We are going to compile a series of typical customs and traditions of Mexico. If you like Mexican culture and want to know what activities and festivities distinguish this country from the rest of the world, we recommend the following list .
As you can see, we have differentiated traditions from customs, as we explain below.

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Traditions or customs? Differences
Both terms are often used interchangeably, but the truth is that there are substantial differences that lead us to differentiate between Mexican traditions and Mexican customs.
On the one hand, a tradition is something much more rooted and ancient than custom. In turn, it is usually linked to specific events . For example, the way to say goodbye to the dead, how to celebrate birthdays, etc, are usually traditions. While the customs can refer to the way of greeting or the way of combining food in a meal.
Thus, when we talk about Mexican traditions, we will refer to activitiesclosely linked to the beliefs, the festivities and the ideology of the nation . On the other hand, customs may be less related and spread more independently of these elements.
Surely with the following examples of Mexican traditions and customs we will understand it easily. 5 Mexican traditions that you should know
Mexican culture has a very high number of customs and traditions. In any case, we have had to select only some of the most representative.
In this section we will first discover the most famous Mexican traditions in the world that you should know. If you also have the opportunity to travel to Mexico, do not hesitate, do not miss them for anything in the world. 1. The music of the mariachis
One of the best known cultural elements around the world . It is considered as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.
The mariachi is a musical genre and it is also the name given to the musicians who create it. It is estimated that only in Mexico there are about 30 thousand people and musicians who are dedicated to playing this genre. Its origin has at least three centuries of development and dates back to the time of New Spain. 2. Quinceanera party
Receives many names depending on the area of ​​Mexico. It is one of the most famous Mexican traditions in recent years thanks to the use of social networks, where girls and women can share their celebrations.
It is also practiced in some other countries such as Colombia or Ecuador, always related to the Catholic religion, symbolizing the passage of the girl to her adult stage as a woman. 3. Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe
This festivity is practiced in various parts of America and the Philippines. A very important Mexican tradition at a religious level that is part of traditional Catholic beliefs.
It takes place on December 12 of each year, and is associated with the appearance of San Juan Diego, on the Tepeyac hill around the year 1531.
This tradition is made up of numerous customs, such as the Dance of Matachines, the concheros and the pilgrimage to certain areas of worship. 4. Day of the Dead
Without a doubt, among all the traditions and customs of Mexico, the Day of the Dead is the most famous in the world. One of the most unique festivities on the planet that takes place the first two days of November.
Coinciding with the Catholic festivities of All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day , this festivity was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008 by UNESCO. 5. Las Posadas
Las Posadas are festivals that began many years ago in Mexico, but have been spreading to other nearby countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua or Panama.
This Mexican tradition represents the pilgrimage trip that Mary and Joseph had to make since they left Nazareth to Bethlehem, to await the birth of Jesus.
Currently the use of pinatas is widespread during these dates. A custom that we will analyze next. It lasts 9 days, from December 16 to the 24th of the same month.

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5 unique Mexican customs in the world
We return to our list of traditions and customs of Mexico now with the section dedicated exclusively to customs. Many of them are especially present in some traditions. 6. Mexican wrestling It is the Mexican version of wrestling, also called Olympic wrestling . It is characterized by being especially spectacular because it has a large number of keys and air attacks. 7. The perepecha ball
Its original name is Uarukua Ch’anakua. This sport is considered one of the oldest Mexican customs. It is said that the origin lies in Muchoacan, centuries before the Common Era. 8. Pinatas
Everyone knows this custom, although not everyone knows that it comes from Mexico. The original form is composed of a clay or cardboard structure with wire and covered with papier-mache; creating a shape of 7 peaks that represent the different deadly sins. 9. Chili
Also called utsu or wayk’a, it is known in Spain as chilli, and eating this spicy food is one of the most characteristic and emblematic customs of all of Mexico.
There are several species of this fruit, and some of them are even used for medicinal purposes. 10. Tequila
Tequila is the most famous Mexican drink in the world. Drinking it requires a series of steps that few foreigners actually know. A ritual that requires certain knowledge about Mexican customs.
This drink is originally from Tequila, a Mexican municipality located in the state of Jalisco. It is produced thanks to the distillation of agave.

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