Beyond being an entertainment that makes us have a good time, some movies contain approaches that make the viewer think, proposing existential dilemmas that invite us to reflect on things like “What would I do in the place of the protagonist
”; or suggesting futuristic scenarios where technology has evolved by leaps and bounds to dominate the human race or in which life on the planet is already unthinkable.

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12 movies that make you think
We recommend that you watch these 12 films that we have selected in the company of your friends, so that you can debate your opinions once the viewing is over. We have already told you that it is difficult not to start a discussion afterwards.

12. The Arrival (Denis Villeneuve, 2016)
The French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve made his foray into science fiction cinema with this great film to make us think realistically what a visit from aliens could be like if suddenly a fleet of spaceships landed at throughout different points of the planet.
How would we communicate with them
? Would they come in peace or would they try to enslave us?
Far from other more popcorn proposals, La Arrival sows a series of doubts about human behavior in the face of an event of such magnitude. Will we be up to the task in case of a hypothetical visit in the future , or will warmongering prevail, so characteristic of some human beings, before prudence or reason?

11. Ex Machina (Alex Garland, 2015)
A young programmer is the chosen one by an eccentric billionaire to assess whether Ava, his latest creation, an android with artificial intelligence, harbors human qualities.
Along with works such as Blade Runner, Yo, robot or El hombre bicentenario, among others; This is one of the best movies that will make you think about the role that artificial intelligences will play in the future. Will the machines be able to think for themselves ? What’s more, will they be able to develop
feelings ,
illusions or fears? competitive Los Angeles. He soon discovers that he can make easy money as a journalist selling the most sensational images of everything that happens on the streets of the city at night.
Nightcrawler is a

Very interesting reflection on where the limits of current journalism are and on the desensitization of the population, which has been drugged by news that no longer has any effect on us, despite the horror it shows.

9. The Purge (James DeMonaco, 2013)
The purge places the action in the year 2022, a time in which the New Founders of America have legalized a measure to contain the murderous impulses of the population: for one night a year, everything type of crimes, including murders, will be allowed and will not have legal repercussions. With the “annual purge”, it is expected to keep crime at bay throughout the year , letting citizens vent their frustrations and murderous instincts for 12 hours.
An interesting dilemma that brings us the three films by James DeMonaco, in which two points of view collide: the ethics of some citizens against this holiday, opposed to those who do support it and participate in it. This trilogy of movies make the viewer think about what each of us would do if we were allowed to end the life of anyone, knowing that we can do it with total impunity and with the approval of the government, as well as part of the citizenry.
Would you stay at home… Or would you go out and purge your soul?
If so, who would you go for
“God bless America, a nation reborn”.

8. Shame (Steve Mcqueen, 2011)
Michael Fassbender plays Brandon, a handsome bachelor living in New York who is obsessed with sex. Unable to control his most primal impulses, Brandon doesn’t hesitate to hire prostitutes, watch pornography and have various sexual encounters with different women every time he goes out. However, his stability is cut short with the arrival of his little sister , who plans to stay with him to live indefinitely.
Shame is a masterpiece of the last decade, a film to make us think and reflect on the influence that sex has on our lives, which makes us question to what extent it is so transcendental to sleep with several people as they have sold us; and how these superficial encounters can make us feel a great emptinessinside us.

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