Over the years, cinema has undergone cultural, technical and practical evolutions that have had a significant impact on the production of films. The horror genre, from this point of view, does not contradict itself. From the very beginning, stories and events with a particularly frightening and extreme flavor in some circumstances have been reproduced. If one could make a ranking of the most famous horror films of all time , an almost boundless archive would emerge. And here it is : the ranking served to try to group the films that have made school within this genre and beyond.

Most famous horror movies: the ranking

Obviously, the ranking takes into account various aspects. If you want, even your own personal taste or, in any case, preferences with respect to a plot or a direction.

Here, however, is the list of the most beautiful and disturbing horror films ever in the following lines!


  • Annabelle
  • The cursed house – Dead Birds
  • Sinister
  • The house of laughing windows
  • Nightwatch – The night watchman
  • The Ring
  • Nightmare
  • Deep red
  • It
  • The exorcist


Horror film dated 2014 in which the evil presence of a killer doll, possessed by the devil, is the master. Definitely one tenant too many inside a house in which two spouses live, whose life will inevitably be completely upset. A horror with a familiar flavor , at times disturbing and diabolical, but which also knows how to be reflective and arouse hilarity in some of its parts.

The cursed house – Dead Birds

Directed by Alex Turner, 2004 film. The classic scary film where several people, in this case soldiers of the American Civil War , gather in a house and it happens that a dark presence invades their private sphere.

The perceived recurring storm contributes to giving that aura of mystery and further unpredictability to the film in question. The sounds of mangled bodies are heard causing a rift in this group as the main focus on which to focus. Suspense and expectation as predominant characters.


Scott Derrickson’s 2012 film that sits halfway between horror and thriller. Perfect combination for lovers of a less macabre genre , but tending more to reflexivity and rationality, in some ways.

A mix of fear, panic and unnerving waiting thanks to which the viewer is kept on their toes. The protagonist Ellison Oswalt , a crime writer, finds himself at one point embroiled in a story bigger than him that totally absorbs him and connotes his horrible and disturbing traits.

The house of laughing windows

Cult film by Pupi Avati dated 1976. An all-Italian production considered a true masterpiece. Forerunner of the classic distressing flashback, which was later found in other subsequent productions.

The classic horror film where the apparently quiet and reserved reality of the beginnings is upset in its certainties by shocking events, especially in reference to the protagonist Stefano, played by the actor Lino Capolicchio. A restorer who comes across an apparently harmless and admirable fresco, but which hides a dark and somewhat mysterious past.

Nightwatch – The night watchman

In this 1997 film production, director Ole Bornedal enacts a continuation of another thriller story, The Night Watchman, in which a law student finds himself involved in a series of murders not directly attributable to he.

The reference scenario is a morgue where he agrees to work as a night watchman. Tangible sign of an atmosphere destined to degenerate and produce scenes for strong hearts , but through the search for a serial killer who makes everything not too obvious.

The Ring

One of the scariest horror films ever for drama and suspense reproduced in an absolutely frightening key. Verbinski’s 2002 film where there is a girl suffering from psychic problems that lead to the paranormal.

A child to stay away from, but from which at the same time be attracted by the flattering charm that derives from it. One of the highest grossing films in the US and beyond. So much so that it has been the subject of numerous remakes and alternative reproductions more or less faithful in the form of parodies or TV series.


1984 horror movie of which a whole saga was composed. Gives birth to the iconic character par excellence of Freddy Kruger , much appreciated by lovers of the genre.

A figure characterized by severe abrasions on the skin, which will end up tormenting the protagonists during their dreams or nightmares, depending on the point of view. In this case, they are students of an American school. The secret lies in the protagonists’ escape from sleep so that this dark force does not materialize in its cruelty.

Deep red

1975 masterpiece film by the Italian director Dario Argento. The perfect mix of thriller, mystery and horror condensed through the resolution of a murder with related mysteries and intrigues.

A bloody plot that keeps the viewer glued from the first events and then goes into an increasingly psychological perspective regarding the characters. Absolute reference point for the horror Italian version. Between anxieties, anguish and recurring terrors.


A horror adaptation of the Stephen King novel . Its origins start in 1990 with the introduction on a television scale of a miniseries consisting of 2 episodes. The reinterpretation of history can be found in the 2017 sequel, the work of Andy Muschietti.

Placed in a paradoxical key with the central figure of a clown who frightens children and inspires them with the feeling of constant fear and fear in a small American town.

An absolute overturning of the traditional vision of the clown seen as a friend and not as an enemy to be afraid of. And here, most likely, lies the genius.

The exorcist

William Friedkin’s 1973 film is a real point of reference for horror lovers , regardless of origin. A timeless film. Intertwining of psychology and horror. But it does so through an almost unusual humanity for a classic horror film.

The stereotype of the possessed and demon-possessed adolescent girl spreads, which will later characterize other films of the genre. A starting point of value for many directors who were inspired by it for their works. Even the modern ones.