In recent days, information has emerged that has shaken the Internet and alerted fans of A Song of Fire and Ice, the literary saga on which Game of Thrones is inspired . It all started during a conference in St. Petersburg, Epic Con 2019, in which Ian McElhinney, the actor who plays Barristan Selmy in the series, participated.
When one of the journalists invited to the event asked him if he was anxious about what would happen to his character in the books – we remember that in the literary saga Barristan is still alive – the interpreter offered him a rather unexpected answer.

Ian McElhinney assures that Martin has finished the books
“I don’t know if you know more about this than I do, but I have been told thatGeogre (RR Martin) has already written books six and seven , and so there are only seven books. But he signed an agreement with Dave and Dan (producers of the series) not to publish the final two books until the series was over. So, if everything goes well, in a month or two we could have the books”, assured the actor.
His statements spread like wildfire on social networks and various Internet forums, and it is that fans of the saga have been waiting eight years for The Winds of Winter to come out . However, the information was quarantined by the specialized media, since George RR Martin has repeated on several occasions that he is still working on The Winds of Winter because it is a very complex book.

George RR Martin denies the Winds of Winter rumors
Finally, the author of the books has spoken on his personal blog, in a striking post that we could translate as “idiocy on the Internet.” In the post, he totally refutes McElhinney’s claim with the following sentence: “ No, The Winds of Winter and Dreams of Spring are not finished. ‘Suenos’ isn’t even started. I’m not going to start writing the serial volume until I finish volume six.”
On the other hand, the famous author refers to the supposed contract that he would have signed with the producers of the series: “ There is no deal to postpone the books.I assure you, HBO, David and Dan would have been thrilled and delighted if The Winds of Winter had been released four or five years ago…and no one would have been more delighted than I was.”
George RR Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire. | Assigned.
Once again, Martin has to step up to clarify the supposed publication date of The Winds of Winter , a sign of the success that his books have achieved with the HBO series. In fact, the author has apologized numerous times for the delay and has assured that the publication of the sixth volume “is on the right track.”
As for McElhinney’s statements, it is possible that the actor read the information in an Internet forum and gave it truth, although there are others who claim that the interpreter could be upset with the writer for the death of Barristan’s character.
In any case, fans are still eagerly awaiting the publication of The Winds of Winter, and it seems likely that this sixth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire will see the light of day in the last third of 2019.
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