Oriental tattoos: the trendiest and the meaning associated with them

In this post we return to talk about tattoos  and specifically about the sexiest and most original oriental tattoos , each of which is full of deep meanings and connected to ancient symbols.

Although for many it may be a passing fashion, such as dressing in vintage clothes , tattoos are increasingly taking hold among us, an ancient art, which between the sacred and the profane, for many years has wanted to mean something very deep.

Oriental tattoos

Oriental tattoos, with that allure of sensuality and mystery, are definitely sexy!

In the past, in some oriental cultures, the tattoo was not well regarded as it was associated with crime.

In ancient times, in fact, prisoners were “branded” with a tattoo that served to distinguish them from the rest of the citizens. Today, however, the rules have changed and oriental tattoos remain a distinctive figure but of charm and personality.

In oriental cultures each tattoo has a very specific meaning and performs not only an aesthetic function but also a symbolic and propitiatory one.

The most used symbols for oriental tattoos

In this paragraph we will illustrate the main symbols tattooed by oriental tattoo enthusiasts. Then we will tell you about dragons, flowers, carp and other animals, widely used and tattooed all over the world.

Cherry Blossom

National flower of Japan, its peculiarity consists in flowering, reaching its maximum splendor and dying within a few days.

In the East it is associated with the intense and evanescent joy of every aspect of human existence: youth and beauty, fame and wealth.

It reminds us how important it is to enjoy everything to the full but not get too attached to anything, always keeping in mind that ” panta rei “, everything flows.

Skull tattoo

In the West we connect it to death, while in Eastern culture the skull indicates radical , revolutionary change. In ancient Eastern societies, a skull was tattooed when an epochal change took place, both personal and social.


Carpa KOI tattoo

An unusual and very original oriental tattoo is the KOI carp .

According to an ancient Chinese legend at the source of the Yellow River there is a waterfall where thousands of carp gather and make every possible effort to go up it until they die for it.

But the most resolute among them will not die: she will manage to climb the waterfall and transform into a mighty dragon.

The meaning of this tattoo is primordial and wants to represent courage, determination, commitment and ambition: the firm will to emerge from the group, to become leaders!

Source: Pinterest


Lotus flower tattoos

Often combined with Carp, we find the Lotus Flower , the symbol par excellence of awakening and rebirth.

It is present in the religious symbolism of all oriental cultures .



The tiger deserves a place of honor among oriental tattoos !

At first glance it communicates power, determination, courage beyond all limits. A must for all those who consider themselves strong and courageous.

The tiger is linked to the natural element Earth and symbolizes invincibility , the absolute power that can defeat any opponent.

Tattoo Drago

The Dragon is considered the king among the celestial creatures, the one who with a minimum movement can cause tremendous storms.

Compared to the Tiger, the Dragon is endowed with a more mysterious and inscrutable , almost “magical” power.

Snake Tattoos

In the East this animal is associated with spirituality and sharpness.

Particularly suitable for philosophical souls who prefer the strength of the mind to action.

Samurai & Geisha

Do you want to meet the woman of your life?

Do not hesitate to have the face of a beautiful courtesan or Geisha tattooed: according to oriental culture, getting a woman tattooed attracts other women!

Do you want to become more confident of yourself? A samurai or a hero on the skin will instill courage and support you in your daily challenges.

As already said several times, the main advice given on these occasions is to avoid making mistakes on the choice of tattoo, which transform your tattoo from a positive symbol to something to be eliminated with expensive and painful laser sessions.

What advice do you give in this case? Here are a few:

  • First of all, never get  an oriental script tattooed without first having it translated by an expert. You must know what you will bring written to the eyes of the whole world!
  • Do not over  -customize oriental tattoos , not so much for artistic reasons as to avoid losing the meaning you wanted to give them. If Yin and Yang originates in black and white, for example, don’t do it in pink and blue!
  • Do not confuse Japanese and Chinese symbols . These are two countries between which there has always been bad blood, even if the war has long since ended. Confusing the two cultures and the meanings deriving from their tattoos makes the tattoo mediocre;
  • Do not rely on the first tattoo artist that happens,  but on the contrary, choose the best ones on the square, since they are tattoos that are difficult to draw and therefore for the same reason mentioned above (avoid tattooing something that must then be removed with subsequent sessions) and always better to rely on an expert;