Lice , small and annoying parasites, one of the most frequent nightmares among mothers. First of all, know that once you see your little one scratching, the damage has already been done: the lice have hatched their eggs .

At this point it will be easy to spot them . Taking a magnifying glass and starting to move the hair you will notice the real invasion of small dark parasites.

First of all , let’s dispel some myths . It is not true that this type of parasite prefers dirty hair; even a hair washed every day can be prone to lice. In truth it is the natural predisposition of the child that determines the possibility or not of being infected.

Also remember that it will not be necessary to cut your hair to zero to eradicate the eggs and annoying parasites, as it used to be once thought. If it is true that it is difficult to remove them from long hair and even more so from curly ones, you will no longer have to resort to extreme solutions .

6) Foam

Before acting, the problem must be recognized. So, what is a louse made of ? These small parasites are easily recognizable: it is gray-brown in color and can reach 2 to 4 mm in length. His paws are very visible and allow him to walk, not fly, easily through his hair. The first solution is to smother them with the spray based on natural pyrethrins. You simply have to carry out the treatment a second time after a week. Then, spray the solution all over your head and let it act for the recommended time before proceeding with an anti-lice shampoo .

5) Fine-toothed comb

After carrying out the treatment with the pyrethrin spray, all the eggs must be removed . Nits are small white dots that stick to the hair unlike dandruff that slips off. With a lot of patience and under a good light you will have to eliminate even the empty eggs with the specific comb available in the pharmacy. By passing the comb through fine teeth the nits will be trapped and it will be easy to clean up any traces from the hair. This treatment is recommended after each wash until it disappears completely.

4) Vinegar

This natural product for removing nits is certainly present in your pantries. Vinegar is an effective solution to make all the tiny lice eggs detach more easily. In fact, its particularly acidic composition completely dissolves the glue that covers the outer walls of the nits . After washing your hair, rinse with vinegar and after drying, use a fine-toothed comb. In addition to having a natural antibacterial effect , it will leave the hair brighter .

3) Tea tree oil

To prevent the appearance of these parasites, you can prepare a very effective solution based on tea tree oil . The essential oil of tea tree is very rich in antiviral, antibacterial properties and very useful in this case, even antiparasitic. Just add a few drops to the shampoo and conditioner bottle and wash as usual. Cover the annoying and pungent smell of the tea tree with a few drops of fragrant essential oil. In this way you will have an excellent solution to prevent the appearance of lice in a natural way.

2) Lavender

The second very effective and fragrant natural solution to prevent lice and lavender . In addition to being a plant with a very relaxing smell, it is in fact suitable for children’s evening baths, and rich in purifying and antibacterial properties . Also in this case you will have to add a few drops in your shampoo and conditioner and proceed with washing. Always remember that all essential oils must never be used pure on the hair and scalp, but must be diluted with a neutral cleanser or in a natural base of jojoba oil or shea butter .

1) Washing machines

Head lice are spread from head to head without the need for direct contact . So, in addition to consistently applying all the solutions indicated above, you must necessarily wash all the puppets, clothes and sheets that have been in contact with parasites. Wash everything at high temperatures and you parents too proceed with an anti-parasite treatment .