Believe in the stars or not, everyone has once in their life gone to have a peek at the horoscope. And everyone at least once thought that what they read seemed to be true.

The study of the stars is a set of beliefs and traditions that come from antiquity. All the most important ancient populations have spent time and energy in the study of celestial bodies and their meaning. The name astrology is of Greek origin, it means ” speech of the stars “, from astrologhia =, astron, stella + logos, speech.

Certainly it cannot be denied that some characteristics seem to be deeply linked to certain signs. For example, Virgo’s fussiness, Leo’s vanity and Sagittarius’s wanderlust. But their faults?

Let’s see together what are the defects of each zodiac sign:

1) Sagittarius

It might seem like a paradox, but the centaur’s flaw is ingenuity . Nobility of soul and absolute value, but being noble also means trusting others. The problem is when they trust the wrong people , they can hurt them and hurt them. Their ingenuity, linked to the desire to travel and the energy of fire that pervades them, can lead them to take reckless actions. They also have a strong spirit of independence and this leads them to avoid relationships that are too strong and lasting.

2) Aquarius

The insane, independent and unpredictable  Aquarius. Thanks to these abilities of him it seems almost impossible for him to keep his relationships up and stable. They love freedom more than anyone else and this means that when they meet a person who tends to clip their wings or want to put them in a cage, they flee. To be able to relate to them it is enough not to suffocate them but to respect their needs to communicate with the outside world.

3) Scorpio

Just like the animal with its poisonous sting, Scorpios are vengeful and can go so far as to do so in a nasty way. This is the sign that most lets himself be carried away by passion, both for good and for bad. If in love he is passionate and full of desire, in an argument he can become proud and full of conceit . It’s not easy to deal with a Scorpio, but it’s worth it.

4) Aries

Fire sign, as well as its flammable character. The main flaw of the Aries is to be impulsive and impulsive . They make hasty decisions without thinking about the consequences, which can often be disastrous. It also seems not to learn from its mistakes . This defect is inherent within them and they cannot do without it. However, they are loyal companions and hardly bear grudges.

5) Capricorn

The most introverted, closed and stubborn sign of the zodiac. Dedicated above all to work and very independent and achieves the set goals, with only his own strength and at all costs. This aspect causes him to place excessive emphasis on his duties of him, ending up feeling guilty if he fails to do what he wants or what he said he would do. But they are also strong, determined and patient. They manage to win where no one would go, overcoming prohibitive situations.

6) Libra

Lover of beauty and luxury. They are satisfied by the beauty that surrounds them and by themselves. They love to own luxury and designer goods. Their defect is perfectionism , which if on the one hand it can be a virtue, brought to excess is no longer so. If everything is not perfect a Libra can become anxious and intolerant . However, they are good friends, who repudiate discord and take the defense of the weakest.

7) Cancer

Water sign, ruled by the moon. Cancer can be bipolar and moody . If on the one hand he is touchy and melancholy, on the other hand he is affectionate and romantic. The home sign par excellence, the house and their shell and they look good only in the home. They live for the family and have a very deep sense of motherhood but they express their feelings with great difficulty, almost as if saying certain words could hurt them.

8) Leo

Fire sign par excellence and just like the king of the savannah, those born under the sign of Leo are self-centered, vain and narcissistic . You have to do as they want and at the same time enjoy moving the ranks of situations and relationships. Pointing out to a Leo that he is wrong could prove fatal and he will eat you. If you are a friend or partner of a lion, however, rest assured that he will defend and protect you at the cost of death.

9) Gemini

Sara because already in their sign there are two, as well as the two children, those born in the sign of Gemini can have a double personality. Lunatic and fickle. Short-tempered and easily irritable . Just as the wind changes, even a Gemini, if a moment before he was happy and carefree, a moment later, without the people around him understanding why, changes and becomes grumpy and unbearable. However, they are also very smart, curious and adaptable to the most disparate situations.

10) Pisces

Water sign, the last of the zodiac. They are great visionaries, who if they have the opportunity to live at full speed, they can do great things. Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were Pisces, just to name two. This being out of the ordinary and with big ideas, however, leads them to be unreliable and suddenly change their minds , something that “normal” people hate. Sometimes it is as if they ran away in the true sense of the word.

11) Virgo

The Virgin is manic. And it is in everything she does. Virgos need to be in control of every aspect of a situation, otherwise they feel uncomfortable and experience it badly. Precise and fussy , this defect can very often turn out to be a virtue. A job entrusted to them you can be sure that it will be done on time and in an excellent way. They are people you can rely on.

12) Taurus

A sign of earth is just as the earth is rooted in its roots and origins, above all in affections and also in material goods. Precisely for this reason the main defect of the members of this sign is possessiveness . Plus, if things don’t go their way, they can get bossy ¬†and go wild, just like a raging bull. On the other hand, when they want they can be extremely romantic.