Have you recently been the victim of a hazing and are you planning your sweet revenge?
Calm down, we propose a list of some of the best practical jokes with which you can settle scores.
The Klingons already said it in Star Trek: “revenge is a dish that is best served cold” , so everyone at the table!

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Here are 14 pranks, ranging from ‘beginner’ to ‘expert’ level. Good luck and don’t get caught! 1. Cut the bristles of your toothbrush
No one is safe from becoming the target of your practical jokes with this good prank. The procedure is easy: you just have to make a stealthy visit to the bathroom , locate your victim’s toothbrush and give him a new look. How?
Well, pruning her bristles.
We hope you don’t choose a person who is overly concerned about her dental health… 2. Substitute yogurt for shampoo
Yogurt or any other concoction are good options to sabotage your target’s relaxing moment in the shower. It is better that practical jokes that include shampoo are made with bottles that are not transparent . Otherwise, you will have to manage to imitate the color of the soap to avoid suspicion that something has happened. However, we assure you that the trick is worth it.
Keep in mind that if you choose a fruit yogurt, you will earn extra hate points. 3. Troll the mobile
New technologies offer a wide range of possibilities as far as spending good jokes is concerned.
Take advantage of moments of carelessness to take a selfie in a “seductive” plan and leave it saved in the image gallery,Putting a compromising image on the screen or setting an unexpected ringtone at full volume are just some of the suggestions we offer you. 4. Fill the car with post-its
Be careful with this one, it can earn you many enemies as they discover you, so choose wisely who will suffer it.
Covering the car with all Post-it notes is one of the new trends in prank videos that are swarming the Internet. In one of the most famous, an unwary parked his car in a space for the disabled, so that, to make the public aware that parking in these spaces is prohibited, the pranksters on duty formed the iconic “reserved for handicapped” sign with post-it notes attached to the car. We are sure that more than one will think twice after seeing the images.
Other variants of this type of practical jokes consist of using cotton balls or wet toilet paper . 5. Make a landmark with toilet paper cardboard
We’ll get a little scatological, if we may, because we know that there are people with a bad idea who enjoy giving the concept of ‘prank jokes’ a twist.
The procedure is not complex, rather the opposite. As the title suggests, all you have to do is take a tube of toilet paper and pass it through waterto form an amorphous paste. With your hands, give it THAT SHAPE that evokes the same thing in all of us and place it in a strategic place: your desk chair, on top of your computer keyboard, inside one of your shoes… 6. Remove the wheel from the pc mouse or put a sticker on the sensor
Another of the practical jokes that we can do thanks to technology and everyday objects.
In this case, if you remove the mouse wheel or cover the motion sensor with a sticker without the other person suspecting, your victim will probably spend some time trying to find the problem that is causing them so much inconvenience, checking again and again. what happens to the computer. 7. Line the desk with paper
An imperishable classic. Lining someone’s personal desk with old newsprint, or wrapping paper too, is a great way to cash in on your personal vendetta.
In this way, you remind that person how special they are to you , without a doubt, although that moment may mark a before and after in your relationship. 8. A New Haircut
You’re going to have to select a victim with long hair for this prank. Buy or get a lock of hair that matches the color of your target’s hair, and when she falls asleep, leave them spread out next to her.
Surely the first thing he does when he wakes up, will be to put his hands to his head and run to look for a mirror to check if his hair is intact or what has happened… We warn you that you may have to run too . 9. Change the label of a container
Swapping the contents of bottles is a good prank you can play, it’s true. However, a less sticky option is to opt to swap the labels between two or more containers.
We do not give you more clues, let your ingenuity act, just keep in mind that for these practical jokes to be effective, they must be similar recipients. Either that, or come up with a good excuse why that particular bottle looks different than usual. 10. Activate an unexpected alarm
If you manage to take the phone away from the person you are interested in teasing and do what we tell you next, you can make him go from esteem to extreme hatred in a few seconds.
Activate an alarm so that it sounds at the least opportune moment possible : in the middle of the night, in class, when you are at the cinema or at a dinner or business meeting….The options are endless! Remember to put a souvenir note with your name on it, and by the way, flee the country after that.11. Make bug-shaped paper cutouts
Draw and cut out nasty bug shapes, the bigger and grosser the better ; and hang them on a wall or behind a lamp so that they can be seen against the light… You will not have time to call the Ghostbusters if necessary. 12. Sabotage selfies
The so-called “photobomb” is an art that only the most expert in practical jokes master. And if not, ask actor Benedict Cumberbatch , one of the best when it comes to screwing up the best snapshots of other celebrities without them knowing. 13. Difficult awakenings
Another classic of practical jokes that never goes out of style and that, thanks to Internet trolls, we can now enjoy in the form of videos.
Get a pot and something to hit it with, sneak up on your prey and unleash your skills as a frustrated rock band drummer.
Can you think of a better way to say good morning to someone than with a casserole?
Imagine that someone has returned from a party and is sleeping peacefully, a pleasure, without a doubt! 14. Invert the mouse buttons
Again, the computer mouse becomes your means to play practical jokes. This time, you only have to change the configuration of the right and left buttons , thus exchanging their functions.
Count how long it takes your victim to throw the computer out the window before discovering what has happened…
For the clueless, here’s how to do it: