Let’s face it: even those who already have big eyes by nature are never satisfied: the myth of big eyes and with long lashes still reaping generous support among the female population. And how could it not? Big eyes are attractive and make us feel more like our childhood myths. That is: Barbie and the Disney princesses. Yes, at any age, each of us still wants to look like Ariel or Aurora.

But there’s more: the big eyes make every look more intense, they capture the attention by distracting it from any imperfections, they soften the face and make our nose look smaller and more feminine. Plus, they make us look younger. Yeah, but what do we do when we don’t have doe eyes by nature? Don’t worry, cosmetics come to our aid with a thousand and one “smart” move. Are you curious to know which ones? 

Mascara: our best ally

Knowing which is the best mascara on the market right now, and getting a bottle right away, is the quickest and safest way to guarantee you big eyes all day and every day. By lengthening and darkening the lashes, in fact, the mascara creates the optical illusion that your eyes are bigger. Also, unlike other makeup, it doesn’t take more than two minutes to apply, and you can even put it on just before going out, or when you don’t have time to put on all your makeup.

And if you want a “drama” effect, perhaps for a special evening, you can combine your mascara with a base with ceramides to apply before make-up on clean eyelashes. These bases, in fact, cover the lashes with a film that makes them longer and more full-bodied. The color is then applied to the film, and then your lashes will look really long. Finally, apply the mascara on both the upper and lower lashes, but on the latter, wipe it only on the tips.

Draw the eye with the butter pencil

One of the first things that our mothers teach us when we start wearing make-up, is not to pass the pencil in the inner line of the eye so as not to make it look smaller. In fact, to widen the eye, the dark pencil must always be passed on the outside. The rule, however, also applies in reverse: by applying a butter-colored pencil in the inner rhyme, especially in the lower one, your eye will appear much larger. And if you want a really eye-catching effect, abound with the butter-colored pencil in the outer corner: you will make your eyes look bigger and longer with a single stroke.

The importance of contouring

If you think that contouring only serves to better outline the features of your face, be prepared for a big surprise. The play of chiaroscuro you use to make your cheekbones look taller and your cheeks thinner can easily be replicated on the lids to make your eyes look bigger. Just equip yourself with an eyebrow pencil, concealer, bright light eyeshadow, one or two dark eyeshadows and a mascara.

First, apply the concealer all over the eyelid. A primer is also fine, as long as it is covering and bright. At this point, with the eyebrow pencil, define your brow arch avoiding marking the lower part and, instead, concentrating on marking the upper one, so that the eyebrow is higher. With a pointed brush, light the inner corner of the eye, in the center of the eyelid and under the browbone. Finally, with darker eyeshadows define the eye, blending outwards. Apply mascara et voila, that’s it!

Avoid marking too much

Even if you have the impression that a line of eyeliner, perhaps with the comma outwards, helps you to make the eye look bigger, in reality it is not. Eyeliner, black pencil, and even black eyeshadow, if too marked, will give too much definition to your eye, making it appear smaller. If you can, simply apply a light eyeshadow on the lid, and top off the makeup with a generous dose of mascara. If, on the other hand, you really can’t see yourself without a dark color around the eye, try to blend to the maximum both above and below.

For everyday makeup

Unless you work in contexts where makeup is very strong is required or appropriate, you may feel uncomfortable going out with a perfect contouring already in the early morning. In this case you can opt for a lighter variant. Just apply a small dose of light and bright eyeshadow, even better if in cream because it creates volume on the central part of the eyelid. Complete by applying mascara to both upper and lower lashes, in this case avoiding starting from the eye rim. And here you are ready to go out! 

The importance of the eyelash curler

Sometimes, getting the best mascara the market has to offer isn’t enough. In fact, if your lashes are straight, or worse, they grow downwards, mascara alone will do little to enlarge your eyes. But the solution is there: buy a good eyelash curler, heat it slightly, and apply it with firm pressure on each eye. Then, apply the mascara as always. You will notice a truly amazing change.