Love is a feeling that reaches inside you, that fills you and makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. But, what happens when this love does not arrive, or simply when it has stopped shining? Heartbreak is a very sad and painful emotion, which you have to know how to handle with philosophy and a lot of willpower. With these heartbreak phrases you will have the opportunity to externalize in words what that love has meant to you, everything that has marked you now and always by loving that person and how you have felt. On many occasions, saying through short phrases of heartbreak how you feel helps to alleviate the pain, to cope with it, in addition to taking a step forward to be able to find a feeling as pure and good as true love.

Sad Heartbreak Phrases

  • I prefer to have lost when I have loved, than never to have felt what love is.
  • We spend our whole lives thinking about what true love is like, but it is life that we spend thinking about it.
  • It is very hard to love a person without any hope, but it is even harder to have no hope of ever loving someone.
  • Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like jumping into the void without wings.
  • The most painful thing in the world is being alone and being aware of this.
  • It’s sad that someone teaches you what light is, and when it’s gone everything is darkness.
  • I was once told that the most beautiful thing that can happen to me is being in love. It’s a shame never to experience it.
  • I thought that ours was going to be forever, but unfortunately, all good things come to an end.
  • The bad thing about love is that when it ends, memory destroys you.
  • Sorry if the letters I write to you are blurred, it’s not my way of writing, it’s that while I was doing it, my tears wouldn’t stop falling.
  • The distance is not what is killing me, but your indifference towards me.
  • I felt soulless when you left, you left a void inside me that nothing could cover.
  • The contradictory thing about love is that that person who has left, once came to love you.
  • I know that despite everything I say to you, and that I implore you to come back, you will never do it, but I know that at least I tried and gave all my best.
  • Our eyes meet and my heart jumps for joy, but when he remembers that you will never love me it collapses and is shattered.
  • I thought I would be able to recover, to get over us, to start walking again, to get up, but I saw you again and everything came to nothing.
  • Loneliness is my friend, she has always been with me, even when I want her to leave my side, she stays with me.
  • It is a paradox that the person who is capable of making you happy manages to make you cry with his lack of love.
  • The Sun gets sad when night comes, like when you leave my life.
  • It may hurt to love someone and that this person does not love you, but it is much harder that a person loves you and you do not.
  • If they ever ask you, tell them that I’m over yours, that I don’t love you anymore, but please don’t tell them, that I told you this between tears.
  • Goodbye is always painful, but it is even more so when after said, people do not separate.
  • It hurts deep inside me to see you in love, but with someone else who is not me.
  • It’s funny that life weighs more the more empty you feel.
  • When I remember you, I start to smile, when I see your looks, joy enters me, but what a greater misfortune when I realize that you will no longer be by my side.
  • You have left me shattered without knowing who the love of my life would be, I looked it up on Google and he told me that “Maybe you meant: Single forever”
  • The memory of a lost love are the scars that are not seen at first sight.
  • Life is very sad when there is no love, but it is more devastating when you love someone and they don’t love you.
  • Love and people are two very different concepts, while the first is sincere, the second is not.
  • You may have forgotten me, but one day the memories will come back to you and I will be gone.
  • We die when our heartbeat stops meaning, not when it stops beating.
  • You realize that the farewell is final when there will be no more hello in your life.
  • I will smile as if there were no tomorrow, as if life was over, and as if you still loved me.
  • Heartbreak is adapting, you never forget someone you’ve loved, you just learn to live without that person.

Short heartbreak phrases

As we have been saying, heartbreak is a feeling that breaks your soul, that makes you feel that everything is over, that there is nothing after that love, but you have to get up, face those emotions and fight to get up and continue getting excited Even if you feel that there is nothing, there is always an opportunity in life to be happy and you deserve to be happy. With these phrases of heartbreak you are going to express to your loved ones how you feel, although you will also express it to yourself, so that you know that even if you are defeated right now, you can take strength. These love phrases, like their images, can be copied and placed on your favorite social networks or shared with your friends and acquaintances who you feel need a boost in their lives.