingdom.
The director and screenwriter will once again have its two leading stars, Taron Edgerton (‘Rocketman’) and Colin Firth (‘The King’s Speech’), will meet again to save the world in what has already been described as “the saga that ridicules and surpasses James Bond in qualityā€¯ (own harvest of a server).
Next we go into more details, because the thing does not end there we go deeper into this third and last installment.

Kingsman 3: Final Delivery
Although surprising, this third installment, at the moment there are not many details about it, but what Vaughn has confirmed is that his two protagonists will be present . Something more than highlighted by the filmmaker on his tour as producer of ‘Rocketman’, the biopic about the life of the singer, Elton John (which he also produces).
Fans of the saga will rejoice at this good news, considering that in November of last year, Edgerton had confirmed that he would not appear in ‘ Kingsman 3′ , a decision that could have forced a recast by the producer, 20th Century.

These decisions can lead to big mistakes., mainly due to the fact that the public pays precisely for going to see a determined star to complete a work of a certain extension in space and time.
‘Kingsman 3’ will mean the end of the saga. | 20th Century Fox.
As an example to highlight, we would find the replacement of Rachel Weisz (‘The Favorite’) by Maria Bello (‘Prisoners’) in the third installment of ‘The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ (2008), a huge waste of 175 million dollars .
That bullet, at least , has been deftly dodged by the ‘ Kingsman 3 ‘ team, at first glance.

‘Kingsman: The Great Game’: before the premiere of ‘Kingsman 3’
It is also shocking and disconcerting, that in the middle of the closure of a saga, 20th Fox (recently acquired by Disney) and the director of the original project, decide to make a break to make a prequel that shows the beginning of the organization of tailors-spies . The title of the tape would be ‘Kingsman: The Great Game’.
Surely it is due to a new directive for the acquisition of the production company by the Disney network, perhaps as a form of merchandising generation , taking into account that the corporate giant always tries to exploit all its products to the fullest in every way.
Liam Neeson, present in ‘Kingsman: The Great Game’. | Variety,
Of course, what is certain is that the main producer of the project, 20th Century Fox, has managed to bring together one of the most powerful casts of recent years with which to close a trilogy: Ralph Fiennes (‘Blinded by the Sun’) , Aaron Taylor-Johnson (‘Nocturnal Animals’), Stanley Tucci (‘Spotlight’), Charles Dance (‘Game of Thrones`’), Djimon Honsou (‘Blood Diamond’), Daniel Bruhl (‘The Alienist’), among others.
We have decided to highlight this last minute news and with which it was not taken into account, being closely related to the portentous cast that we were commenting on: Liam Neeson (‘Men in Black International`).

Release date
We will be able to see the prequel of the most elegant spies of Great Britain in 2020. Regarding Kingsman 3 we will have to continue waiting for the release date.
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