Technology has come to give a 180 degree turn to our lives. The giant Apple is perhaps the telephone and computer company that has distributed the most products worldwide. iPhone and Mac users rave about the advantages of these electronic devices over the competition.
However, despite a seemingly optimal and seamless operation, Apple is not unwavering; As their iPhones have been perfected , so have hackers dedicated to finding flaws to infiltrate the memory of these phones.
Increasingly, cybercriminals are specializing in more encrypted forms of hacking, becoming capable of locating any mobile device, bypassing security systems, and accessing personal data or private information that they can profit from.

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How can an iPhone be hacked
Although no operating system is safe from a cyberattack, today we are going to try to explain how an iPhone can be hacked, because we know the risk that anyone is currently exposed to and it is convenient to know what we are facing.

1. Hack an iPhone using Siri without entering an access code
Oddly enough, through the personal assistant of iOS you can access the content of an iPhone in just 5 movements, all this avoiding the step of entering the access code:
First of all, with the iPhone locked, you need to hold down the “Home” button until the wizard appears on the screen. Next, we will ask Siri what time it is; Then he will show us. Next, we click on the clock icon to find the World Clock, the alarm or the minute hand. When we have pressed the minute hand, the option “When the minute hand ends” will appear, and we will select it. Then, we will slide the screen up to find the option “Buy more tones”, thus opening the Apple Store.

Simply by pressing the “Start” button again , the main screen will appear, so that we will have unlocked the iPhone without entering the access code.

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2. iWep Pro 8, the application to hack iPhones
This application is able to go through passwords and hack WiFi networks in no time. Although its operation seems confusing to understand, the truth is that through practice it can become a very useful tool for these dark purposes.

iWep is free to download , making iPhone hacking a snap for anyone. In addition, the hack is silent, so the person who is the victim of the hack will not notice if his Iphone is being corrupted

3. iKeyMonitor Keylogger, hack an Iphone through the keyboard

Again we find an application to hack Iphone, with the particularity that its operation is based on recording the number of keystrokes on the iPhone that it tries to infiltrate. Thanks to this software, we can remotely know the activity for which that specific iPhone has been used.
iKeyMonitor Keylogger locates the terminal, discovers passwords, spies on calls made and received ; It also sends messages via Whatsapp, Line, Telegram or through Facebook chat and discloses the history of the URLs visited.
However, although it is useful, iKeyMonitor does not allow monitoring several terminals at the same time if it is not with its payment option.

4. Hack an Iphone with Spyzie program
We are seeing how the human being has no limits when it comes to miserable practices that put our security and privacy at risk. Another widely used way to hack Iphone is through the Spyzie program .
Just like with iKeyMonitor app, with Spyzie you can know the desired information of the target iPhone, but you don’t need to have access to the same phone to install the hacking program.

5. Pegasus, the Potential Massive Iphone Hacking Crowd
This is the name of a widely used Iphone hacking program. It is a recently created software capable of corrupting the iOS system and spying on its users. Developed to be a surveillance toolof people considered “of interest”, it was seen that the use of Pegasus was easily misrepresented and could be used for unethical purposes, such as gossiping the iPhone of any citizen.
The alarm about the capacity of the software reached such a point that Apple managers had to intervene to warn their customers of the dangers of Pegasus and how they could defend themselves against a potential attack.

Pegasus can be hacked into personal email accounts and also into the profile of social networks of the owner of the phone.

Consequences of computer hacking
Precisely because of the risks involved, not only because of uncovering personal secrets or putting people’s identities at risk, but also because of the possibility of revealing important secrets if hackers infiltrate the security system of espionage agencies or computers. of important political leaders; hacking any device without the knowledge of the victim has severe repercussions , since telematic crimes have been typified as another form of legal infraction.

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