A good way to contribute to the development of logical thinking from an early age is by proposing riddles for children, adjusting the level to each one. For this reason, we propose a list with these enigmas of varied difficulty.

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Top 40 Riddles for Kids (with Answers)
Test the ingenuity of the little ones by proposing the following riddles for kids with answers included. Check how long it takes to find the solution. 1. What is it that always increases but never decreases?
A truth like a temple that anyone will notice, no matter how small. Age is the only thing that will never wane. 2. Which animal jumps more than a house
Some riddles have extremely simple answers to solve, if we are able to analyze what they are telling us: ALL animals jump more than a house, the houses do not move. 3. Who is the one who drinks from the feet?
We are talking about the trees and the rest of the plants. A good way to get acquainted with nature. 4. An old woman with a tooth that calls all the people.
This is one of the riddles for children that have been told for decades. It is about bell 5. Feed me and I will live, give me water and I will die
Probably the great property of fire by which we used to know it. 6. Gold it seems, silver it is not, who does not guess it, it is very silly
When the solution is practically before our eyes. 7. What is the calmest ocean
? What better way to learn geography? The Pacific, clearly . 8. What has not been and has to be, and when it is, will it cease to be?
The incessant passage of time has been the protagonist of the best riddles for children. “Tomorrow” is what has not been and when it is, it will stop being like that. 9. What gets wet while it dries
Give them a clue if they don’t notice: objects that we use every day, that are found at home, in the bathroom… A towel! 10. Everyone steps on me, but I don’t step on anyone; everyone asks for me, I don’t ask for anyone
We do it every day that we go out the door of our house to go anywhere, even if we don’t see it. It is the way. 11. What is the only star that has no light?
You do not have to look at the sky to find the solution, precisely; starfish don’t shine .12. A train derails right on the border between Brazil and Argentina, where are the survivors buried
, in Brazil or in Argentina

Sometimes, we are so focused on wanting to understand what they ask us, that we do not pay attention to the words. That is the success of many puzzles for children and adults. After all, if they are survivors, how are they going to bury them? 13. Hairy on top, hairy on the bottom and in the middle there is a gash
We have two and they only stop working when we sleep… It’s about the eyes. 14. If a rooster located on top of a roof lays an egg and the wind goes to the right, where will the egg fall?
One of those riddles to play the most repeated cluelessness. 15. What is needed to light a candle
Obviously, it is not a lighter or a match , just that it is lit.

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16. Very pretty on the front and very ugly on the back; I transform every moment, because I imitate others
The Queen of the story Snow White and the seven dwarfs cursive asked her at all hours who was the most beautiful in the kingdom. 17. What do they call the elevator in Germany?
The same way as everywhere: by pressing the button! They may be riddles for children, but even the most veterans fall squarely into the trap. 18. What weighs more: a kilo of straw or a kilo of iron
Use logic and you will quickly realize. 19. I end upside down, I start upside down, and you only ask my work
Curious way to remember the rules of spelling, because there are worryingly many people who forget to write the question mark “
” BEFORE interrogative sentences. 20. He is not a living being but he has 5 fingers
For the clueless: it is the glove . 21. What can a bag be filled with so that it weighs less
Filling it with holes, an effective method where there are any to guarantee that we do not carry so much weight. 22. What is between the sky and the Earth and moves away every time you get closer?
You will never reach it no matter how fast you go, since the horizon always remains in the same place. 23. Orders give, orders receive; some authorizes, others prohibits
Our dear brain, whose advice we do not always listen to. 24. Apart from boats, who can dock?
No, it’s not canoes. are the thieves. 25. Size like a saucepan, it has wings and it doesn’t fly
Perhaps it is one of the most complicated riddles for children, since this garment is rarely seen today: the hat. 26. There are 5 birds in a tree, a hunter comes and kills one, how many are left?
No matter the skill of the shooter, no bird that appreciates his life will stay in that tree. 27. What is Archimedes’ principle
“A body wholly or partially immersed in…” Ah, isn’t it?
Then it will be “A”. 28. There are 2 parents and 2 children, but there are only 3 people. How is it
Simple, because they are grandfather, father and son. 29. What country has a dessert name?
The solution to this riddle for children is in Greece, and it is called “ Macedonia”. 30. What is the animal that turns around the most after death?
There are riddles for children with a certain cruel aftertaste in the answer, since it is about roast chicken. 31. What does a starving lion eat?
I’m afraid you’re welcome, that poor lion is dead . 32. Name of animal that contains the 5 vowels
AND also, the symbol of one of the favorite superheroes of the little ones. The bat. 33. How would you put these 4 arrows to have 5?
It is simpler than it seems: 34. Where do men have curlier hair?
No, it is not a bawdy enigma, because where men have curlier hair ? Curly is in Africa.35. Five very close brothers who cannot look at each other, when they laugh, even if you want, you cannot separate them
We have already said that the answer to many riddles for children was very close to us, but never that we had it in our hands (fingers ). 36. What was the last thing Napoleon did?
He could have conquered half the world, but like the rest of the mortals , the last thing he did was die. 37. How would you get an elephant out of a pool?
Remember that riddles for children seek to confuse. In this case, we are not talking about an intricate system of pulleys or cranes: wet, from a pool we will take out a wet elephant. 38. What can you find once in a minute, twice in a moment and never once in a hundred years
Again, the solution to the unknown is found by reading a bit (the letter “M”). 39. Which animal uses its head to walk?
And it is one of the smallest, moreover. If you don’t fall, we’ll tell you that they sting a lot… Already or not yet 40. How would you transport water in a strainer? We have
n’t said anything about your physical state… Do you understand now? little level of complexity with these riddles for older kids. 41. How many months have 28 days
? Be careful, it’s a trap! Every month has 28 days! 42. What was the highest mountain before Everest was discovered?
Only the smartest will know how to recognize that it is Everest itself, whether or not it was discovered. 43. The more you take away from it, the bigger it gets. What is it about?
A hole dug in the ground, for example. 44. Where does Thursday go before Wednesday?
It can only be in one place: in the dictionary. 45. A shepherd needs your help: he has to take a wolf, a goat and a lettuce to the other bank of a river that he has run into. There is a boat, but it can only carry 1 thing per trip. If he leaves the wolf alone, he will eat the goat; but if he leaves the goat alone, it will eat the lettuce. How would you do it
A classic of the riddles for elementary school children that you can propose to solve in a group. If they never told you how to solve it, in this short video they explain it to you: 46. What is it
? What is it? It
runs a lot but without feet

And it blows hard in some places (the wind). 47. How do you write “sleeping”
The answer is so obvious that you will be amazed at how silly it is: being awake. 48. What is needed so that 5 people do not get wet having only 1 umbrella
? The fastest will know that the only requirement for none of them to get wet is that it does not rain. 49. And how would you put 5 elephants in a car
As you can see, elephants are recurring elements of riddles for children. The grace of this is that, as everyone has in mind the size of these mammals, no one stops to think that they do not tell us anything about their size , so they could well fit in a car if we open the door and sit down two in front and three behind, right? 50. What is the shortest month? We are
not talking about days, but about letters: therefore it will be “MAY”, which curiously occupies the same position as the number of letters it has. 51. What is broken just by pronouncing it?
And, as they say, if it’s not to improve it, don’t break it (silence). 52. Solve this problem
Let’s observe the mental speed of the little ones:
Did you know this famous math riddle
| Courtesy image. 53. How many apples can you eat on an empty stomach?
Well, just one, because once you eat it, your stomach will no longer be empty… 54. What 4-letter city is in the center of the former Czechoslovakia?
For those who have experience in children’s riddles, you will have noticed that many practically reveal their secret if we read them carefully, because what city of 4 letters is in the center of the old CzechOSLOvakia 55. A man walks into a bar and asks the waiter for a drink? glass of water. He kneels down, pulls out a gun and, getting up, points it at the man who just entered. Surprisingly, this man thanks him and leaves. Why
If a waiter manages to deduce this enigma, let him sign up for a detective academy, because not everyone understands that what was happening to the client was that he had hiccups.