In the depths of the Internet there is room for all kinds of urban legends of a different nature, each one more horrifying than the last. One that has become popular thanks to the phenomenon of social networks and creepypastas, is the one known as ‘Tomino’s poem’, an ancient Japanese composition that carries with it a (they say) terrible curse.

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The confusing history of Tomino’s poem, a deadly poem
Like a good legend of the Internet underworld, the data about the poem Tomino’s Hell is confusing and not at all reliable; rather the result of hearsay than of reliable research. Who wrote Tomino’s poem
Many cybernetic portals maintain that the cursed poem was written in 1919 by a certain Yomota Inuhiko , and that it was collected in a book, “The heart is like a rolling stone.” As they say, this work was published decades later by another author, Saizo Yaso.
Here things get complicated: several links agree that the original writer of the poem was a university professor based in France, with a tendency to include certain gloomy symbols in his works, many of which were titles for children. Others argue that he was actually a well-known literary critic in Japan.
Likewise, we find another confusing piece of information about the writer that, supposedly, he included in his compilation El poeta de Tomino. In many creepypasta links, he is listed as Saizo Yaso, while others mention that it is a typo and that his name was actually Saijo Yaso. It is true that Saijo Yaso was a writer of poetry and novels, but nowhere does it appear that one of his creations was titled as we said above. more fuzzy data
However, the battle to unravel the mystery of the macabre poem does not end with the name of whoever wrote it or found it. If we enter the title of the supposed compilation book in the search engine, we do not find any information about its argument that is not linked to the legend of Tomino, or about where it can be obtained or, not even a simple image of the cover of any edition. What happens if you read Tomino’s poem aloud?
The legend that has become popular on the Internet holds that whoever reads Tomino’s poem aloud and in its original version will suffer a curse from which they will not be able to escape .
If you read to the end, various tragedies (including, who knows, death), will begin to devastate both the person who has dared such recklessness, as well as their relatives. The new Internet challenge: recording oneself reading Tomino’s poem
It is not well known at what point conjectures began to spread about the legend of Tomino’s Hell (it is said that it could have been the 2ch forum, one of the largest communities in the great net). As a result of collective panic or simply because they want to feed the rumours, there are many who do not dare to recite these verses for fear of what might happen to them.
But, as we well know, social networks are the loudspeaker through which many make themselves known to the world, through personal channels or private accounts. Now, the challenge that is fashionable among creepypasta lovers is the following: record yourself reading live (and in Japanese) the verses of Tomino’s Poem , while it is broadcast to subscribers.
From the 2ch portal, the disastrous writing became famous and caught the attention of those who do not mind playing it in order to gain more followers. While it is true that many youtubers and webcamers returned to stand in front of their camera shortly after without symptoms of having suffered any trauma from the experience, others did not upload more videos or post anything. Had something really happened or was it the desire to feed the myth, trying to spread fear to other users ? Tomino’s Poem Tomino’s
poem is about a boy, Tomino, who dies in tragic circumstances; and whose soul is condemned to descend to hell. Verse by verse, we are described with horror how his spirit encounters all kinds of disastrous images that bring him closer and closer to a destiny of eternal torture.
We don’t know if the legends about Tomino’s Hell are true or are pure invention, so we leave it up to you to recite it out loud or not. Tomino Poem
Tomino No Jigoku
His older sister vomited blood, his younger sister vomited fire
Ane wa chi wo haku, imoto wa hihaku,
And cute Tomino vomited
kawaii glass beads tomino wa tama wo haku
Tomino fell into hell alone.
hitori jihoku ni ochiyuku tomino,
Hell is shrouded in darkness, and even flowers don’t grow
jigoku kurayami hana mo naki.
¿Es la persona con el latigo la hermana mayor de Tomino
muchi de tataku wa tomino no aneka,
Me pregunto de quien sera ese latigo.
muchi no shubusa ga ki ni kakaru.
Golpea, golpea, sin golpear
tatake yatataki yare tataka zutotemo,
Un solo camino del infierno familiar
mugen jigoku wa hitotsu michi.
¿Lo guiarias al oscuro infierno
kurai jigoku e anai wo tanomu,
¿Hacia la oveja de oro
, ¿hacia el ruisenor
kane no hitsu ni, uguisu ni.
Me pregunto cuanto habra puesto en el bolsillo de cuero
kawa no fukuro ni yaikura hodoireyo,
Para la preparacion del viaje por el infierno familiar
mugen jigoku no tabishitaku.
Spring comes even in the forest and vapor
haru ga kitesoru hayashi ni tani ni,
Even in the vapor of the dark hell
kurai jigoku tanina namagari.
The nightingale in the cage, the sheep in the car
kagoni yauguisu, kuruma ni yahitsuji,
Tears in the eyes of cute Tomino.
kawaii tomino no me niya namida.
Cry, nightingale, through the rain forest
nakeyo, uguisu, hayashi no ame ni
La cries from him that he has lost his little sister.
imouto koishi to koe ga giri.
The crying reverberated throughout hell
nakeba kodama ga jigoku ni hibiki,
The peony buds
kitsunebotan no hana ga saku.
Making circles around the seven mountains and the seven streams of hell
jigoku nanayama nanatani meguru,
The lonely journey of Tomino
kawaii tomino no hitoritabi.
If they are in hell, bring them to me
jigoku we will enjoy kitetamore,
The needle of the tombs
hari no oyama no tomebari wo.
I’m not going to pierce them with the red needle.
akai tomehari date niwa sasanu,
At the milestone of the little Tomino
kawaii tomino no mejirushini