The video game sector has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent decades. Of course, there are many types of video games and each one has its own characteristics, although some of the most popular genres have been declining over the years until they are now orphans of titles.
Whether on a game console or on a computer, these are the genres that make us enjoy a lot.

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Although today there are many video games that do not respond only to one genre, most of them fall into one of these categories. We review its characteristics.

1. Fight
This type of video game has been one of the most popular, although lately it is in decline. The game faces two characters who fight in a reduced scenario to reduce the “health level” of their opponent to 0. Originally the graphics were in two dimensions, although in recent times the models have become 3D.
Some of the most famous sagas respond to this genre. This is the case of Tekken, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. These last two titles have had their adaptation to the big screen.

2. Arcade Arcade
is defined as those video game genres with simple gameplay, repetitive mechanics and in 2 dimensions . This type encompasses most of the titles of the first generations.
Who does not remember games like Space Invaders, Asteroids or the addictive Pac-man

2.1 Beat ’em up
Also called“progression fighting video games” . In this case, one or more players have to defeat a multitude of enemies while progressing through different levels.
Some of the most famous beat ’em ups in history are Double Dragon, Final Fight or Streets Of Rage.

2.2 Shoot ’em up Shooting
game with a two-dimensional perspective . In many cases, it consists of a ship that runs through a futuristic aesthetic scenario while shooting left and right against hordes of enemy ships. At the end of the level, there is always a tougher battleship waiting that fires in a pattern.
Some famous examples of vertical progression Shoot ’em up are Gladius or R-type.
When the video game progresses following a lateral path, the main character is usually an armed soldier who must finish off the enemy army. This is the case of Metal Slug or Contra.

3. Simulation
Another type of video game that has gained greater popularity, especially among computer players. The player must emulate real life actions , always looking for plausibility and even with a strong didactic component. There are vehicle simulators (Gran Turismo, Microsoft Flight Simulator or World Of Tanks) and construction and management simulators (Sim City or Civilization).

4. Platforms
Genre that encompasses several of the most famous games in history. A character (although in some cases it can be played cooperatively) advances laterally through several levels while trying to overcome physical obstacles . In recent times the change in perspective has allowed greater freedom of movement.
Surely you are familiar with platform video games like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong.

5. Shooter
These types of video games are on the rise, and most titles belong to this genre. One or more players make use of weapons to defeat their enemies , in order to complete missions, unlock scenarios or advance the plot. They are divided according to the perspective that the player adopts.

5.1 First Person (FPS)
Video game genre that gives the main character a first person view. The canon of the selected weapon usually appears at the bottom.
Some classics are Doom or Wolfenstein, although now there are excellent titles like Call Of Duty or Battlefield.

5.2 Third person
If we can see the entire character from a rear perspective, we are talking about a third person shooter.
Excellently made games like Tomb Raider, Gears of War or Uncharted belong to this type.

6. Role (RPG)

A character progresses through a complex plot . This constant improvement of the character can be seen exemplified through his “level” or the acquisition of new abilities and powers. Normally, they are set in fantastic worlds with a medieval aesthetic, although there are video games that are set in the future and follow the same mechanics.
Exploring the worlds of The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Neverwinter Nights or Mass Effect is a pleasure that few can miss.

Acronym for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This type of game is characterized by the massive interaction of real players in the same environment. In this way, they exchange improvements and knowledge or compete between different factions. The clearest example of this type of game is World of Warcraft.

7. Strategy
In this case, the player must manipulate a series of characters or data to achieve objectives such as defeating one or more enemies or gaining a monopoly on resources, always using strategic planning.

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Most titles follow a war theme and are set in different times and contexts. They can be in real time or in turns , depending on the pace of the game in question.
Some of the most important games are Age Of Empires, StarCraft or Civilization.

7.1 MOBA
In recent years, a type of strategy game known as MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has become very popular. As the name indicates, two factions must compete in a scene (normally in isometric perspective) of reduced dimensions.
League of Legends or SMITE are exponentially increasing their number of players.

8. Sports

Simulate the mechanics of the sport in questionin real life, be it golf, tennis, soccer, hockey, etc. Every year the team rosters change, and that is why sports games usually go on sale every year.
You may know video games of the genre such as FIFA, NBA 2K, Virtua Tennis or Wii Fit.

9. Races
Driving video games (whether cars, motorcycles or any vehicle) in which the objective is to reach the finish line first . Each one has its own mechanics and can incorporate other elements such as police chases or vehicle customization. They are generally looking for a realistic experience.
Some notable examples of racing games are Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport or World Rally Championship.

10. Musical
As we can deduce, they are based on music. Although there are not too many games of this type, they are usually very fun if they are played in a group. Multiple people must compete in singing, dancing, or musical instrument events . Many music video games require special peripherals and accessories.
We can have a great time with Singstar, Guitar Hero or Just Dance.

the sandbox. ¿New mainstream genre?
The ability of programmers and developers to pose complex scenarios has made many of the video games that come onto the market sandbox.
A sandbox game moves away from traditional linear mechanics and lets the player explore the game environment., regardless of the main objectives or the narrative plot. In that sense, the player can explore large regions and discover small details and secondary tasks.
A sandbox can belong, in turn, to other video game genres. In this sense, we find shooters like Grand Theft Auto, role-playing games like the magnificent The Witcher or driving sandbox like Drive Club or some installments of Need for Speed.

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