A new year has arrived and with it there will be many new important birthdays to be celebrated among VIPs from all over the world. In fact, the names of famous Italians are also joined by those of Hollywood stars.

Reading the names and knowing their date of birth it seems incredible that they have already reached the age of 50 . But, you know, time does not look anyone in the face, and inevitably passes for everyone and they are certainly not exempt from it.

Many of these very famous people, which we will see in the article, are always the same as when they were young and some, with or without the help of plastic surgery, have acquired even more charm.

Beautiful, rich and famous and super ready to blow out the candles on their birthday cake. Are you curious to know who will celebrate this important milestone?

Let’s find out together the 15 VIPs who will turn 50 years of age:

1) Jennifer Lopez

50 candles for Jennifer Lopez who, in 2019, on July 24th, will reach an important milestone. But who would ever say? In fact, JLo, of the zodiac sign of Leo, manages to counteract the effects of advancing age not only with physical activity . To the grueling and daily exercises, the artist alternates massages and targeted treatments that make her appear at least 10 years younger.

2) Jennifer Aniston

The Hollywood actress, of the Aquarius sign, turns half a century on February 11th. Her years do not seem to count and for her it is a good time to reflect on her life and on her accomplishments. Big celebrations are planned for her birthday : “ I’m going to have a party. Although I think we have to celebrate every day we get up, just for being there. But I like to celebrate these anniversaries and I think it’s worth it . “

3) Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson, aka Brian Warner , turned 50 on January 5, 2019 and is of the sign of Capricorn. During his career he has performed between provocations, make-up and rock ‘n’ roll performances, always leaving the audience speechless . I wonder if he will ever settle down or continue in his exaggerated performances?

4) Roy Paci

Rosario Paci, better known as Roy Paci, is of the sign of Virgo and was born on September 16 and the next will turn 50 years of age. The Italian trumpeter, composer and arranger, is especially appreciated for his Latin-jazz sounds. Moreover, with the group the Aretuska has created one of the most lively and followed musical contaminations also at an international level .

5) Dave Grohl

Also the musician David Eric Grohl, of Capricorn, on January 14th will turn half a century. At the age of twelve he started playing the guitar and in a short time he approached punk music. At fifteen , in addition to spending whole days smoking marijuana, he began performing with various local bands .

6) Catherine Zeta-Jones

Charm and beauty to be sold also for the beautiful and future 50-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones of the sign of Libra. In fact, after 2 children and a long and bright career, the actress does not at all show her age. Small curiosity: Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas were both born on 25 September, with a 25-year difference .

7) Jason Priestley

50 candles on August 28 also for Jason Priestley’s birthday. The Virgin actor is best known for his role as Brandon Walsh in the nineties teen drama, Beverly Hills 90210 , in 2007 he had a baby girl, Ava Veronica , with his wife Naomi and in 2010 he became pope again with a child. named Dashiell Orson .

8) Pierfrancesco Favino

An important birthday also for the charming Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino. In fact, on August 24 it will celebrate its first 50 years and it is of the sign of the Virgin. Since 2003 he has been romantically linked to the actress Anna Ferzetti , with whom he had two daughters. In addition to acting, he is one of the founders of the Actor’s Center in Rome. In addition, he is the director and teacher at the “L’Oltrarno” School of Training of the Actor in Florence.

9) Beppe Fiorello

Happy birthday also Giuseppe Fiorello dei Pesci. In fact, the Italian actor, film producer and screenwriter Beppe Fiorello blows 50 candles on his birthday cake on March 12th. The showman in 2010 married his partner Eleonora Pratelli in a church inside the Vatican, with whom he had two children : Anita and Nicola .

10) Kim Rossi Stuart

October 10 will be the time to celebrate the beautiful Kim Rossi Stuart of Scorpio. The actor and director and son of the character actor Giacomo Rossi Stuart and an ex-model . He made his big screen debut at the age of five in the film Made of good people and at 14 he dropped out of school to devote himself entirely to acting.

11) Gwen Stefani

50 years and do not feel them even for the beautiful Libra Gwen Stefani. In fact, next October 3 will celebrate half a century of age. The singer thanks to her aggressive charisma and her charm from an innocent lost, has become one of the most loved divas in rock. Furthermore, in recent years she has continued her activity in the fashion world both as a stylist and as a testimonial, including cosmetic lines .

12) Irene Grandi

Happy birthday is a song from the album Prima di parte by Irene Grandi and therefore how not to dedicate it to her for her first 50 years of age. The singer, who has participated four times in the Sanremo Festival , reaching the second place in 2000, will celebrate this important birthday on December 6 and is of the sign of Sagittarius.

13) Mietta

50 candles also on the cake of Mietta, of the Scorpion, pseudonym of Daniela Miglietta, on 12 November next. The Italian singer, actress and writer, gifted with a soprano voice, achieved notoriety in 1989 with the victory at the 39th Sanremo Festival and to date she has participated in 8 editions of the Italian song festival.

14) Giovanni Allevi

Half a century also for the extraordinary Giovanni Allevi, one of the most famous Italian pianists in the world for his creative flair, skill and technique. The artist, who graduated from the Francesco Morlacchi Conservatory of Perugia in 1990 with full marks in piano, blows out 50 candles on April 9 and is of the zodiac sign of Aries.

15) Frankie Hi NRG MC

Frankie hi-nrg mc, pseudonym of Francesco Di Gesu , is an Italian rapper and songwriter and is of the sign of Cancer. Of Sicilian origins , he was born in Turin but grew up between Caserta and Citta di Castello . We just have to say happy birthday to him on July 18th, wishing him another amazing 50 years of career!