Clothing color combination: the meaning of individual colors

Colors are an integral part of our life, they are what surrounds us. I am who we are! The combination of colors in our outfits is often not dictated by chance, but rather by our character. 

We all know that each of us has a well-defined character, but few know that each character corresponds to a color, or more colors.


Those who love this color undoubtedly have an eccentric temperament. In most cases, however, he wants to hide a basic shyness and a form of inadequacy. In fact, those who cannot adapt to the surrounding society, unwittingly wearing the red color are trying to attract attention and get noticed. It can hide deep fears and sometimes aggression!


The color of joy and selflessness. Characterized by a continuous desire to affirm one’s “I”, remaining constantly active and at the center of attention. Those attracted to this color love and want to be loved. A constant search for carefree and synergy with the world!


Extroversion and enthusiasm! Yellow lovers are comfortable with themselves, they have a strong “I” identity. They are rational people who like to associate the head with the heart.

Their choices are never random, but they are denoted by a strong responsibility!


Between yellow and blue there is green! Balance and reflection are the pillars of this color. Being a mix between yellow and blue, there is constantly a contrasting force that pushes us a little towards the relaxation and energetic balance of yellow, and a little towards the introversion and exaggerated reflection, characterized by blue.


Those who wear and are attracted to blue have an attachment to family and tranquility, which paradoxically leads to tension and nervousness, particularly when things don’t go quite as they would like. 

Temperament, at times, phlegmatic. There is an introversion and a closure towards what surrounds them.

In clothing, it is recommended to combine blue with brighter colors, such as red, in order to create contrast.


A mix between red and blue. Purple denotes peculiar aspects of these two colors. In itself it contains two behavioral extremes. On the one hand the aggressiveness and extravagance of red, on the other the calm and rationality of blue.

The lighter shades express sensuality , the darker ones spirituality. 


Color is not color! Black expresses elegance and when worn it helps to slim the figure. It is recommended to wear black especially in the evening, perhaps combining it with other colors.

The peculiarity of black is precisely the flexibility and adaptation that this color can assume. Who earns it and certainly the color that is approached, because it will have greater prominence.

Combining red you will have a result of strength and power, with pink social power, while with yellow intellectual power.


The strength of this color is to contain all colors! Wearing white reveals many meanings and moods , such as freshness, brightness, brightness, purity, freedom of expression. In short, the positivity par excellence!


Those who wear this color tend to look for a detachment from others. A sense of superiority is perceived, so much so as to be unfriendly and unapproachable.

Color matching clothing: the search for oneself

In short, as we have seen, there are many colors, which result in personalities that prove to be very interesting. Of course the colors are infinite as well as the different characters of the human being.

Try to combine all the colors you like, finding your own personal definition of who you really are. Discover the most hidden corners of your character, those you keep hidden even from yourself.

Once you have done this exercise, try to wear the colors that most belong to you in your clothing, always paying attention to the combination!