Traveling abroad is becoming more and more common. To avoid problems it is important to speak the language of the country or English to know what to do and thus be able to catch the plane on time. If you do not have a translator that allows you to communicate, it is important that you know the airport vocabulary in English necessary to be able to defend ourselves without problems.

Ariline: Airline

It is a word that we have to master to be able to ask for an airline when taking a flight or to find the flight we have contracted.

Arrivals: Arrivals

If a relative or friend is going to arrive at the airport, you will have to know what the arrival area is, hence the word Arrivals has to be present in your dictionary when visiting the airport.

Board: Board

It is a word widely used when we are going to catch a plane. It is not that we use it directly, but that we will listen to it through the airport speakers when our flight is about to leave.

A clear example would be: The boarding of the plane will start in 10 minutes. — The plane will begin boarding in 10 minutes.

Boarding Pass: Boarding card

It is the card that they will give you so that you can know which flight and seat you should take. This card is important and will be given to you at check-in. At the time they give us the card, we will be informed with the information that appears on the boarding card.

Book: Reserve

When we use the word book as a verb, it means to reserve. This word will come in handy if you want to buy a plane ticket to any destination. Example: I’d like to book a return ticket to Paris, please. It means, I’d like to book a return ticket to Paris, please.

Carry on: Hand luggage

The word Carry On has to be very present in our vocabulary. They are the small suitcases that can be carried on the plane itself without checking them. Remember, they have to weigh less than 8kg and it will depend on the airline.

Check in: Registration

Another very important word to master when we are at the airport. Check in is the process in which we notify the airline that we have arrived at the airport. It is the moment in which we deliver the suitcases and they give us the boarding card, which we have spoken about previously.

Customs: Customs

If you travel abroad you will have to go through the Customs area. It is the customs area and they will check that you have everything in order before you can enter the country. Of course, they will examine your luggage and passport or identity document depending on the country of destination.

delayed: delayed

It is one of the worst words we can hear when taking a plane. When we see Delayed on the signs, in the form of an adjective, this means that the flight has been delayed. The delay can occur for different reasons. Normally the new departure time is communicated. We see an example in Ladies and gentlemen, this is an announcement that flight XR545 has been delayed. Your new departure time is 7:30. It means that the flight has been canceled and the new departure time will be at 7:30 am.

gate: gate

When we are going to catch a flight, we always have to look for the Gate or Boarding Gate. Each room has multiple doors, so going to the right door is really important.

These are the minimum words that you have to know and remember when taking a flight. Of course, it is important that you have a good command of English or the language to be able to communicate better. Even today there are applications through which we can communicate in a fluid way and with a high accuracy. It may be a good option to have it installed on your mobile to be able to enjoy good communication and consequently a good experience.